Live updates for Warriors-Celtics NBA Finals: Ime Udoka becomes artistic


The 2022 NBA Finals are still waiting for a team to win back-to-back games. Are the Warriors in a position to finally make a breakthrough? Or will the Celtics continue the back-and-forth nature of the series?

It may seem that the warriors are ready to run towards the title. Thanks to Stephen Curry’s scintillating Game 4 performance, the Warriors have reclaimed the advantage of the local stadiums. And their experience can come in handy in the important fifth game. But the young Celtics showed themselves to be nothing if they weren’t resilient.

All eyes will be on Carrie. His lowest point production was his 29-point effort winning Game 2. He averages 34.2 points and is easily the best player in these finals. What will the Celtics’ defense cook up to stop him?

USA TODAY Sports will get live updates and analysis throughout the evening as Game 5 of the 2022 NBA Finals kicks off.

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Emi Odoka made a technical error 0.2 seconds before the end of the first quarter. Yes, you read that correctly. Odoka was furious with the stewards after Robert Williams was called in for a foul shooting at Andrew Wiggins just before the clock ticked off. Steve Curry missed the technical free throw badly and Andrew Wiggins performed only 1 of his two free throws to extend the Warriors’ 27-16 lead over the Celtics.

The Warriors made a slow start to the NBA Finals so far, but that wasn’t the case during Game 5. The Warriors outplayed the Celtics 27-16 in the first quarter.

Andrew Wiggins came out of the gate strong and led the Warriors with seven points. Klay Thompson added five points, while Draymond Green and Steve Curry each scored four. Kevin Looney plays off the bench on Monday, but he made three personal fouls in the first quarter. Warriors 52.4% (11 vs. 21) from the field and 22.2% (2 vs. 9) from 3 points.

Celtics star Jason Tatum was goalless for most of the first quarter. He didn’t even try to shoot before he was uncharacteristically pulled down by Ime Udoka with 4:48 minutes before the end of the first quarter. He returned to the game with 2:38 remaining in the first quarter and proceeded to score three consecutive field goals for six points. Jaylen Brown and Robert Williams scored four points. Overall, the Celtics shot 32% (8 for 25) from the field and 0 for 5 in 3 seconds. To make matters worse, Boston had four transformations, which turned into six Warriors points.

Draymond Green got off to a better start in Game 5.

Despite sitting on the bench at awkward moments at the end of Game Four, Warriors coach Steve Kerr held onto Green and gave him a start on Monday. His energy and efforts affected the match instantly. Green even pulled his favorite fake rendition out of his bag. While crossing the three-point line, Green acted as if he was passing the ball off Klay Thompson before driving into his line and falling into a two-handed dip that sent shockwaves through Chase Center. Dunk lifted Golden State’s lead 12-4 with 7:28 in the first quarter.

Green is looking to improve from behind the arc. It’s 0 on 10 out of three in the NBA Finals, and 0 on 1 of three tonight.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr changed the lineup in Game Four, starting Otto Porter Jr. in place of Kevin Looney. Turns out, Looney had the most impactful performance off the bench with six points, 11 rebounds, two passes, one block and one steal and the Warriors beat Boston by 21 points with Looney on the field.

Kerr sticks to Novices in Game 4: Steve Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins and Porter. Looney will come off the bench again.

“In terms of size, I think Looney was clearly strong and he hit us on the glass in some matches,” Celtics coach Im Yodoka said. “The opposite is that we can take our seniors out sooner, and bring them back when he comes.”

Stephen Curry has the best NBA Finals of his career. He’s almost certain to win his first MVP award in the finals if the Warriors win.

Does he win it even if the Celtics win? ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins thinks so. “I think Steph Curry should win the MVP no matter the outcome! He was the best player in the series and he didn’t even come close. ‘Average guy is 35!!!!’,” Perkins said on Twitter.

Curry, who averages 34.2 points, has almost no chance of winning the prize if the Warriors lose. In the 2015 Finals in which the Warriors won six games by defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers, there was much debate over whether LeBron James would win the award after he became the first player in league history to lead both teams with points (35.8), rebounds (13.3) and assists ( 8.8).

Andre Iguodala, who averaged 16.3 points, 4.0 assists and 5.8 rebounds, earned 7 of his 11 total MVP votes in large part because of his defensive efforts. James reportedly got the other four votes.

Los Angeles Lakers’ Jerry West remains the only player in league history to win the MVP award from a losing team. In 1969, West won the award when the Lakers lost to the Celtics. The last game fell to the wire and the voters turned in their choices before the final score. West scored 42 points, with 13 rebounds and 12 assists in Game Seven.

Robert Williams is listed as “available” on the Celtics’ injury report after right knee pain caused by surgery in late March. Williams has started all four games in the NBA Finals so far and has averaged 6.3 points, 7.5 rebounds and 3.0 blocks against the Warriors.

