Stranger Things: 5 Important Questions We Have After Season 4 Part 1

This post contains spoilers for Stranger Things. Verify Season 4 review If you haven’t seen it yet!

oddly (wink wink), Season 4 of Stranger Things didn’t end with as much suspense as expected. There are a lot of open plots, sure, but Episode 7 pretty much felt like a natural stopping point for the season. Eleven is back in power, and we know all there is to know about Vecna ​​(spoiler alert: he’s the long lost one and the son of Victor Creel). There are a lot of complex timeline elements at play with these two plot points, but the gist is this: Eleven was blocking out huge chunks of her past; Dr. Brenner spasms her back in a tank of sensory deprivation for the time being so that she will remember (and thus regain the use of her strength); She returns to her fight with one after he betrays her and kills everyone else; Just as she is about to lose, Eleven accidentally opens a portal to the Upside Down and knocks One in, eventually creating Vecna.

Whether the neat little arcs in these two stories will be in favor of the show when the last two long episodes of Part Two haven’t been seen yet in July. In the meantime, we still have some burning questions as the show enters a small gap.

How do Joyce, Huber and Murray return to America?

When our daring heroes leave us at the end of Season 4, Part 1 (no, it’s never going to be fun), Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Murray (Brett Gilman) successfully reunite with Hopper (David Harbor) after the seven-episode stretch to try to save him from the Russian gulag. There’s a very nice long hug as Hopper hopes to realize that all the “I’m damned” bullshit and gloom bullshit was just one thing, but the three face a new challenge now that they’re reunited: How are they going back to America?

Joyce and Murray crash Yuri (Nicola Dgorico)’s plane while trying to escape, and despite provoking an unlikely friendship with Hopper, he seems unlikely to help Dmitri (Tom and Lachiha) in light of his fear that his children will classify him as a traitor.

Is Steve going to turn into a bat?

Steve (Joe Kerry) finds himself face to face with some staged people at the end of Episode 6. We take a closer look at the festering wound before Nancy (Natalia Dyer) can join it to stop the bleeding. Given the looks of things, it seems likely that blood loss won’t be the biggest problem facing the babysitter on Stranger Things. Then again, we only get a brief glimpse of his injuries while on the Upside Down. Maybe they’ll have normal, non-festering demobat bites now that they’re back in the top version of Hawkins.

Is Vecna ​​just, like… Bored of Max now? Why is he still stalking her?

Well, thanks to Nancy and Robin (Maya Hawke)’s investigation into Victor Creel (Robert Englund), we know that music helps prevent Vicna. Dusty (Gaten Matarazzo) uses this before the creature can turn Max (Sadie Sink) into a human origami like his other victims, but there are no further attempts by Vecna ​​after they initially rescue their friend. Whats the deal with that?

We see Max put on his headphones periodically during the rest of the season, but it seems odd that we don’t see the big bad try coming for it again? What kind of villain doesn’t make it his mission to get rid of the one who ran away? It seems especially out of character given what we know about Vecna’s origins after the end.

What do you want Vicna?

Vecna’s curious lack of follow-up leads us to the next question: What exactly does he want? We know he has daddy and daddy issues and eventually decided that humanity had to go, but what’s his end? Is he creating a treasure trove of crunchy henchmen (with knuckles less than useful now that he’s mutilated them) with the intent of taking over Hawkins? We got some hints about his cult tendencies from a DnD session at Hellfire Club earlier in the season. But the deep dark hole where he and his spiders can thrive seems exactly where a villain like Vecna ​​wants to hang out, so escaping seems like an odd motive, and he’s definitely not looking for any friends. Strong “What do you want?!” Energy, Vecna.

When do we break free from the hell love triangle with Steve / Nancy / Jonathan?

Love triangles are always stressful, but do you know what we don’t need for filler season? You guessed it! love triangle. Why are we here? What do we do? Why are we doing this? Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and Nancy reach a complicated stage in their relationship, which is the impetus for the two remaining separated throughout the first part of Season 4, but those struggles would have been more than enough on their own. Adding Steve again as “she’ll go back to the lowest point in her life” for Nancy is an odd addition to a very long season that we hope will be resolved sooner rather than later in Part 2.

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