Top TV writers demand safety protocols in anti-abortion countries

On Thursday morning, more than 400 creators and TV presenters sent a letter to the top executives of Netflix, Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery, NBC Universal, Apple and others are calling for specific protocols to protect pregnant female employees in states where abortion is prohibited.

The message he got diverse, Signed by talent roster like Shonda Rhimes, Issa Rae, Amy Sherman-Palladino, Natasha Lyonne, Ava DuVernay and many more. It puts the largest content makers in the United States aware that companies need to define specific protections for those working in states that have outlawed abortion in the wake of the Dobbs Supreme Court ruling, which overturned the Roe v. valley.

“It is unacceptable to ask anyone to choose between their human rights and their employment,” the letter read, in part.

The letter heightens the baffling issue of what companies like Netflix and Disney should do with productions in states with anti-abortion laws that Dobbs has launched, such as Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. The book calls for published policies on how companies can support employee travel to perform abortions, as well as how to protect employee privacy. They want medical care protocols for “ectopic pregnancy and other pregnancy complications that require medical treatment.” They are seeking criminal and civil compensation for anyone who assists an employee with an abortion.

They want all companies to stop “all political donations to anti-abortion candidates and political action committees immediately.”

Showrunners and creators are demanding written responses from companies within 10 days of July 28, when the letters were sent. The letter stopped short of saying what would happen if these companies did not comply with the demands, but any potential boycott of top talent would surely lead to disaster.

Several studios, led by Netflix, said in 2019 that they would reconsider filming in Georgia — the state’s leading tax incentive for movies — if the state’s abortion ban was applied to a “heartbeat.” Citing Dobbs’ ruling, a federal appeals court last week lifted the injunction against the law. So far, the studios have only said they will pay travel expenses for employees forced to leave the state to have an abortion.

The full letter – this one specifically to Netflix – and the undersigned are below. The message has also been sent to Paramount, Lionsgate, Amazon and AMC.


We, the undersigned, are the 411 creators, showrunners, and writers currently operating across every network and streaming platform in the industry today, including those controlled by Netflix.

We have major concerns about the lack of specific production protocols to protect Netflix workers in anti-abortion countries.

It is unacceptable to ask anyone to choose between their human rights and their employment. This situation raises fundamental issues of equity, health and safety in the workplace. Many of us would not have the jobs and families that we have today if we were not given the freedom to choose what is best for ourselves. We, as a group, are committed to protecting our own fundamental human rights and the rights of our colleagues.

At the moment, any pregnant woman who works in one of your productions in countries that have criminalized abortion is at great risk. It is important that Netflix understand these risks and have comprehensive solutions in place. The purpose of this letter is to review your current safety protocols and safeguards on this vital issue to determine whether or not we will continue to operate in these high-risk environments.

Within ten business days from today, we request a review of your existing abortion safety plan detailing Netflix policies and processes to ensure our safety, protect our health, and advocate for our human rights. We expect the details of your existing plan to fully address this emergency, including but not limited to:

Published policies and procedures for providing abortion travel assistance to employees of your products, including specific information about how to protect employee medical privacy.
The protocols outline the scope of medical care for those working on your products, including ectopic pregnancy and other pregnancy complications that require medical treatment via abortion while working at Netflix.
Policy regarding criminal and civil legal protections, including compensation and defense against liability, for any production member who facilitates Netflix protocols or provides Netflix policy information and guidance to an employee seeking an abortion.
Pledge to stop all political donations to anti-abortion candidates and political action committees immediately.

As production is currently in progress in states where abortion is illegal or pending under criminalization, your immediate written response is required and expected within ten business days of July 28, 2022. We also welcome the opportunity to review the written response with your company representatives for more information. context you want. Our review will be conducted by the undersigned and our legal representatives.


