Oppo Reno 8 phone specifications with a battery that lasts 105 hours!

Koranpangkep.co.id – Oppo Reno 8 is a new series of well-known smartphones that we all know. The Oppo brand itself launched several previous smartphone series with different specifications.

Oppo is a Chinese mobile electronics and communications company. Competitiveness in the cellular electronics market indicates that Oppo has a good image and quality.

This competitiveness is also supported by the product specifications, especially the Oppo Reno 8 that will be discussed this time. High quality and low prices are definitely a goal for anyone looking for a smartphone.

What are the features and specifications of this new smartphone? And most importantly, is the offered price appropriate? Read on for this helpful article about the Oppo Reno 8 to know more.

About us

About us

Good news from mobile technology company Oppo. The latest model released by Oppo is the Oppo Reno 8 series.

This latest series is a series developed back by Oppo from the previous Oppo Reno series. Every mobile phone model is released every year, like Oppo’s version of Reno 6 released in 2021.

Likewise, the Oppo Reno 8, which was just launched in May 2022. The differences between the previous series and the one that just appeared on the market has many differences.

These differences keep Oppo in constant demand due to its development that adapts to the needs of society. Regarding Oppo itself, Oppo is a tech company that manufactures different types of products, namely mobile phones.

Oppo itself is included in one of the major technology companies that are still widely sold in the market. Oppo’s evolution that is always updating and adapting to the needs of society makes it still to compete with many other mobile carriers.

Mobile phones designed by Oppo prioritize people’s comfort and aesthetics when in use.

The colors released by OPPO are also varied which makes the appearance of OPPO phone look very elegant. Many people are interested in the latest version of Oppo Reno 8.

Features in HP Oppo Reno 8

Features in HP Oppo Reno 8

Every technology, including mobile phones, always has the best features released. When buying a mobile phone, the main thing that is used as the main criterion is the available features.

The complexity of the features of a mobile phone makes people want to buy it right away. Of course, the main reason they are looking for is the advanced features recently released by Oppo Reno 8.

It is unacceptable that the Oppo Reno 8 offers a variety of advanced and unique features. The following features are owned by Oppo Reno 8 as an advantage:

1. NFC

Mobile phones are required to provide NFC features. Previously, NFC was an advanced feature that was useful for filling the balance of various electronic cards.

Especially, nowadays, many people need this NFC feature because they started switching to the cashless method when making payments.

This new smartphone from Oppo is already very good as it is also equipped with NFC technology. So that Oppo Reno 8 users do not need to fill out an electronic card at the supermarket or ATM. With the NFC feature alone, you can see how sophisticated this mobile is, right?

2. Oppo Reno 8 . Memory Variant

The memory offered by this phone has 3 different sizes. You can choose how much memory you need for your activities. If there are many activities that use cell phones, you can buy the bigger alternative.

The price set by the mobile phone series also adapts to the specified amount of internal memory. With 3 sizes of mobile memory available, this is useful for buyers who really want to buy a mobile phone with small memory.

3. Advanced Camera

The photo is a result obtained after shooting to remember every moment of life. Memories or activities that you want to document have good and clear results.

The Oppo Reno 8 releases a mobile phone that features a clear camera, so that the image results appear more clear. Oppo Reno 8’s camera can capture results from afar, without reducing resolution and image quality.

4. Fast battery charging

The evolution of the mobile phone can also be seen from the speed of the mobile phone when it is fully charged. Oppo Reno 8 itself already has the feature of fast charging, in a few moments, the mobile phone is fully charged.

Other cell phones have not fully enjoyed such features. You no longer need to wait long for your mobile phone battery to get full.

This fast charging feature is really essential so you don’t waste too much time waiting for the mobile phone battery to get full.

5. Long lasting battery

Cell phones are commonly used in everyday activities that are sometimes outdoors. For this reason, there is a need for a mobile phone that can last for a very long time without being recharged again.

Some people who are often outside or outdoors are not usually provided with a power outlet. So, one solution is to have a mobile phone with a battery capacity that can last for a very long time. So, you don’t have to worry if you don’t charge your mobile phone.

Oppo Reno 8 phone specifications

Oppo Reno 8 phone specifications

It is not rare now that everyone always needs his mobile phone to do different activities so that it requires good specifications.

Certainly, the specifications of the latest smartphone are very important because it will be used for a long period of time with different activities.

Smartphones with good specs will also support every activity performed online. With good specs, you can play or do something without any issues. So, here are the specifications of the Reno 8 series mobile phone:

mobile phone type PicsArt Mod Apk
phone dimensions Oppo Reno 8
Show 160.6 x 73.4 x 7.7 mm
the decision AMOLED 430 net
screen protection Corning Gorilla Glass 5
System Android 12
RAM 8GB/128GB, 8GB/256GB, 12GB/256GB
back camera Wide 50MP, Macro 2MP, Depth 2MP
front camera 32 mega pixels
Battery Type Fast charging, Li-Po 4500 mAh

With the above specifications, it is very clear that Oppo is very concerned about the quality of the smartphones it releases.

Screen protection is also created so that the mobile phone stays safe without fear of getting scratched due to the knowledge of frequent HP use in the future.

Oppo is also known for its camera that is very clear and good in image quality. Oppo camera this time there are 4 cameras consisting of 3 rear cameras where you can adjust them according to their use.

It is equipped with a selfie camera of no less quality. With the Oppo Reno 8, you can also capture videos in up to 4K resolution at 30 frames per second and at 1080p.

Not to worry, Oppo also maintains the privacy of mobile phone owners. Oppo complements this by planting a fingerprint sensor at the bottom. In addition to fingerprints, there are of course other ways to keep mobile privacy secure.

Comparison between Oppo Reno 8 and Oppo Reno 8 Pro

Comparison between Oppo Reno 8 and Oppo Reno 8 Pro

Oppo has released two variants of the same smartphone simultaneously with slightly different specifications. Oppo Reno 8 and Reno 8 Pro share a rectangular screen and camera.

For more details, here is a comparison between Oppo Reno 8 and Reno 8 Pro.

Information Renault 8 normal Renault 8 Pro
Monitor 6.4 inch AMOLED Panel 6.7 inch AMOLED screen
screen resolution Talk rate 90Hz Talk rate 120 Hz
camera Ultra Wide 8 MP and Macro 2 MP Main Camera 50 MP, Ultra Wide 8 MP, Macro 2 MP, and Selfie 32 MP
RAM / Storage 8 GB / 256 GB 8 GB / 256 GB, 12 GB / 256 GB

From this comparison, you can see the differences between the two. The offered price also varies depending on the specifications of each.

So keep in mind that the more complex the price will also be more expensive, although it can still be considered affordable.

The price of the phone Oppo Reno 8

The price of the phone Oppo Reno 8

It can be said that being one of the criteria and determinants of a product is quality or not. The price offered by the company can make the perception of consumers.

Oppo usually sells itself in a reasonable price range with high enough specification products. The Oppo Reno 8 is now being sold at a starting price of Rs 5.5 million for the 8GB/128GB variant.

The price is 5.9 million rupees for the 8 GB/256 GB type, and 6.5 million rupees for the 12 GB/256 GB type. Affordable price offered to get the advanced specs and full features of the latest Oppo smartphone.

For the availability of colors, there is no need to worry because the colors available are neutral colors and suitable for use by anyone.

The latest version of Oppo offers two color variants. The color variants are Glossy Black (Black) and Glossy Gold (Gold) for the regular Reno 8.

The last word

So this article is about the new smartphone series from Oppo. We hope this article was helpful, sorry if there is a delivery error. Stay tuned for other interesting informative articles!

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