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In business, the Internet is an important part of supporting business operations and activities. The Internet can be used for many things in business, such as receiving orders through applications Chat, (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.)Business Administration in E-Commerce, and so on.

By using the Internet, these activities can be done more quickly and efficiently. Everyone definitely expects an internet connection to be stable and not slow (slow), but unfortunately sometimes the internet is still slow more often than not. If the internet is slow, business can be hindered and customers become uncomfortable.

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In fact, there are many factors that can cause slow internet. For example like the sign WIFI Or cell phone (internet data), number of connected devices, and signal coverage may be the cause.

Slow internet can also cause business disappointment because the service provided to customers is less than optimal. In order not to suffer from slow internet, you can try the following methods to beat slow internet.

Tips to beat slow internet on mobile phones

1. Restart cell phone

Do Restart On the phone (between off and on again) if the internet is slow. On some phones, you may need to tap the icon “restart” Which will appear on the phone screen after the contractor’s friend presses the button Energy (Power) for about 10 seconds. This is a fairly easy way to deal with slow internet to reload the signal on your phone.

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2. Updates on mobile

Check your phone for updates regularly or periodically. Although this method to beat slow internet is rare, it can be a trigger for slow internet. Apps that did not existUpdates It can make the phone more difficult to operate and thus affect the internet connection. by doing UpdatesThe phone will also get some improvements from the system so that the internet connection can run smoothly again.

3. Storage (storage)

Friends can check the storage space on the mobile phone to see how much capacity is available in the mobile phone. You can see how much space is available in your phone storage. If the storage on the phone is low or almost full, you should delete the unused applications on the mobile so that these applications do not “access” the internet data on your mobile phone.

4. Cleaning cache

This can be done to run your internet connection stably. Business friends can clean cache Or “temporary” data on the apps on the phone so that apps that are not in use can be turned off completely.

It can also run optimally used applications because the data cache It is emptied and the Internet connection can load new application data.

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5. Remove the SIM card

You can also try removing the SIM card from your phone and reinserting it. Each device sometimes has a different SIM card storage area. Sometimes you need a tool like a security pin to open the SIM card slot, depending on the type of phone you’re using. The purpose of removing the SIM card is so that the phone can reset the search for Internet networks.

In fact, Entrepreneurship Friends can modify the needs of the Internet for the type of business being carried out. For example, if a friend is an entrepreneur who runs a company Online Store Friends can use the house style (such as food, clothes, etc.) WIFI Home router to access the Internet. Example: business Online Store Men’s clothing, then activities such as catalog updates, responding to messages from customers, using the Internet WIFI Stable and high speed.

Then if the work you are doing has many agendas in several places, such as fairs in buildings, bazaars in open grounds etc., you can use Mi-Fi (WIFI portableIt can be taken anywhere, or using a data network on a mobile phone.

Entrepreneurship friends can also modify the business Internet quota (if using Mi-Fi/ data) depending on the needs or the business you are running, but you must subscribe to an Internet provider that has a strong network or signal throughout Indonesia.

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If you want a more stable internet, use a network WIFI or wireless internet. Lots Provider WIFI It is available. We can also subscribe WIFI With different time periods, such as monthly, annual or as needed.

Before deciding to use Wi-Fi at work, friends can read the following five things to be more efficient and avoid slow internet. here we are!

Things you should look for before installing Wifi

1. Check the website

Not all accommodation locations or areas are accessible via Wi-Fi. Many Wi-Fi providers require a location area to be selected first to ensure that the location is able to access the internet at a certain speed, such as 3G, 4G, and even 5G.

2. Check the price

Usually, new users who are going to install Wi-Fi must first look for the price. The monthly subscription fee should be based on how much you earn so that you can pay for your Wi-Fi regularly without a penalty.

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3. Check your internet speed

Entrepreneur friends should also consider the quality of the Internet speed that each Wi-Fi provider produces. Gives every Wi-Fi provider a choice Bandwidth Or the access speed can be adjusted, which ranges from 20Mbps to 300Mbps.

4. Choose your network provider WIFI

After the entrepreneurial friend decided income and internet speed, then is to choose a Wi-FI provider that has a stable internet connection but the price is right income It is owned.

5. Make sure it is easy to contact the service desk

There is nothing better than a very fast internet service in responding or handling consumer complaints. Choose Internet services for homes whose branch offices are located near your friend’s business location. Thus, if there is an outage or complaint in the internet service, the friends of the entrepreneurs can easily report it directly.

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Tips for choosing internet devices so that they are not slow

There are many possible causes for a slow or slow internet. Starting from internet infrastructure, network interference, data usage, traffic movement High, device selection factors and device damage, the presence of irritating factors in the room, and others.

One way to avoid slow internet is to choose Router truly. In order for the use to be sufficient, calculate the amount Bandwidth Available with the number of devices to be used Bandwidth The.

The low speed of internet access from service providers which is not commensurate with the number of connected devices. For example, using a 10Mbps internet packet split over 10 devices, in theory each device will get 1Mbps internet speed. Choose a device Router who supports Dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz for maximum performance.

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Then placement. Materials in the office such as aluminum including the site Router can affect performance Router It gets worse. Since wireless Internet signals are transmitted by electromagnetic waves through the air, a certain degree of physical blockage will weaken the signal, so the location of the device must be taken into account.

The rule of thumb is to ensure that the appliance is placed in the center of the room at a height sufficient to create the conditions line of sight Or a parallel directional line between the transmitter and receiver without any physical obstacle.

for commercial activities Online light like browse Management Social media , Download And the chat can use router login levels. But if the need arises Online Such as Online video conferencing And the flow Already connected above 10Mbps value, max 20Mbps, it is recommended to use the device medium height router Who has the ability? Dual band So that the Internet is not slow because it requires high data transfer speeds.

Internet efficiency in business

The efficiency of the internet used in business can be seen not only from the internet costs incurred monthly/yearly, but also from the impact on the business being run (profit increase or not) and the products produced in the business.

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The Internet has now become a “part” of human life, due to the rapid development of technology so that people can access or use the products sold without having to leave home.

Products sold online can benefit from various factors, not only from high sales but also review / rating or reviews from buyers. The review is enough to determine if the product is good or not, for other potential buyers.

Well, we hope that the above tips will be useful and make your business more profitable. Do not forget to continue to use the Internet as needed, in order to achieve efficiency in doing business. Come on, it’s time for UKM in Class Up!

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