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Jamhal Hill could be the new blood injection the lightweight title picture has been looking for.

Having made his debut in 2017, Hill is the least experienced contender with number 14 next to his name in the MMA Fighting World Rankings, but he may also be closer to a championship opportunity than some of his more experienced peers. Aleksandar Rakic ​​(7) and Anthony Smith (8) face uncertain schedules for their comeback as they recover from injury, Volkan Ozdemir (11) recently cut a losing streak, and Hill opponents at UFC Vegas 59 major Thiago Santos (12) are closer to breaking out of the standings than climbing in .

All of this is a moot point as to whether Santos can regain some of its former glory on Saturday. The man who was a scorecard away from defeating Jon Jones has only won once since that close call and has struggled to accumulate the kinds of performances that once made him one of the most feared knockout threats at both 205 and 185 pounds. On paper, he has the remarkable skills of giving Hill problems; In fact, Father Time could send a message to the 32-fight veteran.

In another key card move, Vicente Luque is defending his spot in the welterweight rankings against rising Jeff Neal, 30- Death The finals end with Muhammad Usman (younger brother of UFC champ Kamaru Usman) battling heavyweight Zach Bauga, Invicta veteran Brogan Walker battling Julianna Miller for the Flyweight Championship, heavyweight veteran Augusto Sakai battling Sergey Spivak, and Ariane Lipski battling Priscila Cachoeira in the flyweight opener.

what or what: UFC Vegas 59

where: UFC APEX in Las Vegas

when: Saturday August. 6. The initial five-fight card begins at 7:30 PM EST on ESPN and ESPN+, followed by the six-fight main-card at 10 PM EST on ESPN and ESPN+.

(The numbers in parentheses indicate standing Fighting MMA Glarows with)

Thiago Santos (12) vs. Jamahle Hill (14)

It hurts to say that: Thiago Santos was not the fighter he used to be.

Blame age (he turned 38 last January), blame the knee injuries Santos suffered for almost a surprise to Jon Jones, or blame the competition he had to face as an elite light heavyweight ( His next losses were the battle of Jones to Magomed Anklaev, Aleksandar Rakic ​​and Glover Teixeira), but the results simply did not exist for Marreta. Even his victory over Johnny Walker was easy to forget, kindly.

So everything is set for Jamal Hill to deliver another showmanship. After the first consecutive round ended, he was given a name that still had enough shininess to lift it, but most likely not enough was left in the tank to threaten it. As long as he respected Santos’ strike, Hill wouldn’t find himself in much danger. He’s bigger, faster and at this point in their career, he’s more of a knockout threat than Santos.

forward and upward. Hill by K.O.

Anthology: hill

Vicente Luquet (9) vs. Jeff Neal

If the main event is supposed to be Hill’s show, the main entry is anything but Vicente Luque. This has the ingredients of a trap game.

Loki should be the choice against all but the best at 170 pounds (his latest losses are Bilal Mohamed, Stephen Thompson and Leon Edwards). How this fight is viewed depends on how high Neil’s ceiling is. At his best, he exhibited the same kind of explosive termination abilities as Luque, he has no Luque record. Until now.

One of the main points of concern to Neal is the inconsistency in wrestling. Luque loves to stand up and blast, but he’s a versatile end player, and if he gets that to the floor, Neal will be toasted. This aspect of Luque’s game is what makes all the difference in this fight because standing competition can be a neglect, even considering Luque’s reputation as a killer on his feet.

I’m expecting an exciting start this time around with Luque eventually taking down Neil or overcoming a stampede and then winning the submission.

Anthology: look

Mohamed Othman vs. Zack Baoga
Brogan Walker vs. Juliana Miller

Ah yes, we can now discuss the real major event(s).

Don’t let the company’s hashtag fool you, this isn’t just UFC Vegas whatever, it’s #TUF30Finale. That’s right, we have two 30 fights Next Saturday’s World Cup finals will start with heavyweights Brogan Walker and Juliana Miller, followed by heavyweights Mohamed Osman and Zach Baoga.

Let’s start with the adults.

Yes, Muhammad Usman is the younger brother of Camaro Usman. No, he doesn’t fight like a Camaro at all. Yes, there is a reason for being the underdog in this. Those familiar with Usman may remember seeing him the last time he was introduced by Brandon Sayles in the PFL. Wear well enough in TUF House with a pair of decision wins, but his semi-final win was a close gesture to Eduardo Perez that could have gone either way. Osman has the tools and training but rarely brings them together on fight night.

That wouldn’t fly against Zach Baoga, one of the season’s best strikers. He has solid fundamentals, good takedown defense, and the kind of relaxed attitude that would serve him well to move forward in the UFC heavyweight division. He will move forward after winning a convincing decision over Othman.

Walker vs. Miller is a tougher call. It could be said that Miller was the breakout star TUF 30, a talented newcomer who wears her heart on her sleeve and fights like a devil in a cage. She had only fought three battles before TUFOn the show, however, she avenged her only professional loss by outsmarting Claire Guthrie in one of the season’s best fights and then pitched her tough game against Kaitlyn Neal to book a ticket to the Finals.

Having said that, it’s hard for me to choose against Walker’s experience. She has a nice win over Miranda Maverick on her resume and has fought a higher level of competition than Miller up to this point. Miller could be an undiscovered gem like her TUF It was coach Juliana Peña when she dominated her own season, but it’s too soon to tell. Walker has the edge on her feet and I would be very impressed if Miller could control her on the ground.

I understand the hype surrounding Miller. Give me a walker for tribulation.

Anthology: Baoja Walker

Augusto Sakai vs. Sergey Spivak

I’m high on Sergey Spivak’s chances of joining the likes of Tom Aspinal, Alexander Romanov and Sergey Pavlovich in discussing the best possibilities, but he didn’t get an easy shot here. Even though Sakai is mired in a brutal period of knockout losses, he’s strong on his feet and I’m sure he was arguing that he eventually continues on the wrong side of the heavyweight coin flick.

Let’s simplify this and call it attacker versus attacker. Wrestling match because I think Sakai’s Muay Thai skills give him an edge on his feet, while Spivac’s aggressive wrestling gives him an edge on the carpet. Whoever gets to turn their gadgets on first, there’s your winner.

You know what kicked me out? Spivac comes out with a win over Greg Hardy. Greg Hardy is no good. Now he has to recalibrate and face the top 25 heavyweights? This should upset your system. This fight seems funny to me.

Sakai stretches and quarrels his way to winning the decision.

Anthology: Sakai

Ariane Lipsky vs. Priscilla Cachoira

Regardless of the unfortunate weight loss, there is no reason to lose faith in Ariane Lipsky in this match. She’s a better technical striker than Priscilla Cachoeira and she should be able to bring down Cachoeira whenever she wants. Cachoeira presents a challenge to anyone who would accept a fight with her, but even then it doesn’t look like she’s a striker so big that she can beat Lipski.

The other nod I’d give Cachoeira is that she has the legit authority of a 125er, which Lipski has to keep in mind. Lipski doesn’t have a history of getting bumped up on her feet, so look for her to avoid Cachoeira haymakers and scoop them up with counters or lay them on her back if the Cachoeira starts to have any success with her hands.

Kachoeira snuck out of the UFC APEX by winning the decision on her last outing, but Lipski will take the judges out of the equation on Saturday when she scores a win.

Anthology: Lipsky


Michel Oleksiejczuk def. Sam Alfie

Defeated Terrence McKinney. Eric Gonzalez

Brian Patel def. Takashi Sato

Corey McKenna defeated. Miranda Granger

Stephanie Egger (T15) defeated. Mayra Bueno Silva

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