Next up for Katie Taylor? Cyrano rematch is the biggest battle and other options

Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano proved all of their suspicions wrong Saturday night, as they wore a classic bout at Madison Square Garden – which was louder than in a boxing bout in Who knows how long, and a boxing bout louder than any boxing match in recent memory Overall – which Taylor won by a split decision to retain her undisputed lightweight championship.

The question now is what comes next for Taylor, and for Cyrano as well. Earlier during Fight Week, Eddie Hearn said there was a rematch clause, but not one as we usually think of rematch clauses. Taylor vs Serrano had to prove viable – commercially, as entertainment, all of that, which meant it had to prove it was worth the investment in a second fight between the two.

They couldn’t have done anything more than they did. The fight was excellent, Madison Square Garden was reportedly sold out, and the reaction from fans in the building was just another world. The passion of the masses was truly incredible, whether they traveled across the Atlantic from Ireland or the UK, or were Puerto Ricans or New Yorkers there to support Serrano, or something else. They never resonated, and the fight didn’t give them any reason to make them any calmer, as the women fought their hearts out for 10 full rounds.

You have to imagine that Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul, Serrano’s promoter, would be very much open to the idea. Hearn said he might want to do the second match in Ireland, where Taylor is a true national cultural and sports hero, and truly loved unlike perhaps any other active fighter in the world today.

Does Cyrano want to do that? She mentioned in her post-fight interview – while showing great class and appreciation for the entire event and Taylor – that she still has a pair of featherweight title belts.

Theoretically, Serrano (42-2-1, 30 kW) can Go back to defending those, but will you really want to go back to fighting someone like, at best, Erika Cruz or Sarah Mahfouz, who also holds belts, rather than the glamor and prestige of a Taylor rematch? There’s no disrespect for these fighters, but Cyrano Cruz and Cyrano Mahfouz wouldn’t come anywhere near Taylor Cyrano 2.

And it’s not like Taylor totally blew up Cyrano. Listen, I scored the 98-92 fight for Taylor, which sounds crazy, I know, but I really thought it cornered fantastically other than the two rounds where Serrano was doing pretty obvious damage. But Cyrano’s supporters have their argument, too. If you like the more difficult shots of each round that Serrano will enter, you will probably find six for her. You may have even seen it.

There is a debate to be had, although I don’t think it’s a debate with too many toxins. It was a great fight. Both are great fighters, whatever they are cracked up to be, as was their wonderfully publicized fight.

Taylor (21-0, 6 KOs) also doesn’t have anyone close to a good option, but there are others out there.

Photo by Mickey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

Michaela Meyer, who holds two 130-pound belts, probably isn’t about to get more unified against Alicia Baumgardner or Hyun Mi Choi, who are expected to fight this summer. Meyer, a first-class fighter, has said earlier that she would be willing to fight the winner at Taylor Serrano, and she has criticized Taylor’s style many times – not in a disrespectful way, just calling it what you see. Simply put, she’s confident she can outsmart Katie Taylor, and if the deal can be sealed, she seems to love it.

Estelle Mosley, who claims to be the world champion because she holds the under-appreciated IBO lightweight belt, said she wants Taylor-Serrano-Kinda winner. Moseley, a former amateur competitor for Taylor who beat Katie for the 2016 World Championships, says she wants a fight or two and then a fight with Taylor. Mosley is 29 and she wouldn’t battle anyone near Taylor’s level to get her ready, so you might be wondering what she’s waiting for, but that’s her call. But Taylor won’t wait for her. If it becomes a battle that has to be done at some point, it could happen, but I don’t think Taylor has any compelling need to get revenge on Astana.

Inside the house, Match Room is owned by former 130-pound title holder Terry Harper, who recently switched to lightweight in March after being crushed by the aforementioned Baumgardner last November. Harper is still a work in progress, and he’s a good fighter, but he’s 25 years old, and even like his previous roster, he’s still gaining valuable experience. She hasn’t had a major amateur career like Taylor, Moseley, or Meyer. The Matchroom is a big supporter of Harper, and her service to Taylor at the moment seems odd.

Tasha Jonas might imagine another rift at Taylor, who defeated her by narrow decision in May 2021. Since then, Jonas has jumped all the way to junior middleweight to win a vacant belt in February, although realistically the two have competed primarily at welterweight And Jonas is probably going back to 135 for the right fight, and Taylor will always be the “right fight.”

There are others out there, nobody imagines it terribly, and the thing is, none of them are about to do a rematch for Cyrano, even as far as I think Michaela Meyer is going to be a great opponent and a great fighter. Mayer doesn’t have the kind of support that Serrano does, and although it’s only been a year since Serrano was promoted by Jake Paul, her Top Rank promoters haven’t been able to take her star to that level, even though they have done their best with the means Traditional with major ESPN events etc.

Taylor really should be up against Cyrano again. They are 35 and 33, respectively, still great fighters, and it’s expected to be a big fight again. They’ve always had sexy styles on paper, and now we’ve seen that in action, and it was everything we hoped it would be and more. There’s no way it’s as hard to sell the second time as it was the first, and they didn’t have much trouble selling it in the end, anyway.

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