Oppo A95 review, AMOLED display and battery are the main considerations

KOMPAS.com Marketing of Oppo’s latest A-Series phone, the A95, began in Indonesia in mid-November.

for several weeks, Compass Techno A chance to test your skills smart phone At a price of 4 million rupees.

During testing, we made this latest Oppo device, the flagship phone, also known as daily driver To support daily activities.

This means that we use the Oppo A95 to run various communication applications, such as WhatsApp, social media such as Instagram, and play games such as Mobile Legendsand so on.

Don’t forget, we had time to test our abilities hardware This phone with different applications Standards AnTuTU types, in addition to experiencing several essential features of this phone from NFC and IPX4 water resistance to a 5000 mAh battery.

So, what are the results of these tests? check alias reviews KompasTekno . Review For the following Oppo A95 phones.

relief screen

KOMPAS.com/Kevin Rizky Pratama Oppo A95 carries a 6.43-inch AMOLED display with FHD Plus resolution (1,080 x 2,400 pixels).

Oppo A95 is equipped with a 6.43-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of Full HD Plus (2,400 x 1,080 pixels) and brightness levels (brightness) 800 max nits.

in numbers brightness At this size, the various contents displayed on the screen can still be seen when used outdoors in hot sun conditions.

Additionally, since the panel is AMOLED, this phone’s display supports Always-On Display. This means that users do not need to unlock the device screen if they want to see the day or date information.

In terms of using experience, the screen of Oppo A95 is very wide, comfortable to use for watching, playing games, reading various articles on the internet and eBook.

This is possible thanks to the Eye Comfort feature that can evoke the display of colors on the screen to be more suitable for the eyes. This feature can be easily accessed through the Oppo A95 notification bar.

Although the satisfaction, comfort, ability refresh rate On this screen it’s still stuck at 60Hz. Thus, users who are already familiar with the screens refresh rate 90-120Hz You may feel uncomfortable when looking at the screen of Oppo A95.

However, for use only for browsing or accessing social media, the 60Hz screen is more than enough.

Beautiful back design

The Oppo A95 has appeared.KOMPAS.com/BILL CLINTEN The Oppo A95 has appeared.

The other interesting thing about the Oppo A95 is its rather light weight, which is around 175 grams, as well as its quite elegant rear design which is different from most of the middle class phones.

Oppo is adopting the Oppo Glow technology on the casing of this latest mobile, allowing the section to be painted in a glossy color that looks elegant, but remains clean and resistant to fingerprints.

The Oppo A95 we tested ourselves is the ‘Glowing Rainbow Silver’ variant which has a bluish white color, and it will change color and look like a rainbow when viewed from different sides.

In addition to this variant, Oppo also offers another color variant in Indonesia which is painted with a cover in a dominant black color, which is “Glowing Starry Black”.

In more detail, this back has a softer feel than its “brother” from another series, the Oppo Reno6.

Oppo A95 triple rear camera.KOMPAS.com/ Galuh Putri Riyanto Oppo A95 triple rear camera.

When used for so long that hands get sweaty, the back of this phone, interestingly enough, doesn’t leave fingerprints at all.

This means that users do not have to bother cleaning the back of the Oppo A95 when using it for hours.

However, the material used in the rear camera module is not compatible with the back cover of the mobile phone, which is the adoption of a glossy material such as glass that does not match with fingerprints.

It can be said that this is a bit annoying and is a minus for mastering the Oppo A95’s back screen.

Moreover, this rear camera module is a bit “protruding” and does not flush with the back surface of the phone, so that the entire back of the phone cannot stick to the surface of the object underneath.

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The camera is completely reliable

The results of the photos of the Oppo A95 using the 48MP main camera seem to have sharp colors and fairly clear details.KOMPAS.com/Kevin Rizky Pratama The results of the photos of the Oppo A95 using the 48MP main camera seem to have sharp colors and fairly clear details.

Moving to the photography aspect, the ranks of cameras built into the front and back of the Oppo A95 can be said to be reliable enough to support daily activities.

When shooting in well-lit room conditions, for example, the 48MP (f/1.7) main camera on this phone is capable of capturing sharp and clear objects.

Oppo also offers AI Scene Enhancement that can increase the color and brightness of image objects.

At the same time for the other two cameras, which are a 2-megapixel macro camera (f / 2.4) and a depth sensor 2 Megapixel (f/2.4) also performs well according to its function.

When shooting with a macro camera, the resulting image is able to display fine detail when zoomed in (Zoom). An example is a picture of the fibers in the paper as follows.

Pictures are taken with a 2MP (f/2.4) macro camera.  The resulting image is able to display fine details.KOMPAS.com/Kevin Rizky Pratama Pictures are taken with a 2MP (f/2.4) macro camera. The resulting image is able to display fine details.

