May 24 primaries: What to watch in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, and Minnesota

Here are seven things to watch in Tuesday’s elections in Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Arkansas and Minnesota:

Georgia Tests the Limits of Trump’s Complaints for 2020

Trump has turned Georgia into the centerpiece of his efforts to punish Republicans who reject his lies about widespread election fraud that cost him the 2020 presidential race. Perdue — who lost his seat in the same election cycle in which Trump became the first Republican presidential candidate since Bob Dole in 1996 — paid a loss Georgia – to run in the primaries.

But polls show that most Georgia Republicans are ignoring Trump’s mission against Kemp, and the first state’s governor is on the cusp of winning easily.

This is partly because Purdue was a one-note candidate who focused on revisiting the 2020 election, while he was the governor of Georgia. Brian Kemp, apart from his feud with Trump, has a record that makes him popular with Republican Party voters. He reopened Georgia so early in the coronavirus pandemic that then-President Trump said it was “too early.” He signed into law a new restricted voting procedure that placed restrictions on voting by mail. The imposition of a tax holiday on gas. He sided with conservatives in the brewing cultural battles over schools.

And perhaps most importantly, Kemp – unlike Purdue – is a proven winner. He defeated Democrat Stacy Abrams in one of the toughest gubernatorial races of 2018. He will face Abrams again in Tuesday’s primary.

“I think Stacey Abrams is a wonderful uniter,” Kemp told reporters over the weekend. “I think all of my Georgia fans will unite after Tuesday.”

Another race that will test Republicans’ enthusiasm for Trump’s complaints: Republican Secretary of State Brad Ravensberger, who became a national figure after Trump pressured him in early 2021 to nullify Georgia’s election results, faces several primary challengers, including the Trump-backed lawmaker. Judy Hayes.

Can the Republican who rejected Trump win the primary?

when delegate. Mo Brooks was looking forward to describing his campaign two days before the Senate Republican primary against veteran Mike Durant and former Alabama Business Council Chairman Katie Brett, it became a book.

“Just call me a modern-day Lazarus,” Brooks told CNN reporter Gabe Orr on Sunday, using resurrection to describe his campaign — one where Trump withdrew his endorsement two months ago because Brooks said it was time to look to 2022 and the 2024 election, not Trump’s 2020 presidential loss. .
The Alabama primaries are another test of whether Trump’s influence — or in this case, Trump’s hatred — is enough to sink a candidate. If no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote in the primaries, the race between Brooks, Brett and Durant heads into the run-off next month, something Brooks admitted is “too little” to happen.

Alabama also hosts a primary gubernatorial election in which the incumbent Republican governor will take charge. Kai Ivey tackles challenges from the right that focus on her decision to use her office to get Alabamians to get vaccinated amid the coronavirus pandemic. Like the Senate race, it’s possible that Ivy will have to have a run-off.

Georgia caused a major clash in the Senate

There’s less drama in Georgia’s Republican primary: Trump-backed former soccer star Herschel Walker is leading strongly in the polls and is sure to become the candidate to face the Democratic senator. Raphael Warnock in November.

How Herschel Walker united the right and made the Democrats plan a fight
The showdown between Warnock and Walker will be one of the nation’s preeminent Senate races. With a 50-50 control of the Senate, Republicans view Georgia as an excellent opportunity to grab a Democratic seat just two years after Warnock’s defeat of the Republican senator. Kelly Loeffler in a special election.

The race sparks a clash over racial issues: Warnock is the senior chaplain at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, the church where Martin Luther King, Jr. lives. Humans, and has a long record as a civil rights advocate. Henceforth, Walker has long expressed the ambivalence of his position on racial issues.

For Republicans, Walker is a risky choice: Women have accused him of violent behavior. He’s also a first-time candidate who largely skips over the events that would have had him answer tough questions during the primaries, so he entered the spotlight mid-term largely without a test. But he’s also a legend in Georgia, where he won the Heisman Cup in 1982 and became one of the greatest college runners of all time.

The first test of voting law in Georgia

Tuesday’s primary is the first major test of the restricted voting law that Georgia Republicans enacted in 2021.

The law imposes new identification requirements on mail-in ballots and prohibits election officials from sending mail-in ballot applications to those who have not specifically requested them; It also restricts the use of drop-down boxes for ballot papers. In addition, it makes it illegal to provide food and water to people waiting in line to vote — a provision that civil rights groups have said is particularly unfair to those in urban areas facing long queues.

Republicans enacted the law amid Trump’s lies about widespread fraud that cost him the 2020 election. Trump and Republicans in Georgia and other states that have implemented similar new laws have focused particularly on mail-in voting.

Despite the new law, early voting broke previous records in Georgia, with more than 710,000 people casting their ballots as of Friday, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

However, assessing the impact of the new law – including any potential problems arising on Election Day – will not be fully possible until after it is in place for a general election.

Sanders looks ready to return to the Arkansas Governor’s mansion

Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders looks well placed to win the Arkansas gubernatorial primary on Tuesday, bringing her one step closer to returning to the governor’s mansion she grew up in when her father, the former Arkansas governor, was. Mike Huckabee, he led the state.

Sanders announced her bid in January 2021 and her strength in the race — combined with Trump’s endorsement — largely gave way, compelling both Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge and Arkansas LT. Government. Griffin team to finish their campaigns.

If Sanders wins in November — while Arkansas has a history of electing Democratic governors, including more recently Mike Bibi, Jim Jay Tucker and Bill Clinton, has shifted significantly to the right in recent years — she would be the first woman to lead the state.

It’s getting tense in Texas

Texans of both parties will return to the polls in a series of run-offs to determine the primary contests from March 1.

For Democrats, the race to sign along the US-Mexico border is confined to the 28th congressional district, where the incumbent is located. Henry Cuellar, the last Democrat in Washington to oppose abortion rights, hopes to fend off progressive challenger Jessica Cisneros for a second straight run.

& # 39;  This talk is already starting to dominate politics up and down the ballot ': How abortion rights became the center of the Texas run-off races
Cuellar, who led Cisneros after the first vote but failed to secure a majority, was supported in the campaign by millions in overseas spending, led by the United Democracy Project, which is funded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Progressive groups, Democratic Justice and the Working Families Party, along with a belated boast by Emily’s List, helped keep Cisneros competitive in the money race.
On the Republican side, Tuesday night may herald the end of an era. Land Commissioner George B. Bush – son of Gibb, nephew of George W. and grandson of George HW – is the underdog in the run-off against incumbent state attorney general Ken Paxton.

Despite his myriad legal woes, Paxton led a field of four with nearly 43% of the vote in the March primary. And Bush took second place with less than 25%. Paxton is a good bet to unite enough voters – about 35% of them split among MPs. Louis Johart and former Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman — and they win the nomination.

Republican-leaning House of Representatives seats get special elections

Voters along Minnesota’s southern border will head to the polls Tuesday in the special primary elections for the first congressional district to fill the vacant seat after the Representative. Jim Hagedorn died in February. Hagedorn’s widow, Jennifer Carnahan, is among the candidates in the primaries.

The region, which covers the entire southern border of the state, is tilted toward Republicans, but was represented by Democrat Tim Walz, currently the governor of Minnesota, from 2007 to 2019.

The winners of the primaries will advance to the special general election on August 9. Republicans are confident they can retain the red seat in August, and eventually in November.

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