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80 minutes: Tottenham Corner. Son sends the ball to the near post, where Thiago shoots it for another one.

79 minutes: Fabinho got the hold that was on his way after catching Son with a rogue’s arm. There is a break in play as Son receives treatment for a shoulder injury.

78 minutes: Spurs substitution: Ryan Sessegnon has been replaced by Davinson Sanchez. He occupies a position in the three-back position, while Ben Davies moves to the left-back position.

77 minutes: Tsimikas’ cross was cleared inside the Tottenham box and Sadio Mane fell. Kopp asked for a penalty, but the Senegal international does not.

76 minutes: Well, that low motivation has certainly overwhelmed the Anfield fans, who are now in full swing and are standing behind their squad.

Objectives! Liverpool 1-1 Tottenham (Diaz 74)

Liverpool draw! Luis Diaz breaks through the edge of the Tottenham penalty area and shoots a shot. The ball takes a hit from Rodrigo Bentancur’s toe, which misfires on the helpless Hugo Lloris. Only 15 minutes left for everything!

Shot and shot: Luis Diaz scores the equalizer. Photography: Peter Byrne/Penn

73 minutes: Ben Davies, one player from Wales and Tottenham, is performing his duties once again, this time by extending his foot to prevent Mohamed Salah’s shot on goal.

71 minutes: Trent Alexander-Arnold was penalized for breaking into Son on the edge of the Tottenham penalty area. He extends the ball away from the goal with frustration and then tries to help (or pull, depending on your point of view) the son to his feet. Understandably, Sony is in no hurry and chooses to sit on the floor collecting his thoughts for a few more seconds.

70 minutes: Now they will be imprisoned Mahgouz for the exit of Mohamed Salah, where Al-Masry scored the side of the goal with the ball at his feet.

70 minutes: Ben’s cross from the opportune moment towards Romero is intercepted by Konate who heads away.

69 minutes: Tsimikas was booked for putting his arm across Kulusevski and pulling the Spurs man back while trying to break the field.

68 minutes: Tsimikas tries to level the ball from the left but Romero intercepts it again and tries to clear it.

66 minutes: Liverpool continue to block, but Tsimekas’ cross towards Alexander-Arnold was turned away. Moments later, Christian Romero sprinted to hit another ball in the Tottenham penalty area, clearly.

65 minutes: Liverpool double substitutions: Diogo Jota and Costas Tsimikas replace Jordan Henderson and Andy Robertson.

63 minutes: This Spurs goal appears to have briefly swarmed Liverpool fans, if not their players. There was calm at Anfield. After another superb pass from Thiago, Henderson crossed into a corner kick. Spurs must defend hard and once again Ben Davies makes a crucial block, this time from Luis Diaz.

61 minutes: Liverpool won with a corner kick but Robertson’s striker is out of reach.

58 minutes: That’s a big goal over the counter for Tottenham. Loris picked Royal with a long hit and found Kane. He played a diagonal ball to the left in Sessegnon’s way, who could have shot from a tight angle but chose instead to win the ball to the completely unmarked son. He would never miss it from there. This is a great goal.

Objectives! Liverpool 0-1 Tottenham (56-year-old)

Cricky! Son intervenes from six yards to send Spurs in front after the ball was slashed his way by the very unselfish Ryan Sessegnon.

Goal: Heung-Min Son of Tottenham Hotspur celebrates after scoring his team's first goal.
Goal: Heung-Min Son of Tottenham Hotspur celebrates after scoring his team’s first goal. Photo: Tottenham Hotspur FC/Getty Images

55 minutes: Tottenham win a corner. Son sends the ball into the Liverpool penalty area but his delivery was awful and Thiago wipes at the near post.

55 minutes: This was in the post for Davis, who got away without booking a couple of meaty challenges during the first half.

54 minutes: As soon as I write that, Oliver takes the name Ben Davies to wrestle over Mohamed Salah under a falling ball.