“Honestly, I don’t think about it anymore when I’m on the court,” Williams said Sunday. “I’ve been playing almost the entire qualifier almost. Obviously, it’s hard to deal with, but I don’t really think about it on the field. I guess you could say my adrenaline gets me happily.”

Celtics coach Aimee Odoka said he won’t be under strict restrictions.

Al Horford in Boston

The Celtics don’t necessarily need the kind of scoring production they got from Horford in Game 1, when he contributed 26 points in a 9-of-12 shot. Horford is an important part of the Celtics’ starting lineup and he largely disappeared in the fourth quarter when it was Game 4. Still at hand. You could certainly argue that he missed both in the Celtics’ loss in the Finals – he earned two points in a 1 vs 4 shootout in Game 2 and was 2 on 6 with eight points in Game 4.

Golden State Diamond Green

Much has been written and said about Draymond Green in this series, and very little has been positive. The best that can be said about his performance in Game 4 is that he made several good defensive passes in the final minutes that helped the Warriors maintain their skinny lead. Of course, Green played so poorly on the offensive end that Warriors coach Steve Kerr switched him for more attacking. This is evidence of Green’s 6-for-26 payout in the finals. Even his mother made fun of him on Twitter.

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has canceled plans to attend Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics Monday night due to the league’s health and safety protocols.

Silver usually attends all final matches.

The association did not say if Silver tested positive for COVID-19 or was considered close contact with someone who had had it, nor did it release any details about his health.

It is also unclear when Silver will be able to resume attending the Games. Part of his role as commissioner includes handing out the League Championship trophy, which will be awarded to one team either Thursday in Boston or Sunday in San Francisco.

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Obviously, the stakes couldn’t be much higher for both the Warriors and the Celtics entering Game Five of the Finals. With the series tied 2-2 and no team capable of winning back-to-back matches, Game 5 could be pivotal in deciding who will win the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

In fact, the teams that won the fifth game have historically had a huge advantage. The previous 30 Finals were tied 2-2, and the team that won Game 5 went on to win the series 73.3% of the time (22-8). That would include last season when the Milwaukee Bucks lost their first two games to the Phoenix Suns before winning four games in a row to conclude the series.

As recently as 2013, Game 5 of the NBA Finals was played on the circuit of a team that did not have the domestic stadiums advantage as part of the 2-3-2 Finals format.

The league returned to a 2-2-1-1-1 format starting with the 2014 Finals.

“There’s always been a feeling among our teams, and they’ve mentioned two things: One, in the 2-2 streak, it’s kind of unfair to the team with the best record being away,” then-NBA commissioner David Stern said at the start of the 2013-14 season. And secondly, it is difficult for the team – the team with the best record to spend up to eight days on the road away from home.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who was deputy commissioner at the time and three months into Stern’s replacement, supported the change at the time and continues to do so today.

“We feel it’s better from a competitive standpoint,” Silver said at the start of the Boston Golden State Series on June 2. “I’ve always felt throughout my years in the league before we’re back in that shape, first of all, players are accustomed, to their bodies, to a 2-2- 1-1-1 from the previous rounds.And he always felt it was–even the elements where the injustice lies–but the three in that second city felt long and arduous.

“We have beautiful planes in this league. It’s a long journey. Again, it’s hard on everyone’s bodies. It’s hard for the media to have to go back and forth across the country, but it seems to be the right format.”

Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who has played in the 2-3-2 Finals format several times with the Chicago Bulls, prefers the current model.

“I prefer 2-2-1-1-1,” he said. “It’s a fairer format. Given that we have two days between each match, other than 3 and 4, I think both teams will be able to handle travel. But it seems like a fairer test. Remember that any time one team loses one of the first two teams At home during that era, it didn’t feel right to go on the road and play three road games in a row.I think that’s why the format changed again.

“Ironically, this has rarely happened where the home team has won the middle treble. So it was fine to travel, but it seems like a more natural flow to get back to 2-2-1-1-1.”

– Jeff Zilgate

Three years ago Monday to this date, the Golden State Warriors guard tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee against the Toronto Raptors in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals, the start of a period in which Thompson missed a two-and-a-half period.

On Sunday, Thompson was asked to reflect on that moment and what it meant to be back in the Finals after all he had to go through. He admitted that he did not combine the two is the anniversary of the knee injury.

“Well, there’s a lot of vibes in that day. We really came close to getting another chance for three peats, which hasn’t happened since Shaq (O’Neal) and Kobe (Bryant),” Thompson began.

“When I injured my knee, it was kind of a non-restrictive area for me because I was able to always be in the lineup throughout my career. I knew I had a lot of training going forward, and it was actually difficult because I didn’t really get a break. Normally, After such a long season, you get a nice summer vacation. I had to go straight to rehab, and it was a long cycle after that, a few years.”

– Jeff Zilgate

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