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The good news is that I will be able to provide faster results updates with the spare time. The bad news is that I will be on duty 30-45 minutes longer than Thursday.

Officials did not participate in the first match. That was a good time.

– Adam Kaufman (@AdamMKaufman) 6 June 2022

Celtics 16-11 Warriors, 6:47, first quarter

Tatum and Brown are summoned for consecutive fouls. We’ll see if those end up affecting the rest of the game. From now on, Warriors take time out to plan what they will do with the ball on their next possession.

Celtics 16-11 Warriors, 7:01, first quarter

The Celtics make Curry run, but he still gets close to basketball and hits the pontoon. Tatum bumps into a triple pointer that the Warriors love to answer: And that’s what Draymond does! He shoots the ball and draws Horford’s foul, but he can’t call in for his own freebies (which aren’t always free).

Celtics 13-7 Warriors, 8:18, first quarter

The clever attempts of three people would have forced the warriors to time out if they had entered. However, that didn’t happen, and Looney reduced the lead to six points on the other end.

Celtics 13-5 Warriors, 9:06, first quarter

Brown tries one from the same spot and hits it but Looney dunks in to finish the Celtics. Then Tatum scores his first game point. He then leads Brown toward basketball, making the shot as well as drawing a foul on Wiggins. He makes a free throw.

Celtics 5-3 Warriors, 10:26, first quarter

The Celtics get the ball back but the Warriors force Robert Williams out of bounds. Wiggins scores first for the Warriors, but Jaylen Brown responds with a triple pointer. Then he adds Smart to the Celtics team early on with a jumper.

opening tip

Celtics 0-0 Warriors, 11:45, first quarter

We are out! The Celtics wins the opening tip, getting the ball to Marcus Smart, who immediately tied Draymond Green for another jump ball.

Posting this tweet is all I’m going to say about this, because I want to focus on basketball.

National anthem

C-Lo Green performs the national anthem. So much for “abolition of culture”.

I will not rate this.

The pre-game montage is on the warriors: the narrative has shifted to them like those whose series is at stake. The Celtics have, in a way, done their job of ensuring the route is divided, so the pressure is all on the Warriors.

Oddly enough, that’s why I have Golden State, I don’t trust Boston when they start feeling good about themselves, and that’s when they start making non-coercive mistakes and… Wait, am I describing myself here too?

I hope to recover from this occasional personal insight in time for the opening tip, which is forthcoming.

Note, the shirts the Celtics Warriors wore during the warm-up period were not just cliched words, but included links to related organizations.

These are the jerseys that Steve Kerr and Em Odoka were wearing before the match. All the information currently on the Jumbotron is here at Chase…

– Sean Grande (@SeanGrandePBP) 5 June 2022

The Golden State Warriors starting line-up

Steve Curry, J

Clay Thompson, J/P

Draymond Green, P/C

Kevin Looney, C

Andrew Wiggins, P

Boston Celtics squad

Jason Tatum, J/V

Jaylene Brown, J/P

Marcus Smart, J

Alhorford, F/C.

Robert Williams III, F/C.

Stephen A. was alerted. Smith! This is your news about this pre-game show.

Brief on ‘League’ news: Quinn Snyder has resigned as coach of the Utah Jazz, citing the team’s need for new blood. Maybe he’s right, given that the team may have been too late for an overhaul.

Funnily enough, he waited until the Lakers hired their head coach before making this announcement. Sure, they at least wanted an interview.


The Celtics have won one of two on the way to start this series, so in the end, I think I’ll be here overall. Of course, I got them to win this game in the original, not Game 1. So, in a more accurate sense of the term, I was wrong the first time around. Whatever will come out in the wash.

So, to make my broader prediction correct, I have to expect today’s Warriors to win even out of the series. Maybe Warriors 101-98 Boston Celtics. Yes, I have this one coming down to the wire.

