Street. Lewis Cardinals’ pitcher Miles Micholas loses harmlessly at nine and “kinda stinks to not finish”

Street. Lewis – Miles Mikulas fell by one hit less than a hit to Saint. The Lewis Cardinals against the Pittsburgh Pirates when Cal Mitchell doubled by two in the ninth inning Tuesday night.

Mitchell drove a 2-2 curve ball over the head of Gold Glove heart player Harrison Bader. The ball rebounded on the warning track 383 feet from the home plate and over the wall in the immediate center to double the floor base.

“The curve ball was good all day, and I probably tried to knock it down a bit,” Micholas said of the blow during his on-court interview. “I let it go for a bit. The guy did a really good swing. This guy carried on.”

The hit on pitch 129 came from Mikulas, the highest of his career. It was lifted immediately afterwards for Bucky Naughton, who finished off a 9-1 win over the Pirates in Game Two with two heads.

“I’m in the best shape of my life, so there’s no problem for me. That’s what beginners train on all year,” Mikolas said of his 100 pitches. “Going the distance is always the goal.”

After Mitchell doubled down, Micholas stood on the back of the heap and looked up at the sky like a saint. Louis’ manager Oliver Marmol came out of the bunker to take his place. Micholas received a standing ovation upon his exit. He walked with his head down, but looked at the crowd as he approached the steps of the dugout, and at last he raised his hat.

“Everyone in this dugout wanted it to be so bad for him,” Marmol said of Mikulas, who has struggled with injuries his entire career. “There’s a lot of tenacity in that story. To see him do what he’s doing this year, it says a lot about his character.”

Micholas hit six walked and one walked. Pittsburgh scored an unearned run in the fourth inning to make it 7-1 when Brian Reynolds scored a Daniel Vogelbach goal.

Reynolds led the game and made it to second base when left-footed Juan Ypez slipped into a volley for a foul. Reynolds advanced to third on the ground.

The second Cardinals stopped Nolan Gorman diving in the fourth and lopsided a mid-diamond throw in the sixth to prevent potential hits.

Mikulas worked out a 7th 1-2-3 assisted by a beautiful catch by Bader at the center field fence on a Jack Swinsky engine. Pittsburgh is also ranked eighth.

“It’s a smelly thing to not finish that,” Micholas said of someone who doesn’t spank. “I mean, I don’t have friends yet, and I have friends who have one. It was nice to join that conversation.” “But I can’t say enough about our defense. We were everywhere we should be, and we’ve been playing great games throughout the game. I feel like I let them down after all that defense I got.”

Rookie Bud Smith threw his latest player against the Cardinals in a 4-0 win over San Diego on September 9. 3, 2001. Nearly 21 years later, Mikolas has been in the spotlight for a similar reason, although he did not enjoy the silent treatment he was receiving.

“I kind of don’t like it,” he said. “I always try to talk to people during the game. It kind of stinks when no one wants to talk to me.”

Mikulas has been trying to win third place in the top business this season. Taylor Miguel and four of the New York Mets’ reducers met for one on April 29 against Philadelphia. The Los Angeles Angels’ rookie Red Detimers threw one against Tampa Bay on May 10.

Street. Lewis won the opening match of the day and night double match 3-1. The Cardinal has now won three in a row, crosses 10 .500 games (37-27), and plays 2.5 games off the field in the National Central League.

“It’s winning baseball,” Marmol said. “These guys, in every aspect of it, play really good baseball.” “There are so many impressive little things going on.”

Pittsburgh lost nine in a row.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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