We shift focus to the retail sector – Adi Kuzma

Internet request for fixed network or fixed broadband The increase in Indonesia continues, although not matched by the availability of adequate telecommunications infrastructure.

industry players fixed broadband Continue to strive to win the market that is still wide open. On the other hand, companies have to spend a lot of money to build optical fiber and internet cable infrastructure for fixed networks across the country. Moreover, the state of the equator is known to have a complex plain interspersed with many straits and seas.

In this regard, Biznet CEO Adi Kusma is happy to share his story with Katadata related to business trip fixed broadband in Indonesia. It is not only about business challenges, especially facing the Covid-19 pandemic, but also solutions to overcome various business problems, as well as efforts to business diversification to enhance the performance of the company.

Bizant, which started its business from the corporate sector, is now ready to focus on the retail sector. Adi Kusma said that the Covid-19 pandemic has reduced demand in the corporate sector, while it has already boosted the retail sector. How do they do it? Here are excerpts from Katadata’s interview with the CEO of Biznet:

How is the fixed network Internet industry developed?fixed broadband) Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic until now?

If you look at the comparison, maybe five years ago, fresh school kids usually carry it cell phone (cell phone). Now because of the epidemic, even primary school children are forced to put up with it cell phone or a study tablet. Therefore, it can be said that it is accelerating the digitization of the world. At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, sales figures hardware (Software) sales numbers are increasing because we are forced to move and communicate from home.

In the future, the Internet domain name should not decrease, but rather increase. Over time, people’s habits to continue watching Streamplay the game Online. So maybe the market will grow better in the future.

What obstacles and business challenges has Biznet faced during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The main obstacle is the infrastructure. As an archipelagic country, the cost of developing cable and fiber optic infrastructure is very high, while in some areas the population is not so much. The gap lies in infrastructure costs and the economic value of the business.

We are not pro-government, but purely commercial. So there is no help plan from the government, so we choose the areas that are completely feasible and business-ready for network development Fixed broadband.

The challenge, we have to build a network as quickly and as large as possible. So we try to build every day. This year, Besant has built 10,000 km of cable in 17 provinces. We built a cable connecting Java to Sumatra, and we built a submarine cable bridge from Anyer to Lampung. Then, Lampung to Medan and Aceh. The goal is that the network fixed broadband equally. We hope that the digital divide in big cities and small cities will be reduced.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic in the past two years affected business conditions at Biznet?

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are busy building networks as quickly as possible so that people can benefit from them. We don’t want to lose two years of doing nothing.

During the pandemic, you can say that working conditions have decreased. Many offices were ordered to close, all employees worked from home, and even some industries had to be affected, and layoffs (PHK) were issued. So the demand for fixed broadband is reduced. Before the pandemic, the majority of Bizant’s business sectors were Action to Action (B2B).

With the change in business behaviour, has Biznet changed its target market from the original B2B to the residential sector?

Yes, people nowadays need high quality internet to work from home, just like quality in the office. So, we are working on it. Usually customers choose operators not only because of promotions, but the most important thing is quality.

What is the ratio between the corporate sector and the retail sector in fixed broadband from Bizant?

Soon it will be 50:50, so there is already a shift. In the past, when talking about six or seven years ago, the segment was 80% comp, 20% retail. Perhaps the goal in the future is to transform and get more consumers. So more condominiums and apartments.

What is the current number of BIZNET subscribers?

Maybe about a million.

Business fixed broadband It is said to be the future of the telecom world, so cellular operators are also interested in getting into this field. what do you think?

Yes, this is a business, from the beginning there was no monopoly or protection. In my opinion, the best win is the consumer. It’s like, more restaurants, you can choose whatever food you want. So it is not a monopoly market.

How is Biznet among the players in the business industry fixed broadband Others in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, there are still many markets. If you look at the players in action fixed broadband There are still a lot of agglomerations in the big cities, while the smaller tier 2 and tier 3 towns still don’t exist, especially when it comes to the east.

What innovations need to be made to win the competition in the telecom industry?

In the future, innovation must be based on optimum service, which is active seven times, 24 hours and 365 days. Basically, customers should have a good experience in using the Internet. Quality should be number one. Whether it is technical, network, design and other factors.

What is the plan to develop Bizant’s business in the future?

We started going to coffee shops to provide internet services, with Metranet products. We have also expanded our network to include smaller towns, eg Pacitan, Temanggung, Jepara and Malang. We hope that people can live and live in the village, but do business in the city.

Is Biznet diversifying its business to help support its core business?

We started getting into healthcare. In 2020, we produce masks, and this year we will launch a new product. The target is July of this year, and we hope to have an impact on the health services sector.

What are the reasons for diversifying your business in the healthcare sector?

The important point today is health. If you are not in good health, you cannot play the Internet and do other activities. The goal is technological health services.

How do you deal with competition in today’s healthcare sector, which is getting tougher?

Today’s healthcare business is invaluable. We will strive to excel in terms of healthcare features. We try to provide solutions to the problems that exist in Indonesia.

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