Three questions every East Asian team must answer before the start of the 2022 season: Who will call up for the Patriots?

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The AFC was not out of the action during the holiday period which saw a drop in the number of blockbuster deals and signings. The Buffalo Bills—current favorites to win this season’s Super Bowl—surprised signing passing forward Von Miller into free agency, and the Miami Dolphins pulled one of the biggest deals of the spring dealing with former presidents Tirek Hill wide. Meanwhile, the New England Patriots were traded to receiver DeVante Parker and the Jets made several moves throughout the draft, leading to the first three rounds.

Of course, these moves combined with the maturation of everyone else on their roster will make this division even more competitive in 2022. With training camps opening across the league, let’s dive into three questions every AFC team must answer before the start of the season. championship. Ordinary chapter.

buffalo bills

  1. What is the Tre’Davious White’s Return schedule? The Bills are coming out of the 2021 season where they had the number. She ranked first in pass defense in the DVOA, and that was without White in the latter part of the year, having suffered a ruptured ACL on Thanksgiving. When he’s healthy, he’s in the All-Pro corner of a high school senior who has Super Bowl aspirations, so getting him back on the field will definitely help Buffalo in that championship hunt. His level of involvement during camp will create a clearer timeline when we see him during the regular season.
  2. How will the change from Brian Dabol to Ken Dorsey change crime? Arguably Buffalo’s biggest change comes in the place of the offensive coordinator. Daboll was widely considered one of the best callers of offensive play in the NFL during his tenure, and is credited with helping Josh Allen rise to the MVP-caliber quarterback. So, what does this change to Dorsey do with this high-powered unit? This is his first crack as an OC, so it would be great to see what the offense would look like with his fingerprints on it.
  3. Who will play against von Miller? The addition of Von Miller was Buffalo’s biggest splash in the post-season and introduces a change of guard when speeding up passing, especially with Jerry Hughes and Mario Addison leaving. While Miller will come out on one side of the Bills defense line, who will the other be? Greg Russo, Boogie Basham, AJ Ebenissa and Chuck Lawson are all going out of this place.

New England Patriots

  1. Is Joe Judge or Calling Matt Patricia Playing Off the Crime? That was the biggest question in New England since Josh McDaniels accepted the Raiders’ head coach position. As Mac Jones approaches a pivotal second year in the league, having a capable communicator is critical to his development. While Bill Belichick may have had a bigger role in the offense, it appears he will be either the judge or Patricia holding the playing card on match day. Neither option in particular instilled much confidence given their past history of attacking in head-to-head training stops, but a major designation will make things simplify for Year Two QB.
  2. Who is the back shifter? James White is still recovering from a thigh injury that virtually wiped out all of the 2021 season, and he’s not sure he’ll be ready to go when camp opens. Given that Brandon Bolden – the most targeted New Englander last season – left in free agency, there is some uncertainty as to what was a large part of the Patriots’ offense. Candidates like Damien Harris, Ramondry Stevenson and JJ Taylor could potentially take more targets, but another candidate could be rookie Pierre Strong Jr. The South Dakota State back ran 4.37 seconds 40 yards in the combine, which was the fastest in his position.
  3. Is there enough in the corner? New England has seen a significant talent drain over the past calendar year. Heading into camp last season, the team had JC Jackson and Stephon Gilmore on top of the depth chart. Now, Gilmore has since traded and recently signed with the Colts, while Jackson signed a monster deal with the Chargers. This leaves the Patriots with not much to work with as Malcolm Butler and Galen Mills are the top choices overseas. It’s possible that junior Jack Jones was a factor in that conversation, too. However, in the division featuring Tireek Hill and Stefon Diggs, the Patriots will need to be strong in the position to stand a chance.

Miami Dolphin

  1. he is Ancient Tagovailoa Ready to lead this high speed attack? Miami has gone to great lengths to improve the roster this off-season to give themselves a fair and honest look at Tagovailoa. Adding Hill and star left Terron Armstead are just some of the moves that should allow the quarterback to succeed in first-year coach Mike McDaniel’s system. How quickly he can get on with these new weapons and realize this new crime will be an important obstacle for him to impress and prove to the organization that he is the man to build around it.
  2. How fast can the offensive line get tangled up? Armstead and Conor Williams are the two extras who will come in immediately on the left tackle and midpoints, respectively. Meanwhile, Miami let guard Liam Eichenberg enter his second season and tackle Austin Jackson with his third entry. While there is an improvement on paper, it is another thing entirely for them to function as a cohesive unit. Jackson, who was selected in the first round of 2020, is of particular interest given that he is technically dealing with a blind full-back with Tagovailoa’s left midfielder.
  3. What is the order of clicking in the background? The backroom has undergone an overhaul as the dolphins added Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert and Sonny Michel while carrying 2021’s Miles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed. There are a lot of mouths to feed in the backfield and a clicker command will likely be needed before it gets to week one. .

New York Jets

  1. Who will start safely besides Jordan Whitehead? Whitehead was the big plus in safety for the planes, but he’ll need another body next to him in the backend for this secondary. Having missed the bulk of last season with an elbow injury, Lamarcus Joyner could get back into the conversation, but the 31-year-old isn’t a long-term answer either. 2020, third-placed player Ashten Davis is a candidate to feature here alongside Jason Pinnock, who played well in that spot last season.
  2. Is George Van O Macy Picton Play handles left? Becton arrived in New York as a no. 11 overall picks in 2020 and it was hoped that the anchor would be in left-handedness for years to come. However, injuries have recently derailed his career, leaving the question of whether or not he will retain this spot. Having missed almost the entire past year, Fant has proven to be a reliable choice in tackling the blind side. He could keep that left tackle job for 2022, which could let Becton learn where to tackle the right tackle and compete with rookie Max Mitchell.
  3. he is Zach Wilson Shows he’s ready to take the leap in year two? The Jets’ brass would prefer to see their previous number. 2 Overall the selection process grabs the headlines for his improvement on the field rather than the ones he was making off-season. Once the New York camp opens, Wilson could continue to build the foundation for a crucial second season in the league. While expectations for the aircraft as a team aren’t particularly high for 2022, its development is the focus of attention. If he makes a mid-level camp, this year could start with young QB facing some serious questions asking if he’s the one helping make New York relevant.

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