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Spoiler alert: This article contains details for tonight The best of Saul on demandEpisode “Breaking Bad”. Let’s just say, the title is part of the giveaway.

“I said, there are no details,” insisted Walter White of Bryan Cranston to Jesse Pinkman of Aaron Paul in the third-to-last episode of the night. The best of Saul on demand. “He needs to know the base,” a partially-masked high school science teacher and potential drug lord says to his friend as clever Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) stands in front of him. Too bad The duo at the infamous methamphetamine lab RV aka Krystal Ship.

Swaying toward the August 15 series finale, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould weaved back and forth on Monday to seminal surroundings Too bad Events in Thomas Schnauz penned and directed by “Breaking Bad” titled 11The tenth Episode of the sixth and final season of The best of Saul on demand.

In just about any other series, the long-awaited arrival of White/Heisenberg and his followers almost mid-episode would be the star of the show. But this object The best of Saul on demandIn slippery cards, there was a much bigger reveal. If the July 18 episode “Fun and Games” directed by Michael Morris and written by Anne Cherkess explained the heartbreaking departure of Rhea Seehorn Kim Wexler from her life away from Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill/Goodman, tonight’s Breaking Bad revealed her fate after the bloody downfall of The Mother Show, who finished his multiple Emmy Award winning tour in 2013.

Long live Kim Wexler.

Indeed, like a Nebraska roadside phone booth call from an undercover Goodman as Cinnabon manager Gene explains, Wexler is alive and well and working at Palm Coast Sprinklers in Florida. Beyond that, at least for now, we don’t know more about Seehorn’s Wexler’s life in the Sunshine State. What we do know is that her conversation with Odenkirk’s now character Jane, her ex-lover and partner in crime, didn’t go well.

After the setting line for the “Hey, I’m looking for Kim Wexler, I think she’s working there” scene, there was a broader shot of the payphone and noisy trucks passing by. We didn’t hear any of the conversation between the two of them, but it was clearly boisterous and inviting, to say the least, with a snow-clad Jane shaking his head and body in the cramped space of an old telephone booth. As with many things to do with the ex-couple, the call ends badly with a close-up of Odenkirk’s character smashing the phone onto the box in a way most of us haven’t seen since the mid-1980s. Wandering in the snow outside the phone booth, then the man known as Saul Goodman shows a grip on his lack of impulse control and smashes one of the panes of glass with a well-placed kick.

That’s all we get from Kim for now, but with two more episodes to come, it’s unlikely it’ll be the last we see or hear about her. The same can also be said of Cranston and Paul.

Not that getting her here and naturally putting her in the sometimes dysfunctional world of BCS was a cakewalk, Schnauz told Deadline today. Connect with that moment in Too bad where Saul exclaimed, “It wasn’t me, it was Ignacio!” It’s been talked about forever as a goal we needed to achieve, and I was fortunate that his loop was so much fun,” Schnauz said of finding the perfect landing slot for Cranston and Paul.

Longtime collaborator Gilligan added, “A lot of work, but a lot of fun.” “It ended up too quickly. I only had Aaron and Brian for a day and a half in April of 2021 while Vince was running episode 602. I had to write this scene and be ready in advance when we filmed the rest of 611 because those dates were just her The time we can get the guys together because of the other commitments they had. Brian and Aaron got back into those roles very easily, and watching them try to deal with Saul was so much fun.”

So, going back to the toxic “Laurel and Hardy vibe,” as Goodman puts it as he rides a gun in his RV later in the episode, Gilligan and Gould weren’t waiting that long to bring the famous duo to the BCS The world only to disappear in a puff of polluted psychedelic smoke, so to speak. Plus, the near end of the episode “Breaking Bad” sees Goodman strutting at JP Wynne High School to confront science teacher White, after getting skinny on him from the Jonathon Banks portrayed by Michael Ehrmantraut—whose benign cliffhanger scribbled all over.

Besides some Swing Master product placements, there are also other dramas at play in this gorgeously designed night. BCS episode. Starting with former Saul Goodman & Associates Secretary Francesca Liddy who has re-emerged in her positionToo bad Life, if you can call it “Breaking Bad,” cements Gene Odenkirk’s return to a life of crime, fraud, and double crosses. In it, along with the appearance of Tina Parker, Carol Burnett also returned in what may be a much bigger role than her debut “Neby” suggested last week.

Jump from bright colors to Too bad Timeline and Albuquerque, New Mexico to Gene’s Wet B&W Under the radar in Omaha, Nebraska, Schnauz’s cooked episode exposes a complex and lucrative drug scam from Cornhusker State residents. While the endgame has yet to be plotted, the tactic is to get cabbie Jeff (Pat Healy) and Junaid Pal into identity theft.

Once Marion who gets a slight no-no from Burnett catches a glimpse of her new friend Jane and son Jeff after a late-night flick in her garage, it seems like a sure bet that some wild cards are about to be laid on the table in the latter two. loops.

If it means more Kim, or more Walt and Jesse or the final reckoning, it’s definitely going to be a good fit The best of Saul on demandProfile personly. For now: “There are no details,” Walter White said.

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