Megan Abbott
Diane Ademo John
Ali Adler
Pamela Adlon
Abby Ajayi
Desiree Akhavan
Zakia Iskandar
Bisha K. On
Gabriel Allan
Kayla Albert
Sophia Alvarez
Jane Anderson
Lucia Anelo
Amy Aniobi
Valerie Armstrong
Nicole Jefferson Asher
Michelle Ashford
Liz Astroff
Meredith Avrilla
Rachel Axler
Annie Baker
Gemma Baker
Jenna Banes
Carol Barbie
Sarah Bareilles
Ask Barfield
Kate Barnow
Kristen Bartlett
Vanessa Bayer
Nicole Petty
Monica Biltsky
Lake Bel
Chazz Bennett
Eleanor Bergstein
Julia Bicknell
Jenny Peaks
Jocelyn Beoh
Ashley Nicole Black
Amy Bloom
Rachel Bloom
Andrea Thornton Bolden
Catherine Borrell
Hannah Boss
Rebecca Boss
Yvette Boozer
Kristen Boylan
Patricia Brin
Kelly Breslin
Corinne Brinkerhoff
Mara Brooke Aqeel
Allen Brooch McKenna
Jess Brownell
Julia Brownell
Carrie Brownstein
Gemma Burgess
Sarah Burgess
Leela Buick
Jennifer Cassio
Gloria Calderon Kellett
Wendy Calhoun
Sheila Callahan
Calvo’s box
Kat Candler
Kai Cannon
Erin Cardiello
Bridget Carpenter
Charis Castro Smith
Eileen Chicken
Hey Zhang
Hailey Chavez
Half Chelsea
Cindy Chuback
Zwan Clak
Eliza Clark
Maisha Clawson
Diablo Cody
Anne Covil Saunders
Laila Cohan
Emily Cook
eat cooper
Fernanda Koppel
Elizabeth Craft
Jennifer Crittenden
The return of Machaca Karwal
Lisa Takeuchi Colin
Whitney Cummings
Alexandra Cunningham
Michael Din
Jimmy Denbow
Chelsea Devinties
Lydia Diamond
Marnie Dickens
How DiPaolo File Works
Katie Diebold
Kelly Donovan
Savannah International
bash rotation
Carrie Dornetto
Caroline Dress
Ariel Dumas
Lena Dunham
Sirocco Dunlap
Ava DuVernay
Laura Eason
Grace Edwards
Keri Ehren
Irene Ehrlich
Diane English
Anya Epstein
Maya Erskine
Jane Spenson
Bridget Everett
Sarah Fine
Gina Fatori
Halle Pfeiffer
Liz Feldman
Nancy Fishman
Hannah Fidel
Debra C. Fisher
Lang Fisher
Anna Fishko
Jennifer Flackett
Liz Flahave
Stephanie Folsom
Lia Fong
Claudia Forestieri
Fox Box
Emily Fox
Anna Frick
Hannah Friedman
Jenna Friedman
Liz Friedman
Maggie Friedman
Kelly Galuska
Sierra Gamble
Jessica Gao
Daisy Gardner
Valentina Garza
Lila Gerstein
Melissa James Gibson
Gina Gonfredo
Karen Guest Brown
Gracie Glasmere
Jessica Goldberg
Sarah Goldfinger
Emily Gordon
Philippa Goslet
Susanna Grant
Tash Gray
Misha Green
Kathy Greenberg
Sarah Gobbins
Lauren Jesus
Jenny Hagel
Barbara Hall
Katori Hall
Jenny Han
Lisa Hanwalt
Chelsea Handler
Liz Hanna
Alma Harel
Amy B. Harris
D. Harris Lawrence
Becky Hartman Edwards
Leslie Hedland
cyan hydra
Eileen Hessler
Liz Heldens
Diane Helen
Cody Heller
Emily Heller
Felicia D. Henderson
Crystal Henry
Tara Hermann
Sarah Hess
Regina Hicks
Lauren Schmidt Hissrich
Winnie Holzmann
AM Homes
Karen Lee Hopkins
Shannon M Houston
Melinda Hsu Taylor
Soo Hyo
Darlene Hunt
Lauren Youngerich
Mrs. J
Abby Jacobson
Casey Johnson
Erica L. Johnson
Joanna Johnson
Kathleen Jordan
Alexa Jung
Mindy Kaling
Laeta Calogrides
Angela Kang
Courtney Kang
Jin Kao
Marta Kaufman
Zoe Kazan
Courtney A. Kemp
Nahnachka Khan
Callie Khoury
Claire Keshel
Marilyn King
Michelle King
Corinne Kingsbury
Laura Ketterell
Julie Klausner
Jenny Klein
Jesse Klein
Erica Shelton Kodish
