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Donovan Mitchell’s future with the Utah Jazz has been a focal point of the league since it was reported earlier this week that the team has been listening to offers from the All-Star goalkeeper. In recent days, chatter from jazz and league sources has increased. Here are the latest rumors, reports and information:

The interest of the New York Knicks

• The Jazz and the Knicks had important talks about the Mitchell deal on Tuesday, according to multiple Tribune sources and as first reported by The Athletic. It was these conversations that launched ESPN’s report that jazz musicians were now listening to performances on Mitchell. Those talks were constructive enough that some thought the deal could be completed on Tuesday or Wednesday night, but there was clearly no final agreement.

• In those conversations and previous conversations, according to a source, Jazz demanded a huge return never seen before for Mitchell. The Knicks can trade a maximum of eight first-round picks – the Jazz wants the majority of those picks. They also asked for choice swaps on the road. Finally, they also ordered a mix of young Quentin Grimes, Emmanuel Quikley, Obi Tobin, Miles McBride and Cam Reddish. Grimes is perhaps the main target among these Utah players.

• RJ Barrett, the third pick for the 2019 NBA Draft, was deemed more valuable to the Knicks than the Jazz, and therefore was not included in the recent conversation, multiple sources told Tribune.

• Despite this, the Knicks did not want to give up many of their future picks and small pieces. Despite this, there was a significant Knicks counter-show that included fewer of those pieces.

• In order to close a deal, the Jazz will need to get a bigger salary from the Knicks as well. Julius Randle, though, likely isn’t this piece — it’s likely Evan Fournier or Derek Rose.

• While no timetable has been set by either side in a deal, most people expect a solution where Jazz and Knicks simply agree to terms of an offer somewhere between the two current ask prices in a matter of hours, days, or weeks – any time the side He has reason to budget.

Miami Heat rumors

• However, the Knicks are not the only team interested in Mitchell. The Miami Heat have taken care of Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell in recent weeks.

• But their little cuts and picks are simply not as attractive as New York. The Heat traded their 2025 first-round pick, which means they can only offer a 2023 pick, a 2027 pick, and a 2029 pick, along with pick-ups in other years. The Heat also suffers from a shortage of young players compared to New York. 22-year-old Tyler Herro is a good piece, but Max Strus, Gabe Vincent and Omer Yurtseven are much older and have shorter contracts than their main Knicks counterparts.

• The Heat put on a show weeks ago for Mitchell that included almost all of these chops, but jazz found it insufficient. At the time, sources told the Tribune, the Jazz and the Heat agreed that a third team might be necessary in the trade in order to bring more value to jazz – which likely meant the Heat would have to send their veteran pieces elsewhere to get younger. Player or choose the corresponding value.

• The Heat did so, hoping to acquire Durant or Mitchell. In general, though, it seems less likely than the New York option.

• At least one voice in the jazz front office favors Hero as Barrett’s return, according to a source. why? Consider their reference basketball predictions for the upcoming season:



Basically, the possibility that Herro will be a cheaper contract going forward and a more advanced shot put are reasons for optimism. No doubt Barrett is taller, younger and has a lot more defensive potential. Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report conducted a survey of “over two dozen” front-office executives in the Summer League in Las Vegas, who reported that they believed Barrett had more business value than Herro “by a wide margin.”

Jokes have been written About happy Herro partying in Utah, but a source familiar with Herro’s thinking says he’s more optimistic about a potential marriage — especially one in which he’ll play a bigger role than he was in Miami.

Brooklyn Nets in play?

• Another possibility considered: Mitchell ended up in New York City – but for the Brooklyn Nets, not the Knicks. In this circumstance, the Nets will replace Kevin Durant with a third team, likely Phoenix, and use the capital they get to acquire Mitchell. Nets owner Joe Tsai is said to want to keep a competitive roster in Brooklyn despite trading Durant, and Mitchell would be a logical starting point.

• However, there are huge roadblocks to the idea. The first is that the Nets, under a CBA rule, cannot hold Mitchell’s and Ben Simmons’ new extensions at the same time, as both were acquired in the trade. The Nets will have to transfer Simmons to either Jazz or another team.

• Second, Suns will have to send in enough salary to balance Durant’s $44 million contract — the $20 million not enough for Michael Bridges. The DeAndre Ayton Center, which may be useful as a ballast for salary and revenue, has signed a maximum extension offer paper with the Indiana Pacers. If The Suns match, you will not be able to trade Ayton without his permission for one year.

• Several other teams made inquiries about Mitchell’s availability after the Gobert deal, but Jazz found that many of these offers were not particularly close to asking price.

• In general, Jazz is in talks with the goal of acquiring as many future assets, in both player and chosen format, as possible. They do so without much concern for their winning total during the 2022-23 season: just as they did in the Gobert deal, they are prioritizing future picks over now winning players.

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