The Rock returns to help Fortnite players in another explosive live event

Fortnite’s latest season has come to an end with the first big live event of the year, as Battle Royale Island heroes continue to end the evil Imagined Order faction for good.

When the event begins, players find themselves in groups of up to four people inside Fortnite mech bear game for the first time. Here, you can gaze from the bridge at an unfamiliar sight – an icy moon circling the main island of Fortnite – and play with the gun towers while listening to a brief audio conversation between Heroes Jones (Troy Baker), Origin (Rahul Kohli) and Enterprise (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson).

A minute ago, the mission brief finally reintroduced The Paradigm autopilot and Risk Mode: the evil IO is set to detonate a superweapon capable of killing everyone, and it’s up to you inside the mechanism to stop him. (No matter that this is your goal in every battle royale match). So we blasted off, blasted off into space, across an asteroid field, and toward our best view of a Fortnite island floating across the multiverse yet.

Fortnite Tonight: The entire live crash event.

Landing on the island of Fortnite, the mech came under heavy fire from IO tanks and fearsome Fortnite mechanics, and a powerful blast from IO’s mole digging HQ. The bear’s heroic mechanism responded, and opened its own superweapon from its chest. Everything seemed to be going well until IO’s airships showed up — then it was the fan-favorite Billy’s turn to drive in and save the day with a Popeye spinach-canister oil tanker filled with healing Slurp to restore the mechanism and reboot its charge.

However, things were not simple. Just as the mech was about to cut through the IO’s superweapon with a laser sword, it was sunk by underground mines – and the gameplay shifted from first-person shooter to third-person action. In a hole near the superweapon, IO head Dr. Sloan – who has been causing problems for players for at least a year – has sat between you and your target. With Jones and a foundation, I distract Slone while the mechanic seems to have finished Slone for good (finally!) with a fun punch.

But there is always a bigger fish. Geno — the name was first verified over a year ago, and appears to be the founder of IO — is glimpsed by its Zero Point silhouette spanning across the multiverse. (So ​​was Star Wars’ Darth Vader, who looks likely to have an unlockable skin next season.) The event wraps up headed by Jones and the Gino Foundation and they share a nice fist, after their many adventures in the past year.

The Foundation and Jones take a look at the Geno.

It all leads to Fortnite’s current “To Be Continued…” screen, which is based on a snapshot of some strange-looking mushrooms while lo-fi music plays in the background.

Fortnite is expected to return online with Chapter 3 of Season 3 sometime later today (Sunday, June 5). Already, Epic Games has yet to tease out some of its “lively” looks.

Follow the Fortnite live stream.

For my money, this was one of Fortnite’s best story events, capturing the stories of several key characters from the game’s past year. I was afraid the stakes might mean that at least one of the heroes might not make it, although I wish there was more of a decisive ending to Slone and IO. We will have to see how things turn out next season.

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