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Scott Disick, 39, keeps writing her off in the love department. After dating a british model Rebecca Donaldson27, for about two months, Hollywood Live I just found out that they recently broke up! A source close to Scott told us that “Scott and Rebecca finished, and it was Rebecca who ended it,” adding, “There are no hard feelings or drama, and it didn’t end in a bad way.” So, what made the gorgeous brunette call it quit with the Lord?

According to our source, the fact that Scott was still having a hard time accepting that his ex-wife, Kourtney Kardashian43 years old, was getting married Travis Parker46. “Rebecca told Scott that he wouldn’t be able to get serious with anyone until he got past Kourtney and that she needed to move on. Falling into his world wasn’t what she wanted. One of our insiders said that Scott understood where she came from and he respects her for being honest. with him.

As fans know, Scott and Rebecca haven’t been spotted together in over a month – the last time they were seen together was when they were basking in the sun in Miami, Florida. However, he was recently spotted again with another beautiful female – 23 years old Too hot to handle stars holly scarf. But those close to Scott feel that maybe it’s time to take a break from dating and focus only on himself.

Scott Disick Rebecca Donaldson
Scott Disick brings model Rebecca Donaldson for an appointment to the premiere of The Kardashians in Los Angeles on April 7, 2022. (Stewart Cook / PictureGroup for Hulu / Shutterstock)

“Scott’s close associates think his way of trying to fill the void Kourtney left with another woman, followed by another woman, isn’t the best for him,” the source told us. “All of his friends loved Rebecca because she was different from his usual type. But everyone thinks that Scott has to be celibate now for a while to see who he is. That would be good for him at the moment.”

A separate source echoed the feelings of the other. “Scott is all over the place when it comes to women. It’s a problem that things didn’t work out for him and Rebecca, but no one was shocked. It’s not a big heartbreak for him because, the truth is, he doesn’t really give his heart to any of these women. He always keeps a wall to protect Himself. Although the family really wants him to find a strong partner, someone is pushing him towards it. The bright side is that he has a lot of time to spend with his kids and they adore being with their dad.”

Before Dating Rebecca – Who Brought Him In As His Date Kardashians L.A. Premiere April 7 – Scott has dated a bevy of women. After breaking up with Kourtney, whom he shares with children Mason12, Penelope9, ruling era 7 years old, Scott was in a serious relationship with Sophia Ricci23, 2017 to 2020. After their breakup, date Amelia Hamlin20, for a year before things fizzled out between the two in 2021.

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