What summer visitors should know


It was meant to be a notable year for America’s oldest national park.

Yellowstone turned 150 in March. A whole series of in-person and virtual events have been planned to mark the occasion. The park was just days into the busy summer season when it was closed by catastrophic floods, forcing more than 10,000 visitors to evacuate.

But they aren’t the only visitors affected.

People planning to visit in the coming weeks are advised to keep abreast of road and weather conditions due to the extensive damage. Some parts of the park may remain closed all summer and other parts may require reservations.

Here’s what travelers planning to visit Yellowstone should know this summer.

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When will Yellowstone reopen?

He is not clear.

The park says the closures will last until the end of the week at least.

The park posted online Tuesday, “All entrances to Yellowstone National Park remain temporarily closed while the park awaits flood water recovery and can conduct assessments of roads, bridges and sewage treatment facilities to ensure the safety of visitors and staff.” “There will be no traffic for incoming visitors at any of the five entrances to the park, including visitors with stay and camping reservations, until conditions improve and the park’s infrastructure is assessed.”

The park provides regular updates through its home page www.nps.gov/yell.

What are the damaged parts of Yellowstone?

Aerial surveys show that roads in the northern part of the park appear to be more damaged than in the south, but park officials need to assess the area more closely before reopening anything.

“Because the northern loop is not available to visitors, the park is analyzing how many visitors can safely visit the southern loop once it reopens safely,” the park said on Tuesday. “This will likely mean implementing some sort of temporary reservation system to prevent bottlenecks and reduce impacts on the park’s infrastructure.”

Reservations are not usually required to enter the park, but traffic can be backed up even under normal circumstances. Yellowstone has always been one of the most popular national parks in America and saw its highest-grossing visits last year.

“The National Park Service will do everything in its power to repair these roads as soon as possible; however, it is likely that road sections in North Yellowstone will not reopen this season due to the time needed for repairs,” the park said.

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What happens to accommodation reservations in Yellowstone?

All nine Yellowstone lodges, 12 camp sites, and 293 outlying campsites are closed through at least Sunday and until further notice.

Yellowstone National Park Lodges posted on their website: “If we are unable to provide accommodation or tours/activities you have booked at the time of booking, we will cancel these arrangements for a full refund.”

Guests hoping to cancel should expect long wait times as the central reservations line “has a lot of calls”.

Prospective guests are advised to check the Yellowstone Alerts page for conditions prior to their travels.

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