Wide receivers are undervalued in rankings and drafts

ECR means “expert consensus ranking,“Which means the average ranks in the fantasy football industry and is usually similar to ADP (which varies from site to site). This will be an ongoing topical series highlighting some of the big differences between an ECR and my own rank. We continue the series with a look at the wide receivers.

Players who must level up/later: quarterback wide receiver | tight end

Wide receivers love more than unanimity

Michael Bateman Jr., Indianapolis Colts (ECR = WR13 vs DDD = WR8)

Bateman’s evolution into One of the best contestants in the league During his second year in the league, he finished third in Create a chapter against covering the man. Already poised for another leap in year three, Pittman also earned a major promotion at the quarterback, going from one of the league’s most accurate passers-by to one of the most accurate; Carson Wentz Rank Three down a throw on goal % of clean pocket last seasonWhile Matt Ryan It took the top ten (and the top three are under pressure). was pitman 3rd place on the road As a sophomore among all the broad students, he is on the cusp of seeing more quality goals in 2022.

Playing indoors with Ryan, Bateman is about to explode.

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Allen Robinson, Los Angeles Rams (ECR = WR23 vs. DDD = WR14)

Robinson witnessed historically Bad goals from midfielders throughout his career While dealing recently with a Chicago climate that never resulted in a 4,000-yard passer. Now he can play indoors with Sean McVeigh And the Matthew Stafford In an offense that produced 80% of her touchdowns through the air last season (with not throwing back runs), so it’s no exaggeration to call this one of the biggest situational improvements in NFL history. Pay attention to the health of Stafford’s arm, but assuming QB is fine considering he dealt with the same problem last summer, Robinson looks like a top 15 fantasy receiver (with the highest legitimate fantasy WR it should be). cooper cup injury).

Allen Robinson is overlooked in fantasy drafts despite joining QB Matthew Stafford and coach Sean McVay on the Rams.  (Photo by David Crane/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images)

Allen Robinson is overlooked in fantasy drafts despite joining QB Matthew Stafford and coach Sean McVay on the Rams. (Photo by David Crane/MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Daily News via Getty Images)

Watch A-Rob over 150 goals Three more seasons of a larger cup. Expected WR3 Van Jefferson He had knee surgery recently, and Toto Atoil He continues to struggle to break off the line of scrimmage at 5-foot-9, 165 pounds, so Robinson is staring at a massive opportunity.

Gabriel Davis, Buffalo Bills (ECR = WR29 vs DDD = WR15)

Davis is arguably the most polarizing fantasy player this season, as he is an imperfect prospect of his huge game It greatly affected his overall numbers It was inconsistent. He is also still developing as one of the league’s youngest recipients He targeted 24% of his tracks after farewell in the sixth week of Buffalo (and jumped to 27% in all significant first dips, which was the same percentage as Stefon Diggs).

Josh Allen He attempted 65 passes in the end zone last year; QB had no more than 50. As a result, Davis ranked in the top ten in EZ goals despite not being a full-time player (he will be this season then. Emmanuel Sanders the left).

The landing potential is incredibly high on such an aggressive offense, so I ranked Davis as a top 15 fantasy future. It might also be worth noting that Diggs never played a full season during his first five years in the league before joining the Buffalo, so Davis would smash if time wasted on the Diggs.

Brandon Ayuk, San Francisco 49ers (ECR = WR36 vs. DDD = WR21)

After opening Aiyuk last season In the kennel for a number of reasonshad a healthy target share of 21.9% and It’s been a fictional top 20 WR over the last 10 weeks. After seeing the second highest number of goals inside the five-yard line in the league as a starter, AYOK ranked the top 20 in end zone goals last season with 10; Debo Samuel saw two (George Keitel saw six).

Most importantly, Aiyuk worked exclusively with the new quarterback in San Francisco Tree Lance Throughout the season (while Samuel mostly held out), the two were routinely produced Highlights after, after Highlights after, after Highlights. Playing in offense the NFC led in yards per game last season and may have improved its QB position, Aiyuk is ready for a year 3 break (Kyle Shanahan Playing calling in nice home weather and shouting conference with high score games helps too).

Given the change in midfielder and expected usage, there’s a real chance (45%?) Aiyuk has a better fantasy season than teammate Samuel, who is being drafted many earlier rounds.

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Galen Tolbert, Dallas Cowboys (ECR = WR86 vs DDD = WR51)

Wan’Dale Robinson, New York Giants (ECR = WR81 vs. DDD = WR53)

Romeo Dobbs, Green Bay Packers (ECR = WR107 vs DDD = WR62)

Three entry-level models I’m much superior to compared to ADP/ECR.

It was Tolbert Absolute air yards pig in college Suddenly Clear WR2 For the Dallas offense that led the NFL in scoring last season (and is now missing Amary CooperAnd the Cedric WilsonAnd the Blake GarwinAnd the Michael Gallup And the James Washington due to a group of departures and injuries).

Robinson was in the 99th percentile in college target quota, 95 percent of breakthrough age and was the talk of the Giants camp during the making of A bunch of plays. Robinson and Kadarius Tony He could quickly form a dangerous duo in a new Brian Double a crime.

Finally, Doubs is Rare rookie to earn Aaron Rodgers‘ to praise, where the wide receiver is said to have played at least one “wow” every day at camp. Dobbs has An item that surprisingly separates itself From a newbie fellow Christian Watson And it looks like he’s likely to be one of Rodgers’ favorite goals all season with Davant Adams He went.

Honorable Mention: DJ More (+4 ECR), Rashid Bateman (+10 ECR), Russell Gig (+14 ECR), Allen Lazard (+8 ECR), Christian Kirk (+6 ECR), Kadarius Tony (+8 ECR), Paris Campbell (+28 ECR), Isaiah Mackenzie (+40 ECR), Nico Collins (+12 ECR)

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