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Claiming the 4th consecutive title at SW19 and 21st Slam
London: Novak Djokovic was the constant. He was not affected by the talk or the rumble of thunder across Grid; It may have been raining serving and returning, but the first seed, in the face Nick Kyrgios Storm, he found shelter in his calm.
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Djokovic’s 4-6, 6-3, 6-4, 7-6 (3) win gives him seventh place Wimbledon His fourth consecutive title, taking his tally in the Grand Slam to 21 crowns – one behind Roger Federer and one behind Rafael Nadal.

Djokovic and Kyrgios who had fun Central Court For three hours, he extended their exchange at the Victory Ceremony. Wearing a red beret, Kyrgios received a runner-up plaque from Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Nick, you’ll be back. Djokovic He told his opponent as he embraced the men’s singles cup. “You made it clear why you deserve to be with the best players in the world. I respect you a lot. You are a great tennis talent. I never thought I would say so many good things about you. Well, so it is an official friendship.”

“Grass is my first picture in tennis,” said the 35-year-old, who celebrated by chewing on a piece of grass. “I love this court and it’s coming back to me again.” Wearing a dress reflecting the bright sky, Djokovic’s daughter Tara joined his wife Jelena at the victory ceremony, as the Central Court celebrated Djokovic’s wedding anniversary. Their son Stefan was at Aorangi Park locked in training with Bob’s son Bryan.

Most singles titles in men's Grand Slam (1)

Djokovic’s eighth Wimbledon and 32nd time finalist made a provisional start, opening as he did with a double-fault. With serve speeds of 76 and 81 mph in Game Five he was drifting dangerously, Djokovic double-faulted when trying to overclock, giving the break to his opponent. Outside of armpit serve, tweeners and some tasty shot making, line smoking, and corner tanning strokes, there were no center-court revolutions in the Australian’s first set.


From now on Djokovic was slowly changing pace. In the fourth game of the second set, he won after dragging his 27-year-old opponent back and forth across the baseline before dropping a short ball that only overpowered the Australian dollar. then broke Kyrgios In the fifth half.


IN PICTURES: Novak Djokovic wins seventh Wimbledon title and 21 major slams

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Novak Djokovic won his seventh Wimbledon title and 21st Grand Slam title on Sunday with a four-set victory over Nick Kyrgios, whose frustration faded after a rough start. (Getty Images)

Djokovic found himself 0-40 behind when sent to a draw in the ninth set. Tennis Kyrgios was talking, sprinting across the court and rolling his wrist for a shot that was beautiful on so many levels, but the Serb held his ground, having saved a fourth stoppage in the match.


Djokovic was playing with a human backboard and Kyrgios exploded.

“0-40, 0-40,” he shouted from his seat, mocking the missed opportunity. “What are you picking up?” Kyrgios asked his chest, who were on their feet cheering for him. “Does she pick it up for you?” thunder.

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