How to connect HP to your TV easily and quickly

WL (HP) and television (TV) are actually two different technologies. However, over time, the two technologies can interact with each other. Currently, there are many ways to easily and practically connect a mobile phone to a TV.

This technique is usually used when watching movies together. Since HP monitors are relatively small, many people decide to connect their mobile phone to a TV. So you can watch movies more freely.

When the mobile phone and the TV are connected, the display shown on the TV is the same as the display on the mobile phone. For those of you who want to connect a cell phone to a TV. Here are some of the ways it can be done.

How to connect HP to TV using an HDMI cable

cable High definition multimedia interface (HDMI) is a technology that can be used to transmit audio and video from one device to another over a cable.

How to connect a mobile phone to a TV using HDMI does not require a special application. You only need to prepare the HDMI cable according to the type of mobile phone. As for how to connect the mobile phone to the TV using this cable as follows:

  1. Make sure the TV is turned off.
  2. Connect the micro USB HDMI cable to WL.
  3. Then plug another cable into the TV’s HDMI port.
  4. Turn on the TV and switch to the HDMI channel.
  5. Check the phone connected to the TV. When a notification appears, check the option “HDMI connection“.
  6. right Now WL Already fully connected to the TV.

How to Connect Phone to TV Using Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is an HDMI adapter or dongle Its function is to connect the TV Tools over an internet connection.

To use this tool, you need to make sure that your internet connection is stable enough. Because this tool will only work when connected to the Internet.

To connect HP to TV with this device, here are the steps

  1. Put Chromecast on harbor HDMI on the TV.
  2. Then install the Google Home app on smart phone to be connected to the TV. This app is required to control Chromecast from mobile phone.
  3. Turn on WiFi WL.
  4. Then convert the TV channel to the HDMI channel.
  5. Enter the code that appears on the TV through the application on the phone for the synchronization process.
  6. After a successful sync, now WL And the TV is connected.

How to connect HP to TV with Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Besides Google Chromecast, another adapter that can also be used to connect a mobile phone to a TV is the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. This converter provides a wide range of resolutions from 480p at 60Hz to 1080p at 60Hz.

Not only that, another feature of Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is that it supports Dolby & DTS surround sound. This audio can be used with external speakers.

This adaptive device can also be used to access various applications such as Netflix, Iflix, YouTube and others that you can install easily.

As for how to connect your mobile phone to a TV with this adapter, there are some steps that you should do. Here is the description.

preparation stage

Before connecting your mobile phone to the TV with the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, there is an important preparation stage that needs to be done.

  1. Connect the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick to harbor HDMI on your TV.
  2. Then turn on the TV and switch to the HDMI channel.
  3. Then you can do Quick Installation that appeared in WL.

Quick Setup

After the preparation is completed, you can proceed to the second stage, which is Quick Installation. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open the Google app.
  2. Then write or say “Ok Google, set up my device“.
  3. Keep pressing Mi TV Stick in the list.

HP TV connection stage

The last stage is the step to start connecting the mobile phone to the TV. This method is as follows:

  1. Check the code that appears on your phone screen. Then click on the optionnext one“.
  2. click next”yesin the Google Play setting option that appears on the TV screen.
  3. Then install additional apps on the Mi TV Stick of your TV.
  4. After everything is done, you can now enjoy the content from your mobile phone using your TV.

How to Connect Mobile Phone to TV with Screen Mirroring

screen mirroring It is a way to connect your phone to your TV without using cables. However, this method can be performed if your Smart TV has Miracast or . feature wireless reflection. If your TV does not have this feature, you can purchase a tool called Miracast Dongle.

How to connect a mobile phone to a TV using this feature varies depending on the TV brand. Here’s how to use the features screen mirroring According to the TV brand.

Samsung Smart TV

  1. push the button “sourcelocated in remote control Samsung smart tv.
  2. Select the optionscreen mirroring”.
  3. Then the TV checks the device.
  4. After that, the TV will automatically find the devices that have activated the Miracast feature.

LG Smart TV

  1. The first step is to press the . button Homepage who is in remote control the television.
  2. Then select the option “network”.
  3. Then select the Miracast option and then activate the feature.
  4. Then the TV will scan WL who are already using the Miracast feature.

Sony Smart TV

  1. First, press the enter button on the file remote control the television.
  2. then select screen mirroring Then press OK.
  3. Finally, the TV will scan phones that already have the Miracast feature.

How to connect HP to TV without cable

How to connect mobile phone to TV can also be done directly wireless. if screen mirroring According to the TV brand, unlike this method adapted to the type of HP.

Here are some ways to connect your mobile phone to a TV without cables depending on the type of mobile phone you are using.


  1. first open firstQuick Settings“It’s on the list Smart View.
  2. Then click to activate the menu.
  3. Click on the name Smart TV which will be connected to the phone.
  4. If successful, then display the screen WL will appear on TV.


  1. Open the menu firstSettings“.
  2. Then look for the listConnect and share.
  3. then select “spitand activate it.
  4. Then click on the optionhis job“.
  5. ultimate, WL Xiaomi will check the connected Smart TV.


  1. The first step is to open the menu.Settings“.
  2. then select “wifi screen“.
  3. last enabled”screen mirroringAnd select the TV you want to connect to.

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