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The front pages of British newspapers offer very contrasting shades of gray in their handling of the report on the Partigate scandal and its repercussions for Boris Johnson’s tenure at 10 Downing Street.

Drinking, fighting, vomiting: all in a day’s work, PM says ‘is how guardian It summarizes the prime minister’s brazen attempt to publish the Sue Gray report which found that the 10th “higher leadership” should take responsibility for the wine culture.

Photo: The Guardian

According to graphic writer John Criss, after 30 seconds of remorse in the House of Commons, Johnson quickly returned to writing with the “classic unapologetic narcissist. A lousy torrent of self-pity. A man who has done more wrong. A good man is thrown adrift in a world he barely understands.” “.

The Mirror Focuses on how the Prime Minister and his staff are “laughing at us all”, as the nation has been in lockdown and mourning loved ones alone.

metro Picks up the commentary from a senior aide to Boris Johnson as a headline. Red wine on the walls number 10, he vomits, he fights, but… ‘We got away.’

Tomorrow’s paper today

We got away from that

The employees of Brazen Downing St knew they were all breaking the rules
The Prime Minister says he is sorry but then denies that he lied to Parliament pic.twitter.com/tjE0RQ8282

– Metro (MetroUK) 25 May 2022

The FT “Johnson did not bow down as Gray lays bare details on the 10 parties,” he says, and believes a Tory coup is now “unlikely”.

The me It captures the subject of Gray’s conclusion: “leadership failure.”

It’s a very different picture if you look at some of the papers supporting the Conservative Party.

The mail He adopts an indignant tone with a title asking: “Is that it?”. It’s tucked under a long subtitle that reaches to the headline: “For months, the Prime Minister’s enemies have been salivating over the prospect of Sue Gray doing him harm. However, after her innocent communication pictures of him with juice and M&S sandwiches, they must be asking.. .”

There is no possibility of error in pass One of Johnson’s enemies because he rides the prime minister easily. “Really… is that what all the fuss is about?” It’s the front-page headline above a picture of him toasting his staff.

to telegraph, Gray’s report isn’t the main story of the day as he prefers to top it off with “Sunak to extend energy bill to ease”. It did, however, state that “Johnson denies covering up ABBA’s Downing Street Flat party” and also carries the improbable thrill of an inside story of TV presenter Patrick Keelty reading “Late Nights at Sue Gray’s.”

The times It also puts the cost of living first and then Gray second. Its headline is “Grey Report Exonerates 10 Parties, Johnson Alleges”.

Times London front page 26 May 2022
Image: The Times

The Sun, from now on, combines the two in what she calls a “letter to Prime Minister Boris”. “(The Gate) is finished…Now help our readers get through the cost of living crisis.”

But if the pro-Johnson newspapers hope that their hero is finally out of the woods, the handling of the story by the non-London press may give pause for thought.

The North Echowhich serves several constituencies that switched to the Conservative Party in 2019, has a tough front page with a picture of Johnson covered in the words of Middlesbrough Labor MP Andy MacDonald as a headline: “Blood is on your distinguished filthy hands”” the paper says 66% of its readers They want Johnson in 10th place amid anger over “the loss of countless Northeast lives while the Prime Minister was involved”.

The Yorkshire Post It’s not so horrific, but nonetheless damned for a government that has so many seats in the region. “Leadership and governance fail,” she says under a picture of a sad-looking Johnson.

It was tempting to follow the chronology of the day, letting the Prime Minister have the final say. Some will. Some do not. Some will craft their own titles. But from the start today, we knew we wanted to give Sue Gray the compliment of summarizing things, so we did. pic.twitter.com/1xDknnPqQH

– James Mitchinson (JayMitchinson) 25 May 2022

in scotland records “Tory enough to make you sick,” he says.

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