Rocket Rumors/MAFS: Gordon, Schroeder, Wood Trade, Benson

The missiles Fixed in the price they ask to pick the first round in exchange for Christian Wood And got the twenty-sixth selection after agreeing to trade with Mavericksaccording to Bleacher’s Jake Fisher reporting (Twitter link). Sources told Fisher that Houston’s asking price remains the same Eric Gordonwith the team looking for another senior manager.

Gordon was a producer for the Rebuild Club in 2021/22, averaging 13.4 points, 2 rebounds and 2.7 assists in .475/.412/.778 shots in 57 games, including 46 starts (29.3 minutes). Although his points per game were tied to a low career, the veteran shooter scored the best real shot percentage of his career at 61.4%.

The 33-year-old is basically on an expired contract worth $19.57 million on 22/23, as his $20.92 million figure for the year 23/24 is not guaranteed.

Here’s more on The Rockets and Mavs:

  • As noted by Keith Smith of Spotrac (Via Twitter), if the Rockets keep all of their picks in the first round (3rd, 17th, 26th), they will have 19 players on contract at 22/23, so Houston will have to make extra moves to get to 15 before the next seasons. Smith also notes that Dennis Schroeder And the Bruno Fernando You will likely be out of the picture due to the crunch of the list. While this is an assumption on Smith’s part rather than a report, his reasoning certainly makes sense, as no player believes he is in the team’s long-term plans. Schroeder is an unrestricted free agent this summer, while Fernando could be tied down if Houston made him a qualifying bid of $2.2 million, which seems highly unlikely at this point.
  • In the trade detail video, ESPN’s Bobby Marks said that Rockets will generate a $4 million trade exception as part of the deal. The Athletic’s Zach Harper rated the swap, giving the Mavs a B-plus and the Rockets a B.
  • Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle says:Via Twitter) that Wood’s character concerns were exaggerated, calling him “the man standing in for an incredibly difficult period of two seasons.” Feigen believes Wood will “thriving” in Dallas.
  • The timing of the trade was interesting, according to ESPN’s Jonathan Givoni (Twitter link), who notices that Paulo Banchero He trained with the Rockets earlier in the day and then the team decided to trade a junior big guy to Wood. Banchero is widely expected to take third place overall for Houston.
  • The four-for-one swap creates an unexpected amount of roster room for the Mavs, league sources say to Mark Stein (Via Twitter) which – which Theo Benson It is “highly expected” that a record deal will be re-signed. Pinson was seen as the Mavs’ unofficial ringleader on the bench that earned the team $175,000 in fines during the playoffs for “fitness” violations. Stein reported a few weeks ago that Dallas wanted to keep Pinson, who is no longer eligible for a two-way contract after gaining four years of experience in the NBA.
  • One of the top priorities for Dallas entering the free agency is to have a winger capable of receiving rotation minutes in the playoffs, Tweets The MacMahon team of ESPN. The Mavs will be a luxury tax team on 22/23, so their main tool for signing a free agent will be the mid-tier taxpayer exception, which is expected to be worth $6,392,000.

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