Jon Stewart riles Ted Cruz, GOP for rejecting bill to help veterans at risk of scalding


In the days after Senate Republicans blocked a bill to help veterans suffering toxic burns in Iraq and Afghanistan, Jon Stewart was furious with the GOP for rejecting the measure that initially sailed across the room. Stewart, a prominent proponent of helping veterans, reached out to conservative audiences on Fox News and Newsmax this week to summon Republican senators for what the comedian called a “disgrace.”

So when Mon. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) said Stewart was wrong about the bill and accused Democrats of playing a “budget trick” in the PACT Act, which Cruz voted against despite saying he supported the bill and veterans, Stewart didn’t have.

Stewart said in a video posted on Twitter.

Stewart mocked Cruz for saying Democrats have moved the bill’s “discretionary” spending to “mandatory.” Cruz referred to the budget policy dispute first raised this month by the senator. Patrick C. Tommy (R-Pen), who objected to how the law would alter the account of about $400 billion in current veterans spending to make it not subject to annual Congressional appropriations. Cruz is seen bumping into the senator’s fist. Steve Danes (R-Mont.) on the Senate floor as Republicans blocked the bill in a ceremony that angered groups of Democrats and veterans.

Stewart and Democrats refuted the Republicans’ allegations, and the comedian challenged Cruz on Twitter to specifically indicate in the bill a “blank check or unrelated spending that was added/sneaked.”

Now, I’m not a big-city lawyer, Harvard graduate, but I can read,” Stewart said with a very bad Southern accent. Spending has always been mandatory, so the government cannot cut its funding at any time. No trick, no trick, I was there the whole time. “

A representative for Stewart did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Saturday. When asked about the comment, Cruz spokesman Steve Guest referred the Washington Post to the senator’s video clip posted on Twitter On Friday night.

“John, you’re a funny guy, and I appreciate your involvement on public policy issues. That’s a good thing,” Cruz said, emphasizing that he’s a strong supporter of the bill and the country’s veterans. “But if you’re going to do that, the facts matter.”

Senate Republicans reject bill to help veterans at risk of scalding

The decline comes because of the veterans’ health care bill that once had bipartisan support. The PACT Act would dramatically change how the Department of Veterans Affairs cares for those exposed to toxic substances by forcing the VA to assume that certain illnesses are associated with exposure to incineration of hazardous waste, which has mostly focused on the issue of burn pits from the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bill would remove the burden of proof for injured veterans.

But weeks after the Senate approved a version of the legislation by 84 to 14 on June 16, the bill faced a different fate soon after the House made modest changes. Tommy claimed that PACT authorizes $280 billion in new mandatory spending — which is not subject to annual appropriations — and also converts the previous $400 billion in licenses from discretionary to mandatory. The senator argued last month that the appropriations were a budget “gimmick” that could facilitate huge amounts of new earmarked spending — a claim Democrats rejected.

On Wednesday, 25 Republicans reversed their voting trajectory just a month earlier. The final vote was 55 to 42, which is less than the 60 votes needed to overcome the disruption. Three senators abstained from voting.

Among the Republicans to change course was Cruz, whose grip was met with a backlash from liberals as it spread on social media.

Democrats accused Republicans of voting against the bill in retaliation for a deal announced by Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer and the senator. Joe Manchin III (DW.Va.) which allows Democrats to move forward on the economy, health care and climate package without Republican votes.

Stewart, who called the way Republicans dismissed the measure as an “honorable punch,” was in a media campaign this week on channels such as CNN, Fox News and Newsmax that had him shred 25 Republican senators to change their stance on the bill. Cruz targeted Friday in an appearance on MSNBC.

“The most despicable part of this whole thing was watching Ted Cruz on the Senate floor getting a fist and then patting his back when they blocked that law,” Stewart said. He added that Tommy and Senator. Josh Hawley (R-Mis.) was “celebrating their victory over cancer veterans.”

Later that day, TMZ contacted Cruz at Reagan National Airport about Stewart’s comments.

“He’s talking about the PACT Act, which is a bill that I support. It’s a bill that most senators support,” Cruz told the outlet. After referring to Tommy’s “gimmick” about the budget, Cruz said the bill was “part of spending abroad.” control from the left.

In his expletive-filled video on Twitter, Stewart provoked Cruz and Republicans to suggest that Democrats added such language to the bill as “spending pixies.”

“That’s bullshit,” Stewart said. “There is nothing in the bill that is not related to Veterans spending. … This is for Veterans who have experienced health effects from burns and other toxins. That is it!”

Cruz, in his own video, once again referred to Tommy’s concern and accused Democrats of amending the bill with “pork that will drive up inflation.”

“You’re wrong here,” Cruz told Stewart in a tweet.

Fox News’ Jesse Waters joined Cruz in criticizing Stewart for what the host called “the vulgar drama.”

“I wouldn’t blame John for not knowing all the facts,” Waters said on his Friday show. “Going forward, let’s do this: I’ll do the research and Jon Stewart can handle cultivation. It’s better for everyone that way.”

Stewart chirp That Cruz and Waters were “trying to muster the forces of disinformation to try to kill more vets”. He once again challenged the Texas senator to “pass the bill I’ve already passed.”

“This is not a game,” Stewart Wrote. “People’s real lives are in the balance…the people who are fighting for your life.”

Eugene Scott and Mike DeBonis contributed to this report.

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