Strength Ranking: RBC Canadian Open

Rooking PGA TOUR players Cameron Young, Mito Pereira and Davis Riley will be among the notables reviewed for Draws and Fades.

If there were any straight roads in Boston, it would be The Country Club just three miles from Fenway Park. In fact, it could be a good route for passionate sports fans as the Red Sox kicked off a nine-game home run this week. Another two miles out of town – again, just when the crowd is flying – the Celtics will host Game Six of the NBA Finals Thursday night. Therefore, since it is the holiday of the Auckland Athletics Games, one can attend all three competitions on Thursday alone, pending the availability of tickets of course.

Boston sports fans are notorious for their fervent support…and criticism. All on their own, they bring to life the good, the bad and the ugly reason to allow ourselves to fall in love with sports. The US Open doesn’t come around very often, so it’s the best problem for those who plan to take part in at least two of these endeavours. However, once someone enters The Country Club, there will likely be a burning desire to stay. The 70’s 7,264-yard Arrow measures the senses visually, so you can only imagine how it handles the 156’s sensibilities on the field.

The primary step in restoring Hanse’s and Wagner was the removal of trees. As a result, spectacular vistas have replaced the classic tree-lined memories of the 1988 US Open and the 1999 Ryder Cup. The 2013 US Amateur competition is the latest notable competition contested here. Matt Fitzpatrick prevailed, Corey Connors was in the semi-finals, Scotty Scheffler was in the quarter-finals, and Xander Shaveli and Patrick Rodgers reached the round of 16 that week. All and many of those who applied to match play returned this week.

There is always an inverse relationship between trees and escape opportunities, but the new elbow room will often discourage drivers. The combination of triple sight lines with the usual rough tires off the tees, dangerous Poa-bentgrass green protection and laying surfaces that average less than 4,440 square feet will force most of them to play target golf. The greens range from 3,222 square feet on the popular 17th hole par-4 to 6,556 square feet at par 3 on the sixth.

In general, conditions are typical of mid-June in these climates, meaning that much of tomorrow will not be like today. After pedestrians open, the risk of inclusion creeps into the weather sometime until Friday, and possibly later in the day. It will be warm and humid. There is another chance of rain on Saturday when during the day the summit does not touch 75 degrees. You’ll be dropping further at the end for what should be a great finale. Wind can be a factor all the time, especially with excess power.

The US Open is often defined as the tournament that determines the best golfer, but it’s possible that The Country Club has featured one of the best golfers in recent times. Confidence off the tee sets the theme, while precision in the approach pays off, but the usually fine line between parity and stealth is most evident at the US Open. Because of the challenge, not only will the result be acceptable but there will be some good ghosting.

Chances are the champ has cooked up a recipe that’s dominated by one part course management and two parts patience. Relying on others to make more mistakes is the secret sauce.

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