Last Match Report – India vs England 2 T20I 2022

India 170 to 8 (Jadeja 46*, Rohit 31, Jordan 4-27, Gleeson 3-15) England 121 (Main 35, Willy 33*, Bovneshwar 3-15, Bumrah 2-10, Chahal 2-10) 49-stroke

Bovneshwar Kumar took three points, Jaspreet Pomrah and Yosvendra Chahal beat with two wickets as India beat England for 121 in Edgbaston’s second T20I to advance 2-0 in the three-match series. .

Having been named, Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant, the recent opening debut in the T20Is, took India to 49 in 4.5 overs. England pulled things back in the middle, as newcomer Richard Gleeson captured Rohit, Virat Kohli and Pant in the ten-ball space. When Chris Jordan knocked out Suryakumar Yadav and Hardik Pandya for consecutive balls, India were reduced to 89 to 5 in the eleventh inning.

Next, Ravindra Jadega, who replaced Aksar Patel in the squad, smashed 46 of 29 undefeated balls to lead India to 170 for 8.

Given the short box bounds – 64 meters on each side – it wasn’t necessarily a total win, especially against this England side, but Buffenechoir brought back Jason Roy and Joss Butler on the cheap to undermine England’s pursuit. England could never recover from there and fell to 61 for 6 out of 11 increases. When Harshal Patel Yorked No. 11 Matt Parkinson To finish the game, there were still three sums left.

Rohit trades perfection for progress
In the second ball of innings, Rohit tried to raise his voice above mid-half against David Wylie. All he got was an outside edge after Felder’s slip. After two balls, he chased a full and wide delivery only to cut it toward the back point, where Roy took the opportunity. Of the twenty balls he encountered, Rohit was not in control of eight of those.

But the field’s limitations meant that when well connected, the run was intense and fast. Willie was taken to a pair of sixes and assigned to Ali for four balls on three balls. In all, his run rate of 31 came with a strike rate of 155.

Gleeson, Jordan connects India again
Earlier in the day Gleeson, at 34 years and 219 days old, became England’s third oldest rookie in the T20Is. He made his day unforgettable when he brought Rohit back on his first visit. Captain India achieved an overhead pull and Butler completed the hunt backwards.

On the first ball of Gleeson’s next ball, David Malan took a better catch to keep Kohli away. The hitter looked like he was hitting a long ball wide but ended up skating on it behind a point back. Malan, like Butler, ran back and took a long dive to hold him with both hands. When he completed the catch, he was not far from the next third ball player.

By then, Pant had gone 26 of 14 balls, using his feet against both tailors and spinners and even posting the late cut to pick up four to show off the fantastic state of mind he’s in. He charged Gleeson too but he was tight and ended up getting an inside edge for Butler.

Hardek played the triple ball but looked uncomfortable against the extra rebound of the rest of the goal, which turned out to be the first double-goal. However, he and Suryakumar led India to 86 for 3 halfway but Jordan stunned them soon after. Suryakumar mistook the draw halfway deep and Hardik directed the short-length delivery to the rear point.

Jadeja comes to the rescue
India is trying to ensure that Dinesh Karthik is out mainly on the racket in the last five rounds of innings. But here it was in the middle early on the eleventh day. He took eight balls to open his account and was on 7 of 14 balls. In the end, it ran out for 12 of 17.

But Jadeja kept the scoreboard moving. He was also helped by sloppy English interference – a fault from Harry Brooke gave him his first frontier, and when he was twelve, Butler likely missed Liam Livingston.

Jadeja took full advantage of this postponement and forged important partnerships with the lower order. In the end, he even refused a song on two occasions to maintain the strike. His efforts made sure that India captured 55 in the last five times.

Bovneshwar swings in India road
There was a hint of movement with the new ball when the England tailors were bowling. But it was Bhuveneshwar who took full advantage of it. It started with a virgin wicket. On the first ball of the chase, Roy initially caught the slip with a knockout. In the next five, he hit Malan’s outer edge three times and hit his pads once.

In the next Bhuvneshwar game, Malan used his feet to counteract the movement, causing Pant to stand on the logs. Two balls later, Butler poked a long ball, but it kissed the end of his putter’s finger and settled into Pant’s gloves.

slow motion boomer hair
Livingston started offensively, as he always does these days, hitting four times in a row off Bhuvneshwar. The fourth time, he picked up another frontier from Hardik. But Boumera hit his counterattack in the cradle with a well-executed slow ball.

Many tailors roll their fingers on a ball when they drop a cutter. On the other hand, a bummer uses his wrist more than his fingers for the same effect but with a little more caveat. Livingston failed to catch it and his torso was tied back as the ball slipped through the gap between the bat and the pad.

Chahal counted Brock and Malan before Pomrah returned to knock out Sam Curran, with another ball slower. The allrounder missed a high shot and hid in the middle of the road. That left England 60 to 6 and all of them out of the competition.

Moeen and Willey blinked for a while but the required average was over 13. Even after Moeen and Jordan fell from consecutive balls, Willy tried to fight it off, hitting a few sixes and fours on the next 11 balls, but the task became insurmountable.

Hemant Brar is sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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