Texas Election Results: Rep. Cuellar leads Cisneros by 177 votes in the Democratic primary

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re \ come back. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas’ 28th District, leads primary contestant Jessica Cisneros by just 177 votes in a run-off after votes were counted on Tuesday.

Cuellar, who has served in Congress since 2005, declared victory early Wednesday morning.

“Tonight, the 28th District of Congress spoke, and we watched our great democratic system in action,” Cuellar said in a statement. “The results are out, all the votes have been counted – I am honored to be re-elected again as a Democratic candidate for Congress.”

However, the left-leaning Cisneros was not willing to compromise.

Primaries in Georgia, Alabama, Ronoff in Texas

“This election is still very close and we are still waiting for every ballot paper and every eligible vote to be counted,” Cisneros wrote on Twitter. “This battle is not over yet.”

For now, Cisneros is right, as mailed ballots that were stamped by Tuesday can still be counted if they’re delivered to county officials by 5 p.m. Wednesday. Plus, the small margin means Cisneros can petition for a recount.

Cuellar, the incumbent, told reporters he was ready.

Dems Cuellar, Cisneros Head to Ranov’s Texas American Home Elementary

“I know what a recount is in an election contest,” he was quoted as saying by the Texas Tribune. “We have very good lawyers, and if we need to, we will defend our election victory.”

Cuellar himself used a recount to take office in the first place. After coming with less than 150 votes to the incumbent Cerro Rodriguez in 2004, after a recount he got 58 votes.

Jessica Cisneros meets her opponent, the US Representative. Henry Cuellar, first on the campaign trail at Citrus Parade in Mission, Texas, Jan. 25, 2020.
(Reuters/Veronica Cardenas)

The race between Cuellar and Cisneros gained attention after a leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion called Roe v. It was overturned, placing abortion rights in the hands of individual states rather than recognizing the practice as a constitutional right.

Cuellar is the only pro-life Democrat in the House of Representatives, and others in his party have hounded him for the matter. It also has a positive rating from the National Rifle Association, although in recent years it has called for a stronger background check system for gun purchases.

re \ come back. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y. , the Democratic establishment for its support of Cuellar despite these attitudes, particularly given concern about abortion rights and Tuesday’s school shooting in Texas mother Cuellar.

“On the day of the mass shooting and weeks after news of Rowe, the Democratic leadership rallied for the incumbent to be a pro-NRA and anti-choice under investigation in the upcoming primaries,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter. “Robot calls, fundraisers, all of that. Accountability is not partisan. This was a miserable failure of leadership.”

She added: “Congress should not be an incumbent protection factor and unfortunately it is treated in this way to a very high degree.”


The investigation Ocasio-Cortez referred to included the FBI’s raid on Cuellar’s home and office earlier this year. Cuellar’s attorney told Fox News that the Justice Department assured Cuellar that he was not the target of the investigation.

Cuellar previously defeated Cisneros in a close contest in the 2020 Democratic primary.

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