genji kohan
Anna Kunkel
Jenny Conner
Liz Krueger
Sarah Kosirka
Bridget Kyle
Stephanie Ling
Nougat Landau
Amanda Lacher
Sheila Lawrence
Janet Leahy
Christina Lee
Young Jin Lee
Lauren LeFrank
Casey Lemon
Jennifer Levine
Chris Levinson
Debbie Liebling
Adele Lim
Erica Libes
Amy Lippmann
Crystal Liu
laser curry
Attica Look
Melissa London Hillvers
Rachel Karis Love
Jenny Lumet
Ashley Lyle
Natasha Lyon
Monica Masser
Margaret McIntyre
Karina Adly Mackenzie
Johnny Marchenko
Meg Marines
Julie Martin
Felicia Marie
Britt Matt
Vanessa McCarthy
Abby McEnany
Shauna McGarry
Colin McGuinness
Alexandra McNally
Carol Mendelsohn
Karlie Minsch
Wendy Merkel
Elizabeth Meriwether
Erica Messer
Molly Smith Metzler
Alison Miller
Rina Maimon
Erica Lisan Mittmann
Becky Fashion
Ramlet Muhammed
Lizzie Molino
Wendy Molino
Jacqueline More
Lauren Morelli
Latoya Morgan
Dominic Moreso
Maggie Mall
Michel Mulroney
Janine Napros
Margaret Nagel
Tia Napolitano
Daniel Nathanson
Jesse Nelson
Kristen Newman
Lynn Nottage
Marty Noxon
Alyssa Notting
Jamie O’Brien
Jessica O’Toole
Dr. Sonya Udman
Nekichi Okoro Carol
Silvia Olivas
Tracy Oliver
Stacy Ossie Kfour
Monica Oso Brin
Jan Oxenberg
Carolina Bays
Michelle Paradise
Sally Patrick
Ilana Peña
KC Berry
JJ Philippines
Julie Blake
Daria Bulatin
Tracy Post
Channing Bowl
Kate Purdy
Jessica Quiller
Issa Ray
Lisa Randolph
Ellen Rapoport
Rashid rupees
Joan Ratter
Jacqueline Reingold
Nikki Rina
Dara Resnick
Shonda Rhimes
Katie Rich
Erica Rivinoja
Katie Robbins
Kate Robin
Jennifer Kaiten Robinson
Marketa Robinson
Dylan Rodriguez
Jesse Rosen
Melissa Rosenberg
Kim Rosenstock
Sharyn Rothstein
Julie Rothenberg
Amber Raven
Marga Louis Ryan
little tammy
Erica Saleh
Daniel Sanchez Wetzel
Ask Saracho
Stephanie Savage
Lauren Scafaria
Beth Shakter
Jack Schaeffer
Robin Chef
Holly Schlesinger
Sarah Schneider
Ali Schouten seeks
Heidi Shrek
Amy Schumer
Jennifer Shore
Beth Schwartz
Neil Scoville
Sarah Gertrude Shapiro
Frankie Shaw
Randa Shepherd
Janine Sherman Barwa
Amy Sherman Palladino
April Shih
Keto Shimizu
Rachel Shekert
Katie Silberman
Emily Silver
Alison Silverman
Randy Mayme singer
Francesca Sloan
Alina Smith
Nora Smith
Nicole Snyder
Jenny Snyder Orman
Holly Sorensen
Rachel Specter
Nichelle Trumbull Spellman
Emily Spivey
Qaisi Ong Street
Jane Statsky
KJ Steinberg
Dana Stevens
Kristi Stratton
us black
Robin Swicord
Morissa Tancharoen
Ref Desta Tedros
Sierra Tiller Ornellas
Robin Head
Betsy Thomas
Sarah Thompson
Liz Tigler
Stacy Trapp
Sarah Tarim
Liz Tucello
Rail Tucker
Karen Asher
Noel Valdivia
Krista Vernoff
Lily Wachowski
Lena Waithe
Ayelet Waldman
Dahvey Wall
Lulu Wang
Michaela Wattens
Sarah Watson
Audrey Washup
Katie Wish
Annie Wiseman
Hilary Wiseman Graham
Lizzie Weiss
Jenna Welch
Lindy West
Diana Witten
Tracy Wigfield
Tracy Scott
Wilson Anna Winger
Nancy Won
Carly Wray
Wei Ning Yu
Keisha Zolar
Lila Zuckerman
Nora Zuckerman
Elisa Zoretsky
Lisa Zwerling

Jane Mados contributed to this report.

(Pictured: Shonda Rhimes, Issa Rae and Natasha Lyonne)

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