Jazz member Donovan Mitchell ‘surprised and disappointed’ after Quinn Snyder’s departure from Utah, report says

There are some serious uncertainties in Utah at the moment. On Sunday, the Jazz announced that coach Quinn Snyder is stepping down After eight seasons with the franchise. The Jazz team has made playoffs in each of the past six seasons under Snyder, but they haven’t been able to advance past the Western Conference semifinals in any of those campaigns. Now, they are looking for his replacement.

The decision to separate from jazz was only Snyder’s, as the organization wanted him to remain in his position. They even offered him a contract extension, which he declined, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Snyder cited the team’s need for a new voice as a key factor in his decision.

“Basically, what drives me every day is our players and their passion for the game, their desire to constantly work for improvement and their dedication to the team and the Jazz. I feel very strongly that they need a new voice to continue to evolve and that’s it,” Snyder said in a statement. There are no philosophical differences and no other reason. After eight years I feel like it’s time to move on.” “I needed to take some time off after the season and make sure this was the right decision.”

After Quinn’s decision, All-Star goalkeeper Donovan Mitchell feels “unstable and tense” as he contemplates the team’s future without the only coach Mitchell has played professionally, according to Lugnarowski. Mitchell signed a contract extension with Utah in 2020 at least in part because Snyder is on the sidelines.

From ESPN:

Mitchell saw Snyder as an important part of his reasons for committing to a maximum five-year contract extension in 2020, and Snyder’s decision to step down on Sunday left Mitchell “surprised and disappointed,” sources told ESPN.

Mitchell remains fond of Sneijder and accepts his reasons for stepping down, but he is spending the post-Snyder decision trying to address what losing the coach means to the greater extent of the organization and himself, sources said.

The reports are somewhat vague, but they certainly wouldn’t make me feel good as a jazz fan. Often when a star team member thinks about his future with the franchise, things don’t end well. Does this mean that ordering a trade from Mitchell is inevitable? No, but it certainly looks like it might be a possibility. Mitchell is currently under contract with the Jazz during the 2024-25 season.

Ultimately, it all depends on whether Mitchell still wants to stay in Utah for the long term. He may not even know the answer to that now. Perhaps he will wait to see who will be chosen to be the next head coach before making any such decisions. Maybe he wants some input into that decision. This is all a resilient situation at the moment, but it’s clearly something to watch throughout the season.

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