Tips for betting on the 2022 NBA Finals

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What you need to know for Game 6 of the NBA Finals

Steve struggle: Stephen Curry didn’t make a 3-pointer for the first time in his career after the season in Monday’s Game 5 win. It’s not likely to happen again and we can even see Stefan the Ripper in Game 6. The last time he failed to score three points in a game was Game Six of the Western Conference Finals. He responded in his next game by six 3-pointers in the first quarter of the NBA Finals earlier this month.

x factor: Marcus Smart not only leads the Celtics in scoring in the second half during this series but has influenced the team in other ways that would help them in the winning game or go home 6. He has a 3.8 assist-to-turn ratio. In wins, it has more than doubled its loss rate (1.3) over the past month. Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown are getting most of the attention, but it’s unlikely that the Finals will return to San Francisco without Smart giving the Celtics a solid effort.

– Kyle Sobey

Disassemble the game 6

Golden State Warriors at Boston Celtics
9 p.m. EDT, TD Garden, Boston

Line: Celtics (-4)
money lines: Celtics (-170), Warriors (+145)
the total: 210 points
Expected total BPI: 222.4 points
BPI % win: Celtics (68.8%)

Notes: Less than 8-5 in Boston’s last 13 straight wins.

Best Bet: Andrew Wiggins under 18.5 points: Andrew Wiggins was amazing in Game 5, but none of these stats would help with the cash tickets in Game 6. Wiggins scored 26 points and led the Warriors’ shots (23) because Stephen Curry had missed the night. It’s hard to expect the same use in Game 6 as the Wiggins score height is more limited than you might assume. He played 192 minutes in this series and only attempted 13 free throws while losing 21 of his 28 3-point attempts. He grabbed the tickets in Game 5 by shooting 12 of 17 from inside the 3-point streak, something that’s not likely to happen again with increased focus from the best defense in the NBA. – Sobey

Best Bet: Marcus Smart over 5.5 assists. Smart has only 22 assists and three turnovers in three elimination games this season. Its usage is as high as it has been all season, and being home isn’t a bad thing at all for the helping numbers. The rate of smart shots was lower and more assists at home than on the road during the regular season. – Sobey

Best Bet: Over 210 points. This is the lowest total of the series, which I think is a price that offers added value based on what happened in Game 5. The Celtics and Warriors teamed up for a disastrous shootout 20 out of 72 (27%) of 3. Point range on Monday. Golden State’s 22% and Boston’s 34% were some of the worst long-range shooting performances for either team in this series. The Celtics missed 10 free throws and took only 75 shots, the fourth lowest in 23 games after the season. Despite everything I just mentioned, we still see 198 points scored. I think better shooting performance is on the horizon, so I like the idea of ​​betting half a unit on more than that. – Joe Fortenboeh

Best Bet: Stephen Curry over 28.5 points. Curry should bounce big in Game 6. He finished the game 5 0-9 out of a 3-point range. In each game, Curry missed a triple in 2013, averaging 4.4 3s and 46% 3 percentage points in the next game. This includes his 13 3 against the New Orleans Pelicans in 2016. – Eric Moody

Best Bet: Jason Tatum Over 3.5 Spins. Tatum carried the burden offensively for the Celtics in this post-season, but also averaged 4.1 turnovers per game. Tatum made 95 spins in the playoffs, surpassing the 2018 mark of LeBron James. — Moody

Best Bet: Clay Thompson over 20.5 points, 3.5 three-pointers. Thompson has been inconsistent in the series, but when he’s locked up, he’s unstoppable. Thompson has done some Game 6 performances over the course of his career and another one to come. He averaged 20.7 PPG in a 12-game 6 career, shooting 44.6% from the field and 49.5% from outside the arc. Expect the Warriors to come out strong, and Thompson will boast his often smiling signature. — Moody

Best Bet: Jason Tatum 41.5+ Points + Assists + Rebounds. The Celtics have lost two games in a row for the first time in this post-season, and one pattern that isn’t broken is Tatum’s big post-loss matches. It’s over 40.5 PAR in Game 5 and I expect it to produce more in Game 6 the Celtics’ season on the line. – snoring

Best Bet: Marcus Smart over 15.5 points. I’ve been broaching this for a while and will continue to do so. Smart dropped 20 points in Game 5 and scored at least 18 points in five of his last six games. He averaged 16.4 PPGs in his last 14 games. – snoring

Best Bet: Andrew Wiggins over 7.5 rebounds. Wiggins became the primary designer for the Warriors in the series, with 29 boards over the last two games. Golden State had success playing small ball, with either Draymond Green or Kevon Looney in the five and Wiggins smashing the glass in the four. Wiggins peaked in his role and showcased amazing sports that made him no. One pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. I expect another solid effort on the board in Game 6. – snoring

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