Learn about the router and its function as a support for the Internet

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Curious to know how to connect to the Internet? A router is a device that plays an important role in the process of connecting to the Internet. This process is also known as routing. Because without this process, your device will not be able to browse cyberspace.

What is a router and what does it do?

A router is a device that transmits data packets from the Internet to other devices through the routing process. A router manages traffic between networks by forwarding data packets to the destination IP address. Later, the router allows multiple devices to use the same internet connection.

Apart from managing traffic between networks and sharing internet connection with many other devices, routers also have other functions such as:

1. Connect the network with DSL

Another function of the router is to connect the local network with a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection. Usually, a DSL router also acts as a firewall that protects your data and increases cyber security to make the internet more secure.

2. Information transmission

Routers also have another function of transmitting information from other networks. Routers can link Internet access to a network bridge operating system so that data from one network can be used by the other networks.

3. Read the IP address

The router can read the source and destination IP addresses. Reading this address can later determine the routing from one node to another in the network.

4. Packet filtering

In addition to transmitting information, routers can also filter data packets that run on the Internet.

The filtering process will support the performance of the Internet and prevent the Internet connection from slowing down due to heavy traffic.

Currently, the Internet in Indonesia has become a basic need for housing, offices, schools and other public places. Even today, people who live in rural areas can also use the Internet to support their daily activities.

But before buying a router, it is good to consider the following:

1. Choose a wifi router with the widest range that is able to break through building barriers so that the Internet signal can be used optimally.

2. Choose a router according to your needs and financial capabilities, is it a router for the needs of your office, school or home?

3. Choose a router that can be compatible with all kinds of devices to increase internet usage.

Well, here are 5 popular routers in Indonesia:

1. TP-Link WR841 HP

TP-Link WR841 HP is one of the most popular Wifi routers in Indonesia at the moment. This router definitely has many advantages, one of them can be used in 3 modes at the same time, namely as a router, extended range and access point.

Apart from that, this brand also provides advanced settings features of TP-Link which are very useful for optimizing your Wifi, such as IP address reservation feature; Wake on LAN feature that allows you to run your device on the router via, or a mobile app; features of local administration; Parental control features and more. With TP-Link’s fairly complete advanced setup feature, it’s no wonder that the router brand is in the ranks of the best and most popular Wifi routers in Indonesia.

2. Asus RT-N14UHP

The next most popular router in Indonesia is the Asus RT-N14UHP. At a rather high price, it is no wonder that this router is equipped with a number of interesting features and qualities.

This router brand claims to be able to extend Wifi coverage 3x compared to other router brands. Even under normal conditions, speeds of this router can reach 300Mbps. Not only that, this router is rich with very useful features like AiCloud app and Download Master.

3. Xiaomi Mi WiFi 3 Router

Who does not know this brand? Although it is known as a smartphone brand, Xiaomi has also released a brand of routers that is quite reliable for the Indonesian people.

Yes, the Xiaomi Mi Wifi 3 router has the latest 802.11ac WiFi technology to increase the WiFi usage up to 3 times. In addition, this router can provide a combined wireless data transfer speed of 1167Mbps which makes it easier for you to use video streams without buffering with HD video quality.

4. AC6 AC1200 . Tent

There are a number of reasons why this brand of routers is so popular in Indonesia. Yes, the router named Tenda AC6 AC1200 is claimed to have used 5dBi HG antenna, beamforming technology and equipped with a good subwoofer.

Tenda router also used 5G 802.11ac WiFi capable of offering good internet speed with wider bandwidth. The interesting thing about this router brand is that you can set the Wifi schedule automatically so that you can save the power that this router is using.

5. D-Link DIR-612 . Router

The most popular brand of routers is D-Link DIR-612. This router is claimed to be suitable for those who like to surf or transfer fairly large data. This is due to the speed that this router provides up to 300Mbps.

Apart from this, this router brand also uses a NAT firewall which will prevent your network from snooping issues. This router is also very suitable for use in large areas of large amounts of Internet use.

Thus, information about routers and the 5 most popular brands of routers in Indonesia at the moment. Please choose one that fits your needs.

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