Why is PPSSPP Emulator often considered an online PS2 emulator?

PPSSPP Emulator – You must be familiar with a PSP emulator called PPSSPP, right? The emulator is one of the highly recommended PSP emulators for gamers where you can play PSP games on PC/Laptops and also on Android phones.

But if you try to type the words “PS2 Emulator” or “PPSSPP Emulator” in internet search engines like Google, you will surely find this PSP emulator called PlayStation 2 Emulator. Some websites mention the same thing in their articles or writings.

PPSSPP Emulator is often seen as an online PS2 Emulator

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Emulators are often seen as online PS2 game emulators

For this reason, we will give an explanation as to why this emulator is often considered an online PS2 emulator, especially in Internet search results like Google specifically for the Indonesian region. This article was written to correct misinformation about statement It is misleading information for readers.

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Let’s start the discussion about why PPSSPP emulators are often considered as online PS2 game emulators.

What is PPSSPP Emulator?

PPSSPP Emulator PS2 Game Emulator

PPSSPP or sstate sOrtable ssimulation ssuitable for sstate sortably is a free emulator and open source Which can run PSP games, was first created by Henrik Rydgard with the developer of the PPSSPP team. This emulator is a prima donna for players who want to play PSP games because it offers many advantages such as many PSP games that can be played already, state saving feature, and HD graphics boost feature among others. No wonder this emulator is recommended by gamers.

Can PPSSPP Emulator Run PS2 Games?

PPSSPP Emulator PS2 Game Emulator

As we explained earlier, PPSSPP It is an emulator that can only run PSP games. So PPSSPP Emulator Cannot Run PS2 Games. Meanwhile, since the latest 2021 update, PPSSPP team has decided not to support PS1 games, both ISO and EBOOT files on their emulator. As the same PS1 emulator, you can find a lot on the internet made by different teams like ePSXe.
This is also a warning from the developer team when trying to play PS2 or PS1 games with this emulator where the words “Games could not be loaded. PPSSPP plays PSP games, not PlayStation 1 or 2 games“.

Why PPSSPP Emulator is often seen as an online PS2 game emulator

PPSSPP Emulator PS2 Game Emulator
Many websites are misleading in their belief that PPSSPP is a PlayStation 2 emulator

After you know the basic information about this emulator, I will give an explanation of the main topic in this article, which is “Why is PPSSPP Emulator often considered a PS2 online game emulator?”.

After doing a search in many local websites that directly or indirectly mention this emulator as a PlayStation 2 emulator, not a few of them write news articles, reviews, list articles of misunderstood recommendations or misinformation. You can even find this misunderstanding on the websites that appear on top or most popular according to internet search engines like Google. You can find it yourself when you search for it with the search words “PS2 Emulator”, “PPSSPP PS2 Emulator” and the like on Google.

There are several assumptions I can make about why this misinformation occurs. The first is the author’s lack of knowledge regarding information about PSP and PS2 emulators. This can happen continuously and spread everywhere as one or more authors follow up on information from a website that incorrectly provide the information and then follow up with other authors doing the same as well. This process continues until now. This also applies to Youtube content, many of which give false information about the emulator made by Henrik Rydgard.

The second is to follow the daily goal of writing the articles they need to complete. This is very common for writers as they have to go through a target number of articles each day. The third is not to check beforehand, either from the author or their editor.

There are also terms on many websites that take this information opportunity to increase traffic with words like “PS2 games that can be played on PPSSPP emulator”. Although the title is actually misinformation, the author tries to explain in detail in the article that PPSSPP is a PSP emulator and not a PS2.

So why use title words that can be misunderstood? The answer is very simple, that is Key words And the SEO. These two points are one of the important factors for an information media site in getting traffic from visitors from the Google search engine. Since the word algorithms “PS2 Emulator” and “PPSSPP” are already attached, have high traffic and are sought after by many people, it is clear that these keywords are the author’s goal.

It is not known who was the first person to provide this kind of misinformation. Is this a local website error or an external website? Or maybe Google’s SEO algorithm is wrong? We never know the answer

PPSSPP Emulator PS2 Game Emulator
Don’t laugh, I’ve run out of screenshots for articles….

This is the result of my research into why the PPSSPP emulator is often considered an online PlayStation 2 emulator. So you have to be careful to always look for information on the Internet crosscheck Don’t focus the information you get on just one source. Try to find out more from different sources.

We hope that this information will be a lesson to all of us, not only to readers, but also to all parties in the media tasked with providing information to the readers of their websites.

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