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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Mandiri Bank is a state-owned bank, also known as the largest state-owned bank in Indonesia. Mandiri offers various types of services to meet the needs of its clients from different market segments.

One of the service products offered by this state-owned bank is Mandiri Internet Bisnis or Mandiri Online Banking business. Mandiri internet business (MIB) is an electronic banking service used to conduct financial and non-financial transactions through internet banking applications.

These services are intended for individual and corporate clients, especially for the small and medium-sized business category. There are many features available, ranging from general account information, transfers, payments, purchases, management, business information, and business activities.

Customers can access Mandiri Online Banking through the website For customers who just want to open Mandiri Bank Online Banking, let’s see the next review!

Advantages of using this service

It is impossible for banking companies to provide services without any advantages or advantages to their customers. Likewise, the online banking products of Mandiri Bank. There are many benefits that customers will get from them:

  • Facilitate the management of financial transactions for individuals and companies.

  • It can be used anywhere and anytime.

  • It only requires internet service to access Mandiri Internet Bisnis on the device.

  • More efficient and profitable.

  • Customers are not charged monthly fees and daily limits on each transaction feature that can be adjusted according to business needs.

  • The security is guaranteed because it is equipped with an SSL security system, because customers have to fill in the company ID, user ID and password to access it. When making transactions, customers are also required to use tokens.

Mandiri Online Banking Business Registration Terms

If you are interested in registering as a MIB user, please complete the requirements below first:

  • The customer already has a Mandiri Giro or Mandiri Tabungan Bisnis account.

  • Bring a Mandiri ATM so you can register through the Mandiri ATM.

  • Prepare a KTP, SIM, Passport or KIMS ID card and account book when visiting the branch office.

  • For companies, please prepare a company title letter.

  • The customer must fill in and sign the MIB application form at the Account Management Branch and provide a copy of the proof of ownership of the Mandiri Giro or Mandiri Tabungan Bisnis account and show the original.

  • If this service will include a third party account, the customer must provide the original power of attorney from the account holder.

How to register Business Internet Self Service

How to register MIB is not as difficult as imagined, if the customer has fulfilled the requirements and conditions of MIB registration, of course, the customer can easily open Mandiri Internet Bisnis.

There are several ways customers can choose to register with MIB, including the following.

1. Registration at the branch office

  • Please visit the nearest Mandiri Bank branch office.

  • Prepare the required documents.

  • Fill out the Mandiri Internet Bisnis application registration form.

  • Register with a bank employee.

  • Upon completion, the customer will receive a user guide and a code that can be collected after 14 working days at the branch office where the customer registered for MIB services.

  • Then the customer gets the company ID, user ID and password Login for the first time Sent by e-mail.

  • Customers can make transactions through or through the Mandiri Online Banking app on the smartphone.

2. Registration via ATM

  • Please come to the nearest Mandiri ATM.

  • Insert the ATM card into the machine.

  • Enter the ATM PIN.

  • Select the “Other Transactions” menu.

  • Select the option “Register for Electronic Banking Services”.

  • Then the confirmation service will appear on the screen.

  • Click OK to continue.

  • Please re-enter the ATM PIN.

  • Then the customer will be asked to enter the Internet Banking PIN.

  • Click Edit.

  • Re-enter the Internet Banking PIN previously and click on “Correct”.

  • After that, a receipt will come out of the device containing the access code and card number.


  • Visit in a browser.

  • Please login using the company ID, user ID and password received during the registration process.

  • Select the language you want to use.

  • Then click “Login”.

Safe Tips for Using Mandiri Online Banking

  • Always keep your User ID, Password and m-Token confidential.

  • Download the MIB app only through the Google Play Store or the App Store.

  • Change passwords regularly.

  • Avoid using password combinations that are easy to guess.

  • Do not open or click on links obtained via email, SS or any other media on behalf of Mandiri.

  • Delete the m code immediately if it has been used or has expired.

  • Do not provide or enter i-Banking data into untrusted applications.

  • Delete transaction history using options Clear cache It is after logging out.

  • Use a secure computer, not a public device or other media that does not guarantee security.

  • contact immediately call center Mandiri at 14000 or (021) 5299-7777 if you find any differences.

How to convert with Mandiri Internet Business

  • Log in to your MIB account.

  • Select the list of transactions “Transfer”.

  • Click the Special Receipt menu if the destination account is not registered.

  • Then the “Inter Mandiri Accounts”, “Inter Local Banks” and “Overseas Banks” options will appear. Choose according to the destination account number.

  • Fill in the destination account number in the column at the bottom.

  • Please click the “Add” button.

  • The information regarding the details of the newly added account number will then appear.

  • When finished, click Save.

  • Then click on the Transfer menu and select the destination of the account.

  • The “Cross currency” column will appear, please select “No” if the customer wants to make a conversion in the same currency.

  • Enter the amount of funds to be transferred.

  • Select the list of transport destinations indicated by the search icon.

  • Then the transactions that were made and previously executed will appear.

  • Then fill in the description if any.

  • Fill in the time to perform the conversion.

  • Click Confirm.

  • After that, the transfer details will appear.

  • If so, just click “Save”.

This is information on terms, benefits and how to register for Mandiri Internet Bisnis. This service can be an option for clients and companies who want ease of transaction.

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