The performance of the Internet in the corporate environment is not satisfactory, and the use of the cloud can be a solution In the industrial age 4.0, the Internet has become the backbone of the company’s operations. Thanks to the Internet, almost every device in business processes is connected to each other.

According to research conducted by the data company of the American (American) International Data Corporation (IDC), the number of devices that will be connected to the Internet in 2025 is expected to reach 55 billion. The breakdown is about 41 billion devices based on The Internet of things (IoT) and 14 billion non-IoT.

IDC also anticipates that businesses that rely on internet connectivity services will grow significantly compared to today.

Still based on the same research, 80 percent of new revenue sources will come from digital services in 2023. These digital services will be built using cloud environment And it’s more complicated.

Although it is expected to see growth, IDC still finds companies having problems getting online. Up to 62 percent of IT companies report that the performance of the WiFi network system they are using is unsatisfactory.

In addition to the network, most digital service companies still use traditional infrastructure and networks. The number reaches 70 percent of the total number of digital companies.

Problematic WiFi system, infrastructure, and traditional network can all hamper the growth of a company’s business. If it is not improved immediately, the company may lose out in competition with other companies that have implemented the latest technology.

Required update

To overcome the network system that OutdatedCompanies need to make a number of updates. In network and infrastructure engineering, for example, companies must at least be able to meet minimum ideal standards in order for workers to be satisfied and increase productivity.

These standards are a secure and reliable wireless connection, a network that can be accessed from anywhere and is not dependent on physical location and device management can be done from anywhere. Cloud Not from the device End pointas well as intelligence data that can be used to improve and identify faults.

The network can be updated by companies that have services Cloud The latest technology, such as CloudCampus 3.0 from the Chinese technology company Huawei.

CloudCampus 3.0 is equipped with WiFi 6 technology and has speeds of up to 100 megabytes per second (Mbps). WiFi 6 itself is The next generation wireless standard Faster than the previous generation.

WiFi 6’s performance in reaching dense and wide areas, such as stadiums or office areas, is also claimed to be the best.

Not only that, Huawei has also included CloudCampus 3.0 with many other latest and capable technologies, such as Select a wide network program (SD-WAN) with capabilities Intelligent Traffic RoutingAnd the software knowledge network (SDN) automationBeside Operating and Maintenance (O&M) based Artificial intelligence (AI) to help find different problems in seconds.

With CloudCampus 3.0, companies can provide virtual experiences for users, create one jump to me CloudAs well as managing the system through it Cloud With a single platform via wide area network (worldwide network) local area network (LAN) and wireless LAN (WLAN) via SRv6.0

System Cloud It can also save OpEx by 50 percent, reduce Internet costs by 40 percent, and increase productivity by up to 40 percent. Not surprisingly, 90% of companies using CloudCampus 3.0 are satisfied with the system’s performance Cloud It is owned by Huawei.

The head of Huawei’s network field, Li Xing, said CloudCampus 3.0 is here as a solution to the increasingly growing Internet needs.

The speed of this cloud system is 100 Mbps and can be accessed everywhere, global network, service completes in just a few minutes. Most importantly, the ability to improve the use of applications in the company. With this solution, companies can quickly enter the era Cloudsaid Li Xing in a press release received by, Wednesday (6/8/2022).

Li Xing added, Huawei CloudCampus 3.0 is designed to help transform across all sectors. In this way, the company can gain a competitive advantage.

Companies can also take advantage of CloudCampus 3.0 to streamline business processes and develop innovative business models.

CloudCampus 3.0 can be used for 4K video conferencing and a relevant immersive experience Virtual Reality And the Augmented Reality. In addition, it can also be used to run latency sensitive applications, such as Automated guided vehicles (AGV) or Automated visual inspection (AOI) in the medical field and operating applications related to the Internet of Things,” said Li Xing.

effective solution

The China Construction Bank (CCB) felt the benefits of CloudCampus 3.0. CCB uses CloudCampus 3.0 assistance in integrating services Online And the Offline online-for him. Thanks to this system, the labor productivity of the CCB has also increased.

Performance improvements can be obtained with WAN, SD-WAN, 5G and Bandwidth Which is great for web streaming in a corporate environment.

Aside from the CCB, the reliability of CloudCampus 3.0 is also felt by the Argentine football club, River Plate. River Plate has integrated CloudCampus 3.0 equipped with AirEngine WiFi 6 at the Estadio Monumental.

By integrating NCE-CampusInsight interface optimization, iMaster technology, network analysis and wireless network solutions, Estadio Monumental Stadium is able to provide fans with benefits and convenience.

For example, a club can provide information and promotions to more than 70,000 fans online At present and encourage them to make purchases via the mobile phone.

With the implementation of CloudCampus 3.0, the stadium that belongs to River Plate has also been upgraded into a global sports arena.

AirEngine WiFi 6 can be made reliable in providing internet in wide areas as Estadio Monumental thanks to its high synchronization ability and Bandwidth big he has. It is able to improve user experience in scenarios High density.

Another positive response came from the German furniture company Songcomics. According to them, CloudCampus 3.0 is very useful for making smart manufacturing systems.

Notably, Songcomis uses CloudCampus 3.0 in a facility of more than 20,000 square meters. In such a large facility, Huawei has also added smart antenna technology so that all facilities in the area can access WiFi 6 with low latency.

In addition, Huawei has also included the Huawei AirEngine equipped with Radio frequency identification (RFID), Bluetooth, ZigBee, and IoT-based applications to improve asset management.

As a result, production activities are smooth and trouble-free. In fact, Songcomis is able to cut production costs by up to 10 percent because the cost of replacing a device every year goes down.

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