The alleged cawe-cawe of the guardian’s child in a village internet project in south-central Timor

TEMPO.COAnd Kupang The village internet purchase project in the South Central Timor Regency (TTS), Nusa Tenggara Timor (NTT), is suspected of having problems. The project, which allegedly cost the village government 797.7 million rupees, has been handled at the TTS Public Prosecutor’s Office. “PT Telkom installed the Mangoesky without my knowledge,” said Beluto Village Chief Misak Mela, TTS, in his office, on September 2, 2021.

Beluto village is one of 77 villages in south-central Timor that were asked to participate in a village internet program using a device called Mangoesky in August 2020. Along the way, the process of installing the device was fraught with obstacles. Aside from being majestic, this show allegedly featured Anita Tahun’s daughter, TTS Crown Prince Egusem Piether Tahun.

In addition, state losses arise due to payments for the installation of Internet equipment using the village revenue and expenditure budget (APBDes) without going through village consultations. All of these findings were contained in an audit by the South Central Timor Regency Government’s Inspection Department issued on May 5, 2021. “The Mangoesky Village Internet Program is absorbed into APBDes, but without village consultations and has the potential to harm government and village communities,” the document states.

As a result of non-compliance with the rules, the installation of the Internet in a number of areas became useless. The village of Belotto, for example, has never used the device called Mangoesky. All equipment is stored only in the drawer of the village chief’s desk. Likewise, the satellite dish used to pick up the signal looks dusty behind the desk. “This is not in the RAPBDes of the Village Internet. Where do we want to pay the stake with money?” Mesak Milla said.

The same case occurred in the village of Boentuka, which is about 16 kilometers from the village of Belotto. The village’s Internet platter is still intact next to the village office. However, the Munjeski modem stored in the village office was removed by the local village machine.

Boentuka is one of the villages that has signed a cooperation agreement to install the Village Internet with PT Telkom. The cost was 36.8 million rupees. However, the village cannot pay the monthly quota fee. “For us, this program is included in the APBDes. However, on the way, I feel lost due to the exorbitant payments, which are not worth the results,” said Boentuka Village Chief, April.

The chaos of the internet program started in the village at the invitation of the South Central Timorese Regency government on December 16, 2019. The event actually included the signing of a collaboration between village officials and PT Telkom to install internet in their areas. Some village chiefs refused, including miles. “We were shocked. I was represented by my staff and refused to sign,” Mesak Mila said.

In addition to the potential loss to the state, the TTS Inspection Authority stated that out of the 77 villages that signed a cooperation agreement with PT Telkom, 22 have paid installation fees of 36.8 million rupees. As a result of the program being out of planning, the village chiefs Use the 2020 APBDes budget without delving into deliberations.

Unfortunately, not all villages can operate the Internet device called Mangoesky. Most of them are broken. “We are only working for two days, because the credit is running out, so we will have to wait again next month,” Beontuka Village Chief said in April.

The results of this audit were then submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office for the South Central Timor District. “We have reported this case to the Attorney General’s Office for follow-up,” said Alfred Bown, president of the People’s Alliance Against Corruption (ARAXY).

The Attorney General’s Office followed up on this report by collecting data and information from village chiefs, PT Telkom management and local government officials. “We have examined 77 village chiefs and the head of the Village Community Development Service,” said the head of the South Central Timor-Kijari Intelligence Department, Hirianto.

It was reported from the results of the examination that there was an alleged involvement of the child of the ruler of South Central Timor, Igosum Peter Tahun, named Anita Tahun. The Public Prosecutor’s Office also questioned Anita Tahon. Anita’s name appeared in the testimony of the village chief of Boyantuka, April.

Apris paid the internet installation fee at the PT Telkom office through Anita. It is assumed that the same pattern applies to all village chiefs. “The son of the Regent (Anita Tahon) has been checked. She is an unofficial employee of PT Telkom who lives in Soe (the capital of TTS). She only helps PT Telkom in coordinating with the village chiefs and the TTS Regency government. Even during field activities, Anita Tahon was accompanied by the officers. Besides, he doesn’t accept it Outlay from Telkom,” Heryanto said.

Anti-climate investigation. The Public Prosecutor’s Office suspended the case after coordinating with the Inspectorate and the police. One of the reasons is that PT Telkom has returned all the village money issued for the installation of internet devices amounting to Rs 797,747,000, according to the results.

PT Telkom PR for NTT District, Maya, declined to respond to the chaos of this project. According to him, all the results of the inspection of the inspectorate as well as the examination of Kejari Soe are clear. Moreover, PT Telkom complied with the request of the inspection body.

“We have returned the installation and equipment rental fees to 22 villages by direct transfer to the village treasury account, and we can then confirm with the inspectorate and the prosecutor’s office for a more comprehensive explanation,” Maya said.

Regent Igosum Peter Tahun in south-central Timor said the internet case in the village was closed after the inspectorate coordinated with the police and the public prosecutor’s office. He confirmed that his daughter, Anita Tahoun, was involved in this case.

Egusem also confirmed the status of his son who works at PT Telkom. “Nita is an employee of PT Telkom and lives in Soe, and her job is to deal with communication issues, so Nita at the time was tasked with taking deposits from village chiefs and then handing them over to Telkom,” he said by phone on September 16, 2021.

Since the internet issue began in the village, Egosem admitted that he asked his son to leave PT Telkom so that it would not be the subject of public debate. “I asked him to stop so that he wouldn’t be the subject of people talking, and he also quit BT Telecom,” he said.


This article is the product of the collaboration of a number of media professionals at the Investigative Journalists Club of East Nusa Tenggara (KJI).
Covering team:
Yohanes Seo (Tempo), Mutiara Malehere (Victory News), Simron Y. Sanu (, Imran Liarian (Timor Express), Gemi (Undana anti-corruption activist)

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