51 minutes: Fabinho has been penalized for a foul on Harry Kane and he asks Tottenham captain Michael Oliver why the Brazilian was not booked. Using his fingers, he makes a quick move to Fabinho’s mistakes to show why he should wave a yellow card. Nobody likes grass, Harry! To be fair with Kane, the referee appears to be in a very forgiving and forgiving mood tonight.

51 minutes: From the side line, Trent Alexander-Arnold stands the ball in the far corner. Clear spurs.

49 minutes: Reorganizing his crossed lines, Thiago chooses Henderson’s path to the far post and the Liverpool captain tries to level the ball. Ben Davies makes a decisive interception.

48 minutes: Thiago tries to capture Robertson on the left touchline with a 10-yard pass to the ground but sends the ball out of play. You don’t see out of place a lot of deliveries like that.

47 minutes: Near the edge of his team’s penalty area, Romero gave the ball to Sadio Mane, who couldn’t handle a teammate for his shot.

47 minutes: Spurs only had 30% in the first half and it seems unlikely they will have more as the match goes on. Despite Liverpool’s dominance, they created two chances so they will be looking to do more of the same.

Second half: Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur

46 minutes: Play resumes as Liverpool kick off and there are no personnel changes on either side.

Rachel Furness of Liverpool holds the FA Women's Championship trophy in the first half.
Rachel Furness of Liverpool holds the FA Women’s Championship trophy in the first half. Photo: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

First Half: Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur

peep! It was goalless in the first half and Tottenham did well not to slip under serious pressure from dominant Liverpool. Virgil van Dijk went closest to the hosts, hitting the crossbar with a header into the corner. For Spurs, Hojbjerg hits the woodwork at one end of their occasional counterattack, which is often restricted.

'This is Anfield'
‘This is Anfield’ Photo: Andrew Powell/Liverpool/Getty Images

45 minutes: Rodrigo Bentancur misses a pass under pressure and takes the ball out of play but is awarded a free kick in his own half.

43 minutes: Now, it’s Spurs who get close, with Pierre-Emile Hojberg hitting the outside from the left upright with a low racket drive from distance.

Pierre-Emile Hojberg
Pierre-Emile Hojberg hits the post. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

42 minutes: Spurs creak in the face of Liverpool’s relentless attack. Luis Diaz’s low shot was saved by Hugo Lloris.

42 minutes: Liverpool Corner. Andy Robertson’s delivery is good but Spurs are clear.

40 minutes: Liverpool won a free kick a few yards outside the Tottenham penalty area, to the right of D.

39 minutes: ooh! In the corner, Virgil van Dijk gave Emerson Royal a slip and hit the crossbar with a header.

Virgil van Dijk's header hit the crossbar.
Virgil van Dijk’s header hit the crossbar. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters

38 minutes: Bentancur shorted Davies with a poor pass and the Wales international had to make a foul on Thiago. Again, run away from the card. From the free kick that followed, Eric Dier knocked the ball out of play for a corner.

37 minutes: Ben Davies was penalized but not booked for fouling Mohamed Salah after a kamikaze pass from Christian Romero put Spurs in trouble.

32 minutes: From the free kick, Trent Alexander-Arnold sends the ball into the Tottenham penalty area and is cleared. Thiago sends a superb ball to the far post and Luis Diaz jumps, but he cannot head towards the goal or into the path of Sadio Mane under pressure from Lloris.

30 minutes: Thiago plays the ball away to Henderson in a pocket of space and sends Liverpool captain Mohamed Salah on his way down the touchline. He’s running into a dead end alley but Rodrigo Bentancur missed him anyway to accept a free kick from the touchline.

28 minutes: Thiago cuts the ball towards Henderson at the far post. Sesson had read the run but sent the ball into his own net, forcing Hugo Lloris to clear it. It was a mixture of good and near-disastrous defense from the Tottenham winger.

Hugo Lloris managed to push the ball away from Liverpool's Mohamed Salah.
Hugo Lloris managed to push the ball away from Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah. Photo: Paul Ellis/AFP/Getty Images

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