Jumbo Pack: Everything Nick Saban, Bryce Young, Will Anderson and Jordan Battle said at SEC Media Days 2022

As our SEC media days continue, we’ve had over an hour of press conferences from Nick Saban, Bryce Young, Will Anderson and Jordan Battle. Overall, it was a fairly calm and non-confrontational day from the group. Even though Will Anderson was looking hard at the camera and saying “we notice” when asked about Jimbo Fisher taking shots at Saban it was a very terrifying moment.

Saban has also spoken several times about his thoughts about trying to maintain a semblance of competitive balance, and that he believes it could take a federal-level body to rule it, as the NCAA can’t do anything without a lawsuit.

In regards to his own team, Saban appears to have been very high on the team mentality, and was overjoyed in his praise of the player leadership. He also appears somewhat happy with the progress made in the “reconstructed” attack line, and upon reading behind the lines, believes new coach, Eric Wolford, is making a huge difference over the course of one year in the garbage fire we had last year.

He seemed more concerned about the back corner than I would have liked. Kool-Aid McKinstry and Khyree Jackson both appear to be recovering from injuries, and Eli Ricks continues to prove he can do things the way Alabama wants them to do.

Saban also lightly dropped this line with a bit of a smirk:

“I Think We have 113 drafted players in the last 14 years and 41 first-round picks.”

Come on, Nick, you can’t tell Think Then drop super specific numbers like this. He knew exactly what he was saying, and he was doing everything he could to continue building the Alabama brand throughout the day with his conversations about player development, and career success, all of which were part of being on the Alabama show.

Anyway, here are the full videos below:

If you want more rhetoric, I’ll add some links from various rhythm reporters:

“Having two players as much of an impact on our team as these two guys are, I don’t remember having a circumstance like that at all,” Saban said at SEC Media Days. “We’ve had some impressive players, but not one on offense, one on defense of a caliber that these players have been able to play on on a consistent basis.

“But I think it’s probably even bigger than that is their impact on the players around them. These guys set a great example. They are players that others on our team can emulate in a positive way because of the role models they set. These guys serve their teammates in that they really care about helping others for their own good.

“So these guys were not only great players, but they contributed from a leadership point of view probably just as much as any of our leaders – and we had some really good leaders in our program and organization.

McKinstry and Khairy Jackson, now in the lead, were the first two first-team cornerbacks to close out the 2021-22 season, and also took command of the frontier positions in the Whites’ spring game, which featured primary defense. That left Eli Ricks’ transfer from LSU to match the two, but one of five Power 5 transfers that joined this off-season Tide program, will compete for one of the vacancies. Ricks gives a popular pre-season pick in America, the UA experience.

How going corner, specifically these three, will matter to Alabama.

“I think this is a work in progress,” Saban said. “Cole Aid is injured. Khairi is injured. So both guys have had limited spring training work so far. Eli Rex is a guy who started in this league and he kind of has to prove that he has a good understanding of what we want him to do and how we want him to do it and why it’s important to do it this way.

“But I think the development of these three guys will be critical to our team’s success. I’m not disappointed with where they are now, but I think we need to keep making progress in this position if we’re going to have the kind of consistency in performance that we need to do the things we want to do defensively.”

“He’s a great competitor,” said Aman Jordan Battle. “He’s so much fun off the field too. We’re actually closet mates. He’s right next to me, so we talk a lot. We have a class together. Jammer is a great guy. On the field, he’s a great full-back. He’s fast, dribbling, and he can also catch the ball. He’s a good game.” For full-backs too. And our midfielders cover it better in practice.”

Will Anderson confirmed Battle’s claims by detailing the difficulty of defending Gibbs.

“It’s like a little wide receiver sometimes,” Anderson said at SEC Media Days. “You have to take these wheel ways and things like that, you really ride your horse because it has wheels and it can run. It’s dangerous off the field, but I love it. It’s fun to watch.”

Saban wanted to gain a little weight. It goes from 245 to 250.

On Derek Thomas, who holds an Alabama career dismissal (52) and deals with a loss (68) records. “I didn’t watch football much as a kid, but I did watch the movie. He was a strange handling guy. As soon as the ball was picked up, he was in the back court.” Anderson has 24 sacks and 44 saves to lose, 33 last year. “I’m going to be as close to the season as I did last year. I’m just going to be Will Anderson.”

Is he excited about the EA’s comeback?

“I’m really excited about it. Being in a video game, that’s exciting.”

Do you want to be on the cover?

“No. This is bad luck.

“I am superstitious.”

“I think the game is about the players,” he said. “I hope you had some of the arguments we had in the staff room when we worked together. On the basketball court too. This (happened) to be generic.”

“The way I look at it is when people make comments about Nick Saban, I listen. I try to learn. I try to make improvements in myself through self-evaluation of what I can do to get better.”

He cited his wife, Miss Terry, as an example. If it weren’t for Mrs. Terry, Saban may have never quite rose up with the media since his early days.

He recalls: “Miss Terry used to kill me when I first became head coach, doing a terrible job with the media.”

‘I said, ‘You’re crazy. I’m fine.’ She said, “You’re worried. You’re nervous. You’re succinct. That’s why they’re killing you,” she said.

According to Saban, he reflected on what his wife had said.

He said, “I looked at her.” “She was right. I tried to change. I hope to be a little better than what I was doing.”

“Listen, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Gus,” Saban said. “I thought Gus did a great job. Hit us more than I like to remember. He did it because he was a great coach, a great communicator, and he’s had a huge impact on the college football game in terms of some of the things he’s done over the years. So, I have a tremendous amount.” Out of respect for Gus.”

Whether Saban actually make mistake Statewide resident Malzahn isn’t entirely clear, though — certainly when you consider the latter’s record against the greatest college coach of all time. While Malzahn did not have a winning record against Saban Alabama teams, Auburn teams were often a thorn in Tide’s side during his eight seasons on the Plains. Malzahn has gone 3-5 in eight Saban encounters during that time, with wins in 2013, 2017, and 2019, all at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

I like to think that Gus Malzahn helped build Alabama for what it is. His thorny strategies forced Nick Saban to learn how to deal with fraud in high school, and prevented it from becoming a strategy that worked globally to shake off the ebb and flow.

Tell your co-workers in Auburn this reasoning. they will the love He. She.

Nick Saban set a number for it at the Securities and Exchange Commission’s media days on Tuesday in Atlanta.

Football coach Crimson Tide said Alabama players brought in $3 million in zero money in the first year after changing laws and rules.

“I am in favor of players being able to do the best they can and using name, image and example to be able to create value for themselves,” Saban said. “We have a great brand in Alabama, so their value will be enhanced given the value our brand helped create.”

Roll Tide and Happy Jump Day!

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