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JAKARTA (RIAUPOS.CO) – PT XL Axiata Tbk (XL Axiata) continues to improve data network quality to offset the increase in traffic from year to year. To ensure that high-quality network needs are met in 2022, XL Axiata focuses on network development, i.e. increasing capacity, efficiency and optimizing to deliver customer experience (customer experience) which is better than before.

A number of initiatives have been implemented since the beginning of this year to achieve this goal. Director & Chief Technology Officer I Gede Darmayusa XL Axiata said the initiatives and efforts in terms of increasing network capacity and efficiency and improving the network include radio, transmission, core, including fiber and the implementation of new technologies. In addition, 3G technology has been rearranged to 4G to increase the download speed of the XL Axiata network.

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“The various initiatives and efforts to improve network quality that have been implemented can support the needs of the digital lifestyle of the Indonesian people to continue to improve. A reliable digital experience is one of the main needs, such as speed of Internet access, quality signal in the room, for connectivity when playing games or accessing entertainment content .” Riaupos.coTuesday (16/8/2022).

Gede, recently added OpenSignal poll results for each semester 1 2022, which placed the XL Axiata as the best player in the “Download Speed ​​(Download Speed ​​Experience) and the ‘video viewing and streaming experience’Video experience) “Evidence of the hard work XL Axiata is doing in implementing various initiatives and improving network quality this year.

The results of the survey conducted regularly also show that the steps taken by XL Axiata to provide a better customer experience have been effective.

According to OpenSignal survey results, XL Axiata has the fastest average download speed, 18.7 Mbps, 15.2% to 108.1% faster than other operators can provide. Meanwhile, in the “Video Watching and Live Streaming Experience” category, the XL Axiata won with an evaluation score of 44.8 points.

With the growth of access Stream With the rapid increase in video quality, the quality of user experience has become one of the most important aspects. Quality of access experience Stream Video is measured by technical parameters, including image quality, video upload time, delay rate, etc.

In the framework of the development of the XL Axiata network in 2022, a number of initiatives have been implemented since the beginning of 2022, covering several aspects. First, upgrade customer experiencethrough implementation Intelligence and automation To improve network capabilities. This includes automating network configuration, optimization, self-diagnostics, and network recovery.

In addition, Gede explained, the XL Axiata has also implemented automated optimization for VoLTE services, as well. Value-based planning tools Which includes many strategic aspects of working in network planning. with the app Intelligence and automation With this, XL Axiata can improve network quality and efficiency more quickly, as Intelligence and automation This is applied to the network operation planning process.

The second aspect is to provide a digital service experience that is more in line with the needs of the community, such as providing integrated services to customers. mobile consumer And the HomepageAs well as providing network capacity commensurate with the needs of each region.

Gedi explained again: “Then, the third equally important aspect is to provide a more reliable service experience, in this aspect XL Axiata targets 100% network availability by adding 4G BTS that reaches cities in Indonesia.”

4G network expansion and 3G network setup

Meanwhile, to increase the availability of 4G networks, XL Axiata’s efforts include expanding 4G network coverage to reach more residents in cities/regions across the country by adding 4G LTE900 BTS. In addition to adopting the latest technological innovations, such as LTE for backhaul technology and solar cells, allowing 4G network expansion and maximum broadband distribution to remote areas.

So far, XL Axiata has expanded its 4G network to 463 cities, supported by about 88 thousand 4G VoLTE BTS. About 46% of the BTS at the XL Axiata is manufactured using approximately 130,000 km of fiber cable that runs throughout Indonesia. By 2022, the XL Axiata is targeting an additional 12,000 LTE900 BTS in 343 cities.

XL Axiata continues to expand its reach into overseas regions to support the government in its efforts to achieve equality in the digital economy. In cooperation with BAKTI, XL Axiata provides 4G broadband communication services to 132 villages in Sumatra with categories for Leading, Outside, and Lagging (3T) regions.

“Meanwhile, for non-3T regions, XL Axiata in coordination with the Ministry of Information and Technology has provided 4G broadband services to 285 of 861 villages spread across Sumatra, Java, Bali, West and East Nusa Tenggara, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Development in all non-3T regions is scheduled to be completed, It is the commitment of the XL Axiata, by the end of 2022.”

He explained that XL Axiata has reorganized 3G (Sunset) technology to improve network quality and broadband services. This is also to support government policies regarding spectrum efficiency of data networks. As of the end of the first semester of 2022, 3G services have been discontinued in 343 cities/regions and 15 percent of LTE capacity has been added.

Besides 3G sunset activity, XL Axiata has also activated VoLTE services. This VoLTE traffic grew by about 60% throughout 2021. This fairly rapid growth in usage also indicates increased customer convenience with VoLTE services, which is supported, among other things, by increased network quality.

5G network implementation

XL Axiata has introduced a limited 5G network in a number of cities to familiarize the public and customers with the latest communication technologies. So far, 18 5G points have been provided expertise In 13 major cities in Indonesia.

In addition, 5G trials and implementation have been conducted at Mandalika MotoGP, the Jakarta Formula E electric car race, as well as the 3.5GHz 5G symbiosis trial with fixed satellite service (FSS) initiated by KOMINFO, XL Axiata, BRI and Telecom University. In the near future, XL Axiata will also roll out 5G network at the G20 event.

To date, the XL Axiata network is spread across 34 counties. Some networks have penetrated people in remote areas and serve them and are located on national borders. A total of more than 149 thousand BTS, including 88 thousand 4G BTS, and an optical fiber network of more than 130 thousand km, supporting the strength of the XL Axiata network, to serve about 57 million customers in various regions in Indonesia.

Report: Harry B. Korion

Editor: Edward Yaman

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