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Jakarta – A total of 46 ways to make money from the Internet you can try to increase your income. In today’s age of technology, money can be made from anywhere. Especially online. There are many ways to make money from the Internet. There are many business ideas that you can try at home with a laptop and a connection.

There are many ways to make money from the internet, from being a digital nomad or known as a digital nomad, to marketing, to a rising entrepreneur, there are many business ideas that you can try at home with a laptop and a strong internet connection. Strong internet.

1. Social media influencers

The profession of social media influencers is the dream of a million people to make money from the Internet. Influencers are now a new profession in the midst of social media trends.

2. Affiliate Program

Another way to make money from the Internet is to join affiliate programs. Recommend or review commercial products (affiliate program providers) through your website and include affiliate links.

3. Create an online store

The trend of e-commerce, also known as online stores, has become a top priority for society since this pandemic. More and more people are interested in searching for income from the Internet. Moreover, with platforms such as WordPress and WooCommerce that facilitate the creation of e-commerce websites.

4. Virtual Assistant

Who would have thought that the development of the era also opened up new job opportunities as a virtual assistant. So, if you are good at creating and managing multiple plans, you can try to become a virtual assistant.

5. admin

For the social media users who do not have the ability to find opportunities themselves as mentioned above, there is still another way to make money from the internet, which is to become a moderator.

6. Create a blog

Creating a blog or creating a blog is no longer just a hobby. This activity can be a way to make money from the Internet for beginners who do not have any capital. The good news is that anyone can create and write a blog. Moreover, there is no normative rule on what topics to write about. You are free to write on any topic.

7. Open online training services

How to make money online doesn’t have to be capital goods. You can also offer your services/experiences. One of them is teaching skills.

8. Selling WordPress themes and plugins

Coding skills related to web development have the potential to be used as a way to make money from the internet. Website development is very fast, in fact it is used by almost all levels of society. Apply for graphic design work

9. Graphic design work

Graphic designers are currently one of the busiest online business opportunities.

10. Dropshipper

Dropshipping is a way to sell without capital and without having to own inventory. Therefore, you are only acting as a link between consumers and suppliers.

11. Self-employed

Do you have skills such as writing, designing or translating documents but have not received a call from the company? Don’t waste time. Go to a freelance job site, grab the opportunity and earn from there.

12. Bloggers

Like venting can also make money, you know! Create a personal blog and set it up for monetization. The heart is at ease, the wallet is happy.


Some people prefer to express ideas audiovisually. Relax, there is YouTube. Make a video and then upload it. Then invite the closest people to watch and subscribe. The more people there are, the more income you get.

14- Sell stock photos

Aesthetic shots would be a shame if they were just uploaded to personal social media. Try selling it to sites like Shutterstock, Flickr, Unsplash, etc.

15. Write an e-book

If you love writing deeper ideas or diverse content, create an e-book and then sell it on the site. This can be an option to make money.

16. Video Editor

If you are not confident enough, being a video editor for a YouTube user can also be a source of rupee coffers.

17. Podcaster

Podcasts are a way to share ideas with audio. With a fairly easy monetization and creation system, anyone can now become a podcaster.

18. Translator

Language is a skill that people of all ages can master. If you feel you are expert enough, students can also benefit from the ability to translate.

19. Online lesson teacher

The pandemic has made many avenues of access, including education, available to the Internet. Students can take advantage of this opportunity to unlock teaching services to lower levels than them.

20. Site Sale

Selling a website can be chosen as an additional source of pocket money for students because the process is very easy.

21. Work in a company with remote control systems

Working for a remote company allows students to earn income even at home.

22. Social media management

One of the widely available remote jobs is to be in charge of social media. It takes communication skills to be a good supervisor.

23. Sell your favorite things

It is undeniable that online shopping makes someone an impulsive buyer. So that the goods do not accumulate, resell them at a price commensurate with the quality.

24. Take Paid Online Surveys

To improve the quality of service, many companies often conduct surveys with certain criteria and fees. If you meet the criteria, feel free to participate in the survey.

25. Become a web hosting reseller

A reseller hosting provider will provide dedicated server space to its users to build their web hosting brand.

26. Take advantage of cashback

You can sell digital products from various platforms and take advantage of the cashback provided.

27. Deposit service

Recently, Jastip or Custody services have become increasingly popular. Jastip usually works on Whatsapp and social media groups, which can be accessed via smartphones. The merchandise sold is varied, ranging from food and fashion products to furniture.

28. Online Business Directory

Online directories can be one way to get money from the Internet easily.

29. Create Email Marketing

Writing a special niche email newsletter can be one way to make money online. Sending email marketing is essential to creating a stable and solid business.

30. Invest in cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrency is like investing in any other field, and of course there are risks. However, knowing more about cryptocurrencies will add money.

31. Sell Business on Etsy

Etsy is one of the biggest selling platforms for a variety of crafts, from iPhone cases to simple shelves to rings and more.

32. Sell items on Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest online marketplace with over thousands of products listed. You can use it as a way to make money online.

33. Create a job site

If you have a closet website, those who are looking for workers with certain criteria will place ads on your site.

34. Narrator Audio Book

The increasing popularity of audiobooks or audiobooks recently is a sign of many people switching from print books to audiobooks.

35. Content Creator

Instagram is a great place to earn income. The key is just to have a lot of followers.

36. Freelance writer

Writing can make money for someone, especially in the online world.

37. Selling Designs

Open an online store by uploading a design and choosing an item or product to showcase your design. Sales products can also be sent according to consumer demand.

38. Try Micro Functions

There are certain functions that only humans can do, for example, you are asked to re-check search results for a certain keyword, translate paragraphs, or rank an article’s style and feel.

39. Sell on Google

In addition, it provides ease of use for each application in carrying out routine actions. Google can also be used as a way to make money.

40. Become an Online Event Organizer

Event organizers can now do this not only traditionally, but also through mobile phones. You can be an event organizer or even a fun team that animates the promotion of an event online.

41. Remote work

Many companies today are looking for part-time and full-time employees with a WFH system.

42. Subtitle Film Translator

You must have good foreign language skills, like to watch movies, follow the development of the movie world, and not get bored easily when sitting for hours subtitling the movie.

43. Corrected

Corrector or proofreader is to check the quality of a text. A proofreader is tasked with ensuring that the text is free from typos, grammar, and the use of punctuation, spaces, and type formats.

44. Introducing the Membership System

The manufacturing process is also easy although the number of audiences who visit the site is the main factor, and this can make money.

45. Rent advertising space

Usually, advertising space rental is carried out through websites that already have a large number of traffic. If your website traffic numbers continue to grow, then you can consider this method of getting money quickly from the Internet

46. ​​Services on the Site

Another way to make money from the Internet is to provide services and services on the site.

A list of 46 ways to make money from the Internet can be a reference. Good luck and God bless you. (Ren)

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