How to change the background zoom on OPPO mobile easily – Please read this article to the end, because here we are going to discuss how to change wallpaper zoom on Oppo cell phone. So, please see the review below.

The Zoom app itself is very important for fulfilling online needs, whether as a facility for sending business files, communication and even meeting the needs of meeting facilities with such ease.

Zoom can also support various types of smart devices, such as Android phones, tablets, and computers as long as they are modified to a very large capacity. Everything can be used quite smoothly without being bound by the symptoms of severe traffic jams.

Especially if you are a smartphone user of the Oppo brand, and you already have a very large screen, of course, it will be very convenient to use this Zoom Apk. However, the operating system you are using should be of the Android generation of five and above, if it is less then it is easy to experience symptoms such as lag.

When you have installed the latest Zoom app on each of your mobile phones, but you still have other desires, which is the desire to change the wallpaper. Well, if you still don’t know exactly how, don’t go far and stay here, my friends.

How to change wallpaper zoom on Oppo HP

How to change wallpaper zoom on Oppo HP

Usually every smartphone brand always has an offer, which is “change wallpaper zoom”, but we won’t cover them all here one by one. Because it is not possible in terms of time available, my friend.

But here we focus more on discussing ‘How to Change Zoom wallpaper on Oppo phone’, if you are still facing very confusing things, you still don’t understand the steps to change wallpaper at all.

So keep reading the full description we are going to give below until it’s finished. The ways are:

  1. The first time you have to do this is to log in directly and instantly to your Zoom account on mobile.
  2. After entering it successfully, enter the “Group Video Call” section and then click on “More” while it is in the lower right corner.
  3. Proceed again by clicking on “Default Background”
  4. After a few minutes, “Available background options” will appear.
  5. You can also add background by pressing the “+” sign, just take as many photos as available in your gallery freely.
  6. After clicking on an image, it has now been changed to “Background Zoom APK”.
  7. And the last one hits “close” so you can immediately follow your ongoing activity.

If you are really bored with the just installed wallpaper after a long time, you just want to change it to normal, it’s easy, just press the None button. Later he will also be able to change by himself like the first time before making the change.

Reasons and how to solve the lack of a default background button

Even if you face the obstacle that the default wallpaper menu is not available on Oppo mobile phones, don’t panic too much, friends, because there is still a solution. We will describe one by one among some problems until something like this can happen.

The first possibility is that from the part of the device that is being used, if the phone’s operating system is still below 5G Android and below, then it is very clear that it will be very difficult to be able to support it. .

As for the qualifications according to the standard, it must be met, the minimum RAM should be about 3 GB, in addition to the Snapdragon 835 GPU, as well as with the Snapdragon SDM 835. Those are the minimum requirements to be able to run smoothly And, thank God, you can use Android version 8 and it will be more special when you turn it on.

Overcome face and body unite with background zoom

When you succeed in making a change in the background, but there is still a flaw, namely from the side of our face, it seems to have merged into the background in the zoom app. This generally happens because the lighting towards your face is not very flat, my friend.

The next thing that can make your face look like it’s blended with the view or background of the zoom app because you’re wearing bright green, so you just have to change it up. According to the mimin tip that was just mentioned, in terms of results, it is more perfect without any flaws when installing.

Should changing the zoom background use a green screen

With an add-on in the form of a green screen, you don’t really have to implement it, but if you really want to produce a background display for zooming in/out, that’s really cool. The suggestions from us are that you can also use it so that it is more satisfying and the results are not disappointing.

However, if your mobile device already has a Background Zoom feature, this is of course very useful so that an additional green screen is not needed. Especially on the latest Oppo smartphone, you just need to adjust the entire configuration until it is precisely installed.


This was a glimpse of the information I can give to all of our readers, regarding the discussion on how to change the zoom wallpaper on an Oppo cell phone.

See you again on another occasion, friends, I hope you can change the best wallpaper display on your Zoom app.

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