Yes, this is how my brain works. Nope, I don’t have a real basketball argument to back up this statement other than the “feelings” (and the fact that the Celtics had a problem with not riding the momentum after their big post-season wins). This seems like a long and messy series, so why not guess which outcome destroys as many novels as possible. This is just my own prediction, you can either email or tweet Tweet embed With an expectation of your own and we’ll include it here as we make our way to the opening tip.

Pre-match outfit

Both Celtics and Warriors wore orange T-shirts before the match with “End Gun Violence” messages. A nice gesture and it’s always nice to see two teams get together shortly before they dedicate the next few hours to ruining each other.

There’s a show called “The Final Straw” that ABC is doing now (produced by Peyton Manning) and… This is Jenga: The Television Show?

injury report

There is potentially bad news for the Golden State. Game 1 featured a clean hit slate (until Boston’s Sam Hauser ended up playing, albeit when the seats were emptied), but Game 2 won’t. A few hours ago, it was announced that veteran Andre Iguodala will develop a swollen knee. He’s really been a part-time Warriors player, but he’s still a valued contributor and the Warriors would rather have him available than not.

However, the good news outweighs the evil. After he became available in the emergency for Game 1, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said Gary Payton II should be available to play off the bench tonight. Payton defensive son Gary “The Gauntlet” (in case you want to feel old), Payton II (aka “The Gauntlet”) has been a major part of the Warriors’ resurgence this season.


You can’t predict basketball. When the Golden State Warriors had a 12-point lead in the final quarter over the Boston Celtics, I predicted thus: “So can Boston make up a 12-point deficit? Not impossible, but Tatum will need a big game and the defense should be flawless.” .

Well, you were half right. The Celtics already had to play an impeccable defense, with the Western Conference’s strongest attack taking 16 points, but Tatum didn’t score a single point from there. In fact, he scored just 12 points on Thursday, which is the same amount of assists he made (he credits Tatum for not letting a night of shooting stop him from helping his team in other ways).

Therefore, the Warriors lost a double-digit lead late, at home, on a day when they did everything they could to contain their opponent’s best player. Now they’re 0-1 behind in the NBA Finals where everyone (including this writer) was the favourites. This means that the second game of the day is the biggest game they should have played since Kevin Durant was still in the squad.

So, will they come back tonight with a big win or will the Celtics ride out the momentum of their shocking Game 1 victory and dominate the 2022 NBA season. I have my own predictions, but I’ll wait and let you guess what it could be. Let me just say that this post-season is similar to the final season of “Better Call Saul”. Things will never go the way any of us think.

What you can expect is that we will use your ideas, questions and/or concerns during this live blog. You can email it to or send it on Twitter Tweet embed We will publish it throughout today’s match. It is the second game of the 2022 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors at Chase Center in San Francisco. The opening tip is scheduled for sometime after 8:00PM EST, but we’ll be back long before that with more updates, predictions, and the occasional waste of time.

Hunter will be here soon. In the meantime, here are some ideas for Game 1:

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right words, whether you’re competing in the National Spelling Bee or another high-pressure competition Thursday night, the first game of the NBA Finals.

The Horfords kept it simple. There are no fancy phrases, and no stress for meaning. “My guys found me tonight and I knocked them down,” Horford said on ABC after his pivotal role in the Boston Celtics’ stunning and bizarre 120-108 win over the Golden State Warriors. “so much fun.”

The contest that began with Stephen Curry’s three-point streak of overtime ended, with the much-unpredictable scene of Horford scoring from distance and inspiring his teammates to do the same as they overturned a 12-point deficit in the fourth quarter.

The 15-year-old NBA veteran made his World Cup debut the day before his 36th birthday, Horford scored the highest goals for the Celtics with 26 points, including six three-pointers. In the The most dominant common quartile In the history of the NBA Finals, the Celtics were spread over at the end, defeating seven consecutive three-pointers en route to nine to 12.

You can read the full report below:

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