NBA Draft 2022 Rumors and Trade Tracker

After months of fumbling, speculation, and anticipation, the 2022 NBA Draft Day is finally here. The rumor mill for teams around the NBA will be spinning at dizzying speed in the lead-up to tonight’s festivities at the Barclays Center. Then it will continue to go through all 60 choices and into the wee hours of the night.

This live thread will be a league-wide tracker for all those rumors — big and small, misdirecting the front office into a potential possibility — and trades that check rumors into reality. It is set to be full of 24-hour action with a heavy bearing on the future of every franchise in the league.

Follow along and stick tightly.

Kyrie Irving makes a list of desirable destinations

Adrian Wojnarowski Reporting If star Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets can’t come to an agreement, Irving has a list of coveted destinations to go to in signing and trading. The list includes the Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks, Miami Heat, Dallas Mavericks and Philadelphia 76ers. According to Lugnarowski, none of these teams would have the space to sign Irving without Brooklyn’s help. Hey More reports Irving is “not necessarily a priority” for all the teams on the roster.

This situation has direct implications for Kevin Durant’s future in Brooklyn. According to Shams Al Shaaraniya from The Athletic and MalabDurant is monitoring Brooklyn’s situation and is “considering options with his future.”

Blazers and presses to mold to each other

The Blazers and Pistons reportedly swapped the 2022 second-round picks in yesterday’s deal for Jerami Grant, with Detroit receiving Portland’s 36th pick and Portland taking Detroit’s 46th pick. According to Trailblazers reporter Casey Holdall,, as of now, Portland will make the pick with the 36th pick, although the prospect is heading to Detroit. The same situation, but in reverse, applies to Detroit with Choice 46.

Los Angeles Lakers trade in project

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski Reporting The Lakers grab the Orlando Magic’s 35th pick in tonight’s draft for a future second round and get the money. Currently, the 35th pick stands as the only pick Los Angeles has in the 2022 NBA Draft.

Cleveland Cavaliers Add another selection

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Cleveland takes the 49th pick in the tonight’s draft from the Sacramento Kings to acquire the rights to 26-year-old Sasha Vezenkov. Vyzhinkov – the 57th selection in the 2017 NBA Draft – was the Euroleague’s first-team striker this season.

The Cavs now have four picks in tonight’s draft: 14th, 39th, 49th and 56th.

Possibly selected top 3 draft picks

Adrian Wojnarowski Reporting The first three selections in tonight’s draft are believed to have been set, with Jabari Smith, Jr. Heading to the Orlando Magic, Chet Holmgren to the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Paolo Banchero to the Houston Rockets.

Blazers chase Anunoby

The Portland Trail Blazers fired off fireworks early last night, trading the first round of 2025 and a few seconds off Detroit Pistons forward Jerami Grant, but the drama is far from over. With the seventh pick in tonight’s draft and plenty of assets at his disposal, General Manager Joe Cronin has the ability to swing for more transactions. Portland has already been linked with Toronto Raptors forward OG Anunoby.

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