No online school attendance due to no cell phones, primary school students thrown out by teachers while taking exams: Okezone education

Samarinda – Sad to say, a primary school student in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Muzdalifa (10 years old) was kicked out by his teacher when he was about to enter class because he had not been active in the school online for 6 months. The reason Musda can’t connect to the internet is because he doesn’t have a smartphone or mobile phone.

By the time he started face-to-face education, Mosda wanted to go to school, but instead he wasn’t wearing school clothes because his body was getting bigger and his appetite no longer fit.

An orphan dogfighter whose biological mother died at the age of 3, with his biological father paralyzed in his right hand and lives with his original aunt, Siti Manuata (37). Mosda has a younger sister named Merlin (9 years old) who also lives with her aunt in Tenon Village, Samarinda Seberang District.

She is currently preparing the SD Negeri 002 and is in Class 4 B.

Seti Munawara explained that, when she was a blocker in the third grade SD, she entered the school process in the stage of online or online learning. Musda has followed the online learning process several times with a used Samsung J3 cell phone. However, the mobile phone case was not enough. Sometimes it crashes and everything gets reinstalled, causing all files to be lost and deleted.

As a result, she is often left clogged in her online lessons. This happened during the learning process in grade 3. During the fourth grade promotion exam, the syllabus took the exam online, and the mobile phone condition was less than optimal.

Until the end, the Musda mobile phone could no longer be used. The mobile was also used by his younger brother who attended a different school.

Even when she wanted to go back to the school group, the aunt slept with her personal mobile phone, because Mosda still did not have a cell phone, but this condition could not meet the learning needs of the children receiving care. by it. The reason is that the aunt also has 3 biological children and another niece who lives with her.

There are 5 children who go to school, and the 5 children must use one mobile phone belonging to City Munawara.

However, Mosda, who has lost contact with his teacher, cannot participate in the online learning procedure. Siti’s efforts to contact primary school teachers were carried out, but at the time, the school had not responded to Siti’s WhatsApp which questioned the clarity of the Misdah school.

“I called the class teacher, he didn’t respond, I did it again a few days later. I hope my number is included in the school kit for Musda learning stages,” said City. .

In addition to being restricted to cell phones, Mosda is also said to no longer wear school uniforms, ranging from clothes, bags, and books to headscarves. Even everyday clothes do not suit you.

“When I started school face to face, Mesda saw his friends at school. He wanted to go to school, but I said, ‘Your clothes don’t fit, you don’t have books, I can’t buy them.’ Auntie doesn’t have the money yet,” said Citi.

In this way, Seti had to strain her brain to find her children’s outfit. “I also asked my neighbors to see if there were clothes from their children’s school. But this Mosada is big. His friends’ elementary school clothes are seldom appropriate,” he explained.

Seti admitted that she could not attend the school because at that time Seti had to take care of her sick parents. In addition, Siti also has to take care of the six children who live with her in the house. After that, Seti was saddened, her father, a masda grandfather passed away, and not so long ago, Seti’s mother who was also a masda grandmother followed and left her for good. Masda said that was the biggest problem Citi faced

Even he was unable to think of a lot of other problems.

“This condition makes me confused, and I don’t think about going to school or what. There are 3 kids who can’t go to school for a year from G. I’m confused. Plus I’m looking after my kid if I go, who will care?” order

Siti’s husband works odd jobs in a transportation service in Samarinda with little income. Why is Citi unable to complete the educational facilities for the six children she is caring for with her husband?

He added, “I was so confused, until Pang Mammat from the restaurant’s free volunteer came to help. This was even when Musda and his sister had not been studying for 6 months.”

When she received Mama’s help, Siti advised Mama that she had sought help from the school regarding the fate of her nephew.

Then Mama, the volunteer coordinator at RMG, ordered school supplies for three kids Lillis had taken care of.

Chronology: Masda was kicked out on Tuesday, May 31, 2022. Mamat brought Masda to school. Before Masada entered the classroom, Mammat took Masda to the teacher’s room to confront him and asked for permission to enter the classroom.

Mamat said, “I came to the teacher’s room. At first, it was not the class teacher in Mosda that greeted me but another teacher. And the teacher there called Mosda to go up to the second floor room for the exam.”

It wasn’t long ago that the Mesda classroom teacher walked into the classroom. One of the students in the class shouted and told the teacher that Masda had left the school.

Suddenly the teacher loudly asked Masda to get out of the classroom and call his parents first.

“I sat down, the teacher came, and then my friend said, Musda went to school. Then the teacher said, ‘Oh, go to school, Musda.'” Come and call your parents to school. “This said the teacher was angry,” he said.

