How to make money from home using an application on your mobile phone

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Money-Generating Applications – The global pandemic has weakened the economy, especially for the lower middle class, and it has become difficult for them to find the rupee. Whether it was from a sale or other business, even those who worked were laid off or out of work. So when an app to make money appears, it instantly goes viral and is chased by a lot of people.

Indeed, in a fully digital age like today, business opportunities are very open, and the important thing is that we have the will to learn or dare to start. As we know, there are many successful people online, whether they are YouTubers, bloggers, online selling to tiktokers and more recently as money making app activists. Because there are many platforms that fall into this category.

It is up to us to use the app, there are more than ten apps that are able to provide additional income to its users. The most popular are tiktok and also snack videos, the two applications are a struggle for many users in search of additional income on the Internet. Because the given task is very easy, so that everyone can do it.

The money making app, of course, has a different system from each other, and it depends on what kind of task the app is given to its users. Some have to share a referral code, others are dedicated to reading news, and some are required to watch videos of a certain duration. So you can just choose one of them, which you think is easy to implement.

But beyond this convenience, you also have to be careful as they are highly vulnerable to financial investment scams. So, basically, when you are going to use an app to make money, the first thing you have to do is to check whether the company is registered with OJK or not, or go through the company story first.

Because in this open age, everyone can do anything. In fact, many also commit fraud online, so we must always be careful in doing everything, especially on the Internet. Because many irresponsible people are taking advantage of these facilities to carry out their crimes.

Now in this post, we are going to give a review of the latest money earning app for 2021 which is very popular and widely used by existing users and here are some of them.

Money Make app review

Before you know what is included in the earn money application, you must first know the brief review of the application.

Yes, earn money app is an app in playstore that is able to provide income to anyone who uses it, this app usually provides many tasks that users have to perform if they want to get money.

Like what we described above, if indeed the application of this model is quite a lot. Especially during a pandemic like today, many developers are creating apps that give users money. So what are these apps? Then see the full post below.

Download the most popular money making apps of 2022

Here we’ll make recommendations for money-making apps that have been proven to pay, and there are roughly 13 that we want to describe, including the following:

tik tok

Who does not know TikTok, yes, this social media app is also viral and popular in recent years. And due to the presence of tiktok lite and developer that gives rewards to users if they successfully complete the various tasks given, the popularity of tiktok has gone up. You can download the app from playstore for free.

snack video

A money earning app that is no less popular than tiktok i.e. snack videos, this app offers different types of funny content in it. And to be able to make money from this video snack app, you have to complete several tasks starting from watching videos, sharing invite codes and others as well.


It is also included in the money earning app which is proven to work and pay fast, so you can download the app directly from playstore to get a lot of income from the app. Ensure that all tasks are completed successfully.

riso apk

The next app to earn money or money balance generator is Resso apk, this app has many users and they enjoy earning from the app every day. If you want to download it? Then you can visit playstore directly and search for the app in the official android app store.


helo app is a money earning android app that provides many rewards to its users i.e. by sharing a referral code with everyone and if that person registers or uses helo with your referral code they will automatically get coins which can be exchanged for money.


Next is the funluck app, this app is also the same as other money generator apps. As you should be able to complete all the given tasks, you will get coin which can be converted into money.


Unlike the apps we mentioned above, BuzzBreak provides various tasks to its users. As you have to read the news every day with a predetermined duration and if you succeed in doing so, you will get income from the app.


This application is also the same, that is, it offers or directs its users to read the news every day in the application, and of course the duration of the reading done has a different value in getting coins that can be exchanged. So the longer you read, the more points you get.

Read Plus

As per the name of the app, of course, the task to complete in this money earning app is that you have to read the news in the app. After reading, you will get a coin that can be exchanged for money or money balance.

cash pop

For cashpro app itself, you should be able to complete tasks like (browsing, playing games, listening music, chatting, watching videos) if you complete them all successfully then you will get a lot of coins.

Mobile Premier League

Who does not know MPL, of course, almost all players know it. Since this game is very popular and has a large number of users, do you know if you are able to earn money in the game, you should be able to beat other players during the competition. And then, if you can collect coins, just exchange coins for money.


Another money earning app is Vidnow, this app also provides a task almost similar to video snacks and tiktok. Where you have to watch videos every day, upload videos and share invite codes.

Collect money generating apps 2021

There are still many money making apps that you can use as well, but we do not describe them in detail, just provide a list of them below.

HagoLikemeCompassNovelahGoNovelNeo + (BNC Bank Digital) Indo TodayIsland KingEtc. Do money making apps work and are proven to pay?

Based on the experience of friends, the problem is that many of them have practiced it firsthand and it has been shown to pay off. For example, tikotk app, video snack, like it and also other apps.

However, as we explained above, before using the earn money app, you must first check if it is registered with OJK. The second is whether or not the company is reliable, judging from its track record.

Since there are too many irresponsible people nowadays who are using the internet as a domain to deceive others, so we have to be careful ourselves.

The last word

Thus, the discussion from is moving around about money earning apps, you just have to choose one of the apps we have described above. But the most we recommend is tiktok app and also video snacks, thank you and good luck.

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