In addition to the rear camera, the Oppo A95 is also equipped with a camera Photograph 16 MP (f / 2.4) resolution with effects that can beautify facial images.

Although some of these cameras can support user activities, photography enthusiasts have a wide field of view, who usually rely on lens cameras ultra wideLooks like they should be discouraged if they want to buy this phone.

Since the Oppo A95 is not equipped with a camera with this function, so users have to hold back a bit if they want to produce images with a wider viewing angle.

In addition to that, this phone is also not capable of taking pictures in night conditions well enough. The results of the image can already be seen clearly when using the night mode, but the details in the image will have a lot of dots (the noise).

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Comfortable to wear multitasking

Oppo A95 is used to multitask and run many applications.KOMPAS.com/BILL CLINTEN Oppo A95 is used to multitask and run many applications.

by hardwarePowered by ., Oppo A95 Slices Snapdragon 662 is integrated with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory.

This “hangover” configuration makes the phone score Standards AnTuTu (Version 9) 210,307 points, Geekbench (Version 5) 313 points (single core) and 1,286 points (multicore), as well as PCMark’s “Work 3.0” position with a score of 6,135 points.

To test the performance in daily use, this phone is capable of running many applications and feels comfortable when used in activities multitasking.

AnTuTu (left), Geekbench (middle), and PCMark (right) benchmark illustration of the Oppo A95.KOMPAS.com/BILL CLINTEN AnTuTu (left), Geekbench (middle), and PCMark (right) benchmark illustration of the Oppo A95.

This is thanks to the extended RAM feature that can expand the RAM capacity up to 13 GB, by “borrowing” a small storage space of up to 5 GB from the internal memory.

Meanwhile, for gaming testing, this phone is also capable of running many popular games, such as Mobile LegendsAnd the PUBG: New Countryuntil Jinshin effect Normally.

but special Jinshin effectThe graphics quality must be set to the lowest setting for the phone to run smoothly.

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It can be used when it rains

Oppo A95 has received a water resistance certification with evaluation IPX4. This means that this phone can withstand normal splashes of water such as drizzling rain or an accidental water spill.

When used in light rain or drizzle of rain, this phone can still be used smoothly.

Compass Techno Also try spraying the back of the phone with water from the device Shower in the bathroom. As a result, this phone can still function normally.

Oppo A95 got splashed with water and still working normallyKOMPAS.com/BILL CLINTEN Oppo A95 got splashed with water and still working normally

Apart from the water resistance feature, the Oppo A95 also has a fairly large 5,000mAh battery in its class.

In the test, a battery of this size can be used from morning until late at night in normal use as chatAnd the browsingplaying light games for a short time, etc.

This way, users won’t have to worry or bother getting pregnant freighter Oppo A95 when traveling is not until late at night.

Well, even when the battery runs out, users don’t have to wait long for the charging process.

Because the power of this phone can be charged very quickly thanks to the 33W Flash Charge technology. When tested, this technology allows the phone to be fully charged (from 0 percent) in just over an hour.

Worth buying?

The Oppo A95 is being sold in Indonesia for IDR 4 million.  This phone is available in glowing black (left) and rainbow glow silver (right).oppo indonesia The Oppo A95 is being sold in Indonesia for IDR 4 million. This phone is available in glowing black (left) and rainbow glow silver (right).

With the results of various tests over the past few weeks, Compass Techno It can be concluded that the Oppo A95 is a beautiful middle-class device that can be relied upon to accompany the daily activities of the users.

The capabilities of the Oppo A95 are major considerations to choose from, the huge battery and its charger technology.

In addition to the screen, using AMOLED which is usually found in Samsung phones. The screen size is also very wide and it is ready to meet your needs browsingand play social media and the games.

In addition to its elegant and luxurious design to show off to friends and family, this phone can also be used for activities multitasking With a very long time thanks to the RAM, the internal memory and the Snapdragon factor.

This is also supported by a fully capable camera, as well as many other features that can facilitate user activities, such as in-display fingerprint and NFC.

On top of that, there is an IPX4 anti-splash feature which is very useful in the middle of a rainy season like this, so users can still use the device if it rains suddenly with the intensity of the light.

OPPO A95loya OPPO A95

So, are these Rs 4 million mobile phones worth buying? The answer, of course, depends on the preferences and needs of the user.

If you are a regular user or office worker and want a phone with a nice design but still have a very good camera with top-notch performance, then the Oppo A95 might be the answer.

However, for those of you who are a gaming or photography enthusiast, this phone is not for you.

The reason is that high-end games like Jinshin effect It will not be able to run smoothly on the highest graphics settings of the Oppo A95.

Moreover, this phone also does not have a camera ultra wideso it is not complete enough for people who like to take pictures.

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