List of films in TIFF – Deadline

The Toronto Film Festival returns this year.

Seriously, she’s really back.

Unlike last year, which was a significantly quieter festival with fewer stars and feature films numbering 130, this year TIFF will see a ceremonial closure of King Street (no trams), full-capacity theaters without a mask, no evidence of vaccinations, conferences Live journalist and return of perks and volunteers in the orange jersey. It will also see a strong curation of 260 feature films, the festival announced on Thursday for 18 festivals and 45 special presentations.

In the fall and holiday aisle of the local box office filled with anti-adult programming set for awards season, distributors need to launch TIFF now more than ever in order to make a fuss and stoke older moviegoers who are still slow to make a comeback during the pandemic. TIFF’s critically acclaimed film could push the film to cross over to a wider audience. Case in point: TIFF’s 2019 World Premiere of crooks Which became Jennifer Lopez’s highest-grossing live-action movie with $105 million, up to its 2018 North American premiere a star is born, which saw its way to a $215 million statewide total, eight Academy Award nominations and one win.

“There are films that will be released in the aftermath of the festival, and I hope that the adult audience will see and revive the custom. Fortunately, this has been accomplished with blockbuster summer films. There are a different kind of film released in the fall, hopefully,” says Cameron Bailey, CEO of TIFF. For the public to go see it.”

Outside of the first nine shows already announced – including the Netflix movie Opening Night swimmers From Sally El Husseini, Rian Johnson’s Netflix title Glass onions: Unlocking the mystery of the knivesBilly Eichner broochClement the Virgin the brothers, Sana’a Lathan to go outHarry Styles Amazon Prime picture policeman , Viola Davis Starr womanking, Steven Spielberg’s robotic clinic fabelmann and Lena Dunham Catherine is called Birdie – There are works by Martin McDonagh (Inisherin from Inisherin); Sam Mendes (The Empire of Light); Tyler Perry (Jazman Blues); Catherine Hardwicke (prisoner’s daughter); Darren Aronofsky Whale starring the transformed and very old Brendan Fraser; Peter Farley (Greatest drink ever); and Reginald Hudlin (Sidney Pointier Documentary Sydney) among several other things.

Among other star-studded world premieres is Jennifer Lawrence in the veteran US military drama lanes Nicholas Cage in butcher crossing Anna Kendrick in Alice, Darling; Jessica Chastain (who started her way to winning the Best Actress Oscar last year at TIFF with Tami Faye’s eyes) and Eddie Redmayne at Netflix’s The good nurse; Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult and Ralph Fiennes menus Lily James and Emma Thompson in What’s Love Got To Do With It?; Jonathan Majors and Glenn Powell in loyalty; Judi Dench in the drama The Geriatric Department, directed by Sir Richard Eyre the loogue; Sally Hawkins and Steve Coogan in Stephen Frears The lost king.

Last year, films competing for the prestigious TIFF Academy Award, the Grolsch People’s Choice Award, were required to screen at the festival in person and online. Those rules changed this year as Bailey said, “We’re an entirely personal festival.”

Regarding the hybrid nature of this year’s 47th edition, “We’ll only have small samples of films available in Canada to watch at home online. The festival takes place in person, in theaters, and that’s where we want to see everyone.”

“We are excited to welcome some of the most iconic characters in movies back to Toronto for their celebratory films and special presentations,” he continues. “With stories spanning six continents and iconic shows you just have to watch, this collection delivers rich experiences we’ve been waiting for all year. Cinema is alive. Red carpets are back. And the best audience in the world awaits in Toronto.”

Spielberg Awards season entries usually go down to the wire in the publication prior to their release (remember 2005 Munich?), but here’s a three-time Academy Award winner who has a November issue to go to TIFF. Not to mention that the director does not always show his world-class films at festivals; Ready player one Being the last title in SXSW. Talking about how TIFF scored the director’s first film at the festival, Bailey explained, “We’ve been longtime partners with Universal Pictures. We talk to them about what’s going to happen to them in the fall — that was, of course, high on our list, and on their list too.”

“When we saw the film, we responded in a strong emotional way. I sent a note, which was passed on to Stephen, about our reaction to the film, how touched we were by it, and how it is a beautiful love letter to films and movies.”

“Toronto is a place where the audience is paramount. The audience determines what the festival looks like, it defines the films everyone is talking about and it goes on until further notice and elsewhere,” Bailey said. “The emotional reactions we had when we saw it will amplify when our audience sees it; that hug will be stronger and fiercer than anywhere else.”

Talk about a festival looking to be rowdy a year after Hollywood’s reluctance to venture across the reopened Canadian border: The mega styles artist is said to be in Toronto for the world premiere of Love Triangle policeman. However, it is strange that the North American premiere after the world premiere of the Venice Film Festival starring Styles, the erotic drama directed by Olivia Wilde, did not receive the North American premiere. do not worry my love. Sources told Deadline that there’s a situation he doesn’t want to be created in TIFF where a star like Styles has competing projects pulling his profile. Billy says why do not worry my love MIA at TIFF, “Great question, not a question for me, this is a question for Warner Bros,” adding that regarding Styles’ other title at the festival, “If you’re looking for edgy, you’ll want to see policeman. “

With the lively return of the in-person festival, Bailey says the in-car premieres, done during the pandemic, won’t return.

