Scores, bracket and live updates from Dodger Stadium

It’s time for the 2022 Home All-Star Derby! Some of the biggest names in the sport are in Hollywood, targeting the stands of Dodger Stadium.

Top derby derby champion Pete Alonso. How do the rest of the Home Run King stack up? Can anyone take the belt off a Mets slugger known as a “polar bear”?

This is your one-stop shop for everything related to the Home Run Derby, from round-by-round results to live updates to pre-derby predictions and drawn from ESPN MLB experts Alden Gonzalez, Buster Olney, Jeff Passan and David Schoenfield.

Let the fun begin!

hours: T-Mobile Home Run Derby on ESPN (8 p.m. ET)

MLB All-Star Home Run Derby Arch

(1) Kyle Schwarber vs. (8) Albert Pujols

(4) Juan Soto vs. (5) Jose Ramirez

(6) Julio Rodriguez vs. (3) Cory Seger

(7) Ronald Acuna, Jr. against. (2) Pete Alonso

round 1

Julio Rodriguez (32 home rounds) defeats Cory Seeger (24 home matches)

Ronald Acuna Jr. (19 home games) vs. Alonso’s house

Live updates

Great Seattle praises J-Rod

By defeating Seager, Rodriguez became the first Mariner to advance to the semi-finals of the Derby since Ken Grevey Jr. in 1998. Guess who’s on the scene today: the same kid. Griffe’s tip: “Julio Julio.”

Rodriguez comes out of the hot gate

Nervous rookie? Not for Julio Rodriguez. The 21-year-old phenom compiled one of the most impressive runs in Home Run Derby history, finishing 32 on home runs. He started hitting a series of high fly balls that scraped over the fence, moved on to some low screech liners that cleared the fence, and then started hitting a few that cleared the entire dang stadium.

We lost once, but the message was sent: Julio is coming for your crown, Pete Alonso.

We are in full swing!

The 2022 MLB All-Star Home Run begins at Mariners Julio Rodriguez in Los Angeles.

Pre-Derby Predictions

Who will win the Home Run Derby and who will win the final?

Gonzalez: Soto wasn’t happy to be thrown into trade rumors just before the All-Star break, and this is the perfect place for the game’s top hitter to channel his fury. Soto has been hot this month and will knock out Pete Alonso in the finals. He will do this by hitting a group of corresponding reptiles as well.

Olney: Soto will come face-to-face with Alonso, and he will be like Ali Frazier, with Soto barely outsmarting the defending champion.

pass: Alonso of course. He is the most prolific running hitter on the planet. He knows how to win the derby, and he sees as he did the last two times. His toughest test may come in the first round against Akuna, but they’ve faced each other before, in 2019, and the polar bear topped the list. He’ll do it again this year, frustrating NL East Soto’s opponent in the Finals.

Schoenefeld: It’s the year of the sailors! Rodriguez was on fire, not lacking in confidence. He’ll hit a bunch of low lasers in the center-left stands, and like Alonso in 2019, he’ll win it as a rookie – Alonso goes out in the semi-finals and Schwarber in the final.

Who will hit the longest distance on home soil at night and how far?

Gonzalez: Acuna is averaging 437 feet per home race this season, the longest in the majors. Dating back to his rookie year in 2018, he’s hit 13 home runs at 450 feet or more, second only to CJ Cron – although he lost major time with an AFC Champions League rupture. Three years ago, Acuna resumed all areas, production beautiful spray scheme, but lost to Alonso in the second round. If he decides to be happy this year, he will vacate Dodger Stadium a few times. One may reach up to 510 feet.

Olney: Alonso will hit Homer 512 feet tall, stimulating the conversation about a squeezed ball.

pass: Soto’s awesome power is so free, so easy, that one takes it for granted. In an event like the Home Run Derby, home runs counts more than distance when it comes to winning the event, but not hearts and minds. We want to see tanks. We want to see balls that don’t stop flying. We want to see Soto hit a 515-foot ball, and we’ll do that.

Schoenefeld: There were only five runs at Dodger Stadium during an action game – two by Willie Stargill and one each by Mark McGuire, Mike Piazza and Giancarlo Stanton. The tallest was a Stargell model estimated at 506 feet. Not only will we see a few fly-aways off the field during the competition, we’ll see a pair longer than the 506. And the tallest: Schwarber will smash 522 feet at home.

Albert Pujols is participating in his last home derby tonight, what are your expectations for the 42-year-old?

Gonzalez: He shocked everyone by defeating Schwarber, the captain of the NL team, in the first round. Don’t underestimate Pujols’ pride and competitiveness. It wasn’t, well, Albert Pujols, because his paddle speed was no longer fast enough to adapt to the cartoonish speeds of today’s game; It has nothing to do with his brute strength. He knows the event, having participated in his first timed derby in 2015, and Soto will be the one to eliminate him quickly in the second round.

Olney: He will get the second biggest applause of the night, and all the players will surround him to congratulate him after an impressive first round. But he won’t survive a really tough showdown against Schwarber.

pass: He’ll do better than expected, which is to say his first-round match against Schwarber isn’t going to end with Schwarber still a minute-plus on the clock. Pujols are too competitive, and too proud, to allow this. But in the end, he’ll get the respect for being the first-ranked pusher…but not the W he desires.

Schoenefeld: one and finished. I mean, nobody is on their own land. He’ll break scores in the first round, but Schwarber will kick him out.

What moment will we all be talking about long after this HR derby is over?

Gonzalez: The final round. Soto vs Alonso. Two competitors in the band go to him. The pure best hitter of this generation against one of the most famous derby rivals ever, in last year’s semi-final rematch from Coors Field. It was mostly a coincidence that Soto and Alonso ended up on the opposite sides of this year’s arc, and it will ultimately result in one of the most exciting runs this event has ever produced.

Olney: Soto confuses and drops his racket after placing a high number on the championship round.

pass: Alonso and Rodriguez’s semi-final match will be everything: King vs. Miracle, Thunder Right Vs. Right thunder, the coronation can be vs. A national party is coming up. While Rodriguez might infuriate the crowd for ousting the longtime elusive Seager in the first round, he would win them back with a bid in the next round… only to be frustrated by the champ not yet ready to give it up. his crown

Schoenefeld: What about the passage of the torch? Rodriguez was six months old when the Pujols made his first All-Star Game in 2001. And now we have the next big game star in center stage. They won’t face each other unless they meet in the final, but I’m sure at some point we’ll get to hug Pujols Rodriguez – generation to generation.

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