Kris Jenner called her doctor to convince Kendall Jenner to have children

Kendall, 26, has revealed that her mom keeps telling her she’s “not getting any younger” – just weeks after admitting she received “friendly reminders” from Kris of having a baby.

Despite being the grandmother of 11 young children, Kris Jenner is pretty desperate that her daughter Kendall—Kargener’s only childless sister—will have a young child of her own.

Kendall, 26, has consistently emphasized that she would definitely like to have children in the future, but she’s not quite ready yet.

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As a successful international model and widespread business mogul, Kendall has confirmed that she is “ready to wait” before starting a family with boyfriend Devin Booker.

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However, that didn’t stop Kris from making it clear to Kendall that she’s very keen on having children.

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And in the latest installation of Hulu’s reality family series, KardashiansKris takes things to a new level because she literally calls her doctor right away in an attempt to influence Kendall.

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In the episode, we see Kris and Kendall having a very serious conversation as the mom breaks the news about her sister, Kim Kardashian, holding the cover of Vogue they were competing for.

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But then, literally out of nowhere, Kris called Kendall “maybe it’s time” to have kids.

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“When it comes to you guys [the siblings]She told Kendall, before suddenly saying, “I was just thinking maybe it’s time to have a baby.”

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Understandably, Kendall was surprised by Kris’ comment and literally choked on her drink, before admitting she was “uncomfortable.”

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“You keep telling me, ‘You’re not going to get any younger,’ but guess what my mom is? It’s my life, okay?” she says.

“I don’t know if I’m ready yet,” she adds, before explaining in a confession, “I still have a lot I need to know before I welcome a baby into my life. Like, I’m still enjoying life on my own and I’m OK with that now.”

But, Chris is clearly not convinced, he laughs and asks, “Are you sure it’s your life?”

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“Let me tell you some fun fact,” she continues. “When you were born, I made your body inside my body. So, you made your eggs inside me. That means I made your eggs.”

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“You know, every year that goes by, your eggs — the count drops a little bit,” warned Kendall, who seemed unenthusiastic as she sat on her phone.

Apparently Chris, feeling the model needs more convincing, suddenly decides to call his family doctor for an opinion.

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With the doctor on speakerphone, Chris Kendall loudly demands, “Ask her if you should freeze eggs.”

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To Chris’ delight, the professional recommends a course of egg freezing and says it “would be a good time” for Kendall to do so.

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When the phone call ends, Chris says, “Well, I guess it’s unanimous. We’re going to have a baby!”

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“No,” Kendall says. Still stiff Chris, he joked, “Wow! So happy for you.”

As mentioned, this definitely isn’t the first time Kris has made it clear to Kendall that she’s eager to have children.

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Just last month, Kendall revealed that she receives frequent “friendly” reminders from her mother to start a family.

During an interview with E! News, the model was asked about any family members pressuring her to have children, and she replied, “Mom, 100 percent. Mom and Kyle.”

She said of Chris, who simply replied, “She’ll text me randomly and say, ‘I think it’s time,’ and I’m like, ‘Isn’t that up to me?! “”

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