“We’ve had a two-year race with additional cars and that was an exciting new thing for us, but there are all kinds of new complications of showing movies to people sitting in their cars, as you can imagine, but for the sake of it we’re done with the moment,” Bailey says.

Before the pandemic forced TIFF to switch to a hybrid over the past two years, attendance in 2019 was 307,362 at its most recent in-person event. Bailey is optimistic that with the increased performances this year, audiences will indeed return to the festival.

“We are expecting full houses. We know from the ticket packages that we’ve been on our way over the past few weeks, and some have already sold out, but there’s still plenty available. There is enough appetite for what we have seen so far that we are expecting a large audience.”

Here are the films revealed today:

Gala Offers
* Previously announced

Alice, Darling
Mary Nighy | Canada, USA
World premiere

black ice
Hubert Davis | Canada
World premiere

butcher crossing
Gabe Polsky | United States of America
World premiere

Greatest drink ever
Peter Farrelly | United States of America
World premiere

Francesca Archiboggi | Italy, France
World premiere

Lee Jong Jae | South Korea
North American premiere

Jazman Blues
Tyler Perry | United States of America
World premiere

Limbo Shubham Yogi | India
World premiere

moving forward
Paul Weitz | United States of America
World premiere

Paris memories
Alice Winokur | France
North American premiere

prisoner’s daughter
Catherine Hardwicke | United States of America
World premiere

Raymond Wray
Rodrigo Garcia | United States of America
World premiere

Amy Redford | United States of America
World premiere

Reginald Hudlin | United States of America
World premiere

Florian Zeller | United kingdom
North American premiere

*swimmers (Opening Night movie)
Sally El Husseiny | United kingdom
World premiere

What’s Love Got To Do With It?
Shekhar Kapoor | United kingdom
World premiere

*Woman King
Jenna Prince-Bythwood | United States of America
World premiere



Rob Youngson / © Pathe Productions Ltd. and BBC

the loogue
Richard Eyre | United kingdom
World premiere

All Quiet on the Western Front
Edward Berger | USA, Germany

Inisherin from Inisherin
Martin McDonagh | UK, Ireland, USA
North American premiere

Blue Buck
Robert Connolly | Australia
World premiere

Cafe Blue
Maryam Touzani | Morocco, France, Belgium, Denmark
North American premiere

Hirokazu Kureda | South Korea
Canadian premiere

*the brothers
Clement the Virgin | Canada
World premiere

Nicholas Stoller | United States of America
World premiere

*Catherine is called Birdie
Lena Dunham | United kingdom
World premiere

Leela Neugebauer | United States of America
World premiere

Stephen Williams | United States of America
World premiere

Marie Kreutzer | Austria, France, Germany
North American premiere

Decision to leave
Park Chan-wook | South Korea
North American premiere

J.D. Dillard | United States of America
World premiere

Madeline drives
Christian Carrion | France
International premiere

El Solente
Diego Lerman | Argentina, Italy, Mexico, Spain, France

The Empire of Light
Sam Mendes | UK, USA
Canadian premiere

immortal daughter
Joanna Hogg | United kingdom
North American premiere

* Fablemans
Steven Spielberg | United States of America
World premiere

* Onion glass: knives to bring out the mystery
Ryan Johnson | United States of America
World premiere

Good night Obi
Ryan White | United States of America
International premiere

The good nurse
Tobias Lindholm | United States of America
World premiere

Holy spider
Ali Abbasi | Denmark, Germany, Sweden, France
Canadian premiere

Saim Sadiq | Pakistan
North American premiere

King’s Knight
Bey Bandel | Nigeria
World premiere

The lost king
Stephen Frears | United kingdom
World premiere

mind man
Jung Woo Sung | South Korea
World premiere

food menu
Marc Miloud | United States of America
World premiere

*on exit
Sana’a Lathan | United States of America
World premiere

beautiful morning
Mia Hansen Love | France
Canadian premiere

Other people’s children
Rebecca Zlotowski | France
North American premiere

Daydream Monaj
Brett Morgan | United States of America
North American premiere

* policeman
Michael Grundig | United kingdom
World premiere

Nikiato Juso | United States of America
International premiere

no bears
Jaafar Panahi | Iran
North American premiere

The Return of Tanya Tucker: Featuring Brandy Carlyle
Kathleen Horan | United States of America
International premiere

Saint Omar
Alice Diop | France
North American premiere

safe haven
Zachary Wigon | United States of America
World premiere

Stories that shouldn’t be told
Cesc Jay | Spain
World premiere

sadness triangle
Robin Stillund | Sweden, UK, USA, France, Greece
North American premiere

walk towards
Hong Sang Soo | South Korea
World premiere

Wendell and Wild
Henry Selick | United States of America
World premiere

Darren Aronofsky | United States of America
North American premiere

woman talking
Sarah Polley | United States of America
International premiere

Sebastian Lelio | United Kingdom, Ireland
Canadian premiere

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