Masada said that at that time, when the class teacher left the room, he also stood up to go home. However, Musda was ridiculed by his classmates by encouraging them and throwing papers and books by some of the students in his class.

“I was thrown at the paper, I just screamed, Hoo Mosda was fired. I already cried, sister. I want to go home, but I’m also afraid,” Musda said.

Mammat found a dam crying on the side of the road in front of his school. Not long after Mammat left, he took Mosda to school for an exam, and received a report that Mosda was expelled from his class.

“I received the report, I immediately went back to school, I went there and all of a sudden I saw a madam already crying and lamenting on the side of the road in front of her school hugging her bag. It hurt to see that,” Mamat explained.

Seeing this case, Mammat immediately returned Musda to the school to ask for clarification from the school, and wanted to ask what had happened.

“Crying, I brought Musda, I just met the class teacher there. I intended to go to the principal. But the principal was not there. So I just met the class teacher,” Mamat said.

When he asked for clarification from the class teacher, Mammat asked the school to continue accepting the blocker while the exam was being taken.

Mammat said again, “I said, ‘This kid wants to go to school. Let me study first.’ The class teacher said, ‘Yes, you can.’ But Masada didn’t go to class. That’s what the class teacher said.”

“At that time I asked Mosda if he wanted to go to school and he didn’t go to class. How does this kid want that?”

Both times, Mama had to return to leave the school for the exam. After 10.00 WITA, the test was over and Musda went home.

Masada’s sad story continued, and when he got home, Masda started crying again. Although he managed to return to take the exam in his class. However, Masda said, he is still receiving treatment that Masda thinks is scary.

“When my brother came home, Mr. Tewfik pulled me in, and that was my gym teacher. I was scared, I raised my hand. Only when I sat down, my teacher said I was angry at Musada, while his hands were clenched,” Masouda shouted.

Even when he heard the Masda story, Mammat couldn’t stand it anymore, and asked several of his fellow donors to get involved and find a good solution for his adopted children, so that Musda could go to school.

“I told my donor, who happened to be one of my benefactors and who was also part of the media crew. Hearing the story of Masda’s sister, who wouldn’t be angry. What’s more, she is an orphan. She is treated as such by her breeder who should be able to Giving love.”

The Rapid Response Team for the Protection of Women and Children in East Kalimantan, or TRCPPA, has received information about Masda. Through the media staff, Rina Zenon and the team visited the school.

The arrival of Rina, accompanied by the media crew, was met with an unfavorable response by the teacher at the school. However, the school still invites Rina to come and explain her intentions and goals.

When explaining this, the class teacher and teacher avoided Mesda being called to drive Mosda out of the room. Mediation conditions also intensified, when a teacher in the room said that Mosda made up the story

“This kid is a liar,” said the teacher, who was overheard by the media crew.

At the time a member of the media crew was furious. We hope that other teachers will respect the mediation of the TRCPPA and the class teacher. “We didn’t get very good results when we had a conversation with the class teacher. So we waited for the principal,” said Rina.

Soon, the principal of the school arrived. Taking a surprised look at TRCPPA, the manager asked to be able to enter his room.

During mediation with the school director, the head of the state school 002 made a decision that MSDAD should continue to study and take school exams.

“Just found out there was this case, the class teacher and parent didn’t contact me,” said Sabran, Principal of SdN 002.

However, during mediation with the school, chaos broke out again because one of the teachers came back screaming at the door of the principal’s office.

“What is this Mr. Sabran?” One teacher said in a high tone. However, this remark was ignored by the manager.

Unfortunately, Musda and Seti, who were outside the principal’s office, were again intimidated by the teacher at the time. In a coarse tone, he patted the shoulder.

This is when the riots occurred. Seeing this, Mamat admitted that he did not accept him, and eventually conditions came back harsh again. However, the controversy between the teacher and Mammat could be resolved.

Meanwhile, the head of the Samarinda Education Office, Asli Noriadin, said his party had summoned the principal and teacher who had fired MF.

“I called the principal and the teachers, and I listened to their stories, and that means we are correcting ourselves, and there is nothing wrong with apologizing,” Asli Nouriadi said when confirming.

His party also promised to make it easier for Mosda to continue the educational process as usual.

“I myself have heard about the condition of this child, with this condition we must take care of it, not hamper the learning process, and we are ready to facilitate it as before,” he said.

Asli hopes this incident will not happen again in other schools in Samarinda. And ask the teachers to be able to maintain emotional for their students.

He concluded, “I myself as the head of the department, if I become a teacher, I make a mistake or a mistake, I am sorry, and I am not emotional with the students.”

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