How the Internet works and the understanding of the Internet in general according to experts

anytime plus The Internet is a network of communication that cannot be separated from society. Yes, the Internet can help people to communicate and work easily. We are definitely netizens, but do you know how the Internet works?

Yes, not everyone probably knows how the Internet works. For KLovers who want to know how the Internet works, this article will explain it in general terms. In addition, you can also find out the meaning of the Internet in general or according to experts.

Well, for KLovers who want to know how the internet works, the following is an explanation of how the internet works along with general understanding and according to experts.

1. What does the Internet in general mean

Before you know how the Internet works, you have to know the meaning of the Internet. Yes, the meaning of the Internet in general is a global system of all computer networks connected to each other. The Internet comes from the Latin word “inter” which means “between”.

So it can be concluded that the Internet is a network consisting of billions of computers around the world. The Internet can also be interpreted as a global communications network as this network connects billions of networks with computers using the Global Standard Transmission Control Protocol/Standard Internet System (TCP/IP).

According to the Big Dictionary of Indonesia (KBBI), the definition of the Internet is an electronic communication network that connects computer networks and organized computer facilities around the world via telephone or satellite.

Initially the Internet was created by the US Department of Defense, namely in 1969. Internet work was carried out in the ARPA project. Then, with the ARPA project it’s often called ARPANET. ARPANET itself was originally used for military purposes. The goal is communication efforts over an infinite distance.

Then, in the end, the Internet was broadly developed into what it is today. In fact, the Internet was able to connect the world globally. It can be a means of communication for other important things. So, today’s life requires a lot of internet.

2. The meaning of the Internet according to experts

Well, what about the meaning of the Internet according to experts? Yes, there are several opinions according to Internet experts. Although their meanings are different, the essence of the meaning is the same. Here are some internet definitions according to these experts.

1. Ned Snell

According to Ned Snell, the idea of ​​the Internet is a corridor of different types of resources available to it, and each of these resources is accessed through different devices.

2. Sarunu

Understanding the Internet is a set of networks on a global scale, in which no one can be responsible for the operation of the Internet itself

3. O’Brien

According to O’Brien, the idea of ​​the Internet is a rapidly growing computer network that provides benefits for various interests, from education and business to interconnected government networks.

4. Lani Siddhartha

Understanding the Internet is a form of interconnection between computer networks that can then provide services in the form of fully presented information. Laney added that the Internet is also a powerful virtual or virtual partner, providing various benefits in the areas of business, politics and even just entertainment.

5. Berners Lee

Then, according to Berners-Lee, the Internet is a network consisting of several networks. This understanding has a concept where a particular computer network or local area network can also be connected to another network.

6. Cyber

Cybero states that the idea of ​​the Internet is a computer network that connects computers globally. He further explained that the Internet can also be referred to as a natural network, which is a very wide network.

7 – Ono W. Borbo (Prehatna, 2005)

Understanding the Internet According to the expert Onno W. Purbo, the Internet is a medium that allows the communication process to be carried out efficiently by connecting it to different applications.

8. Alan

According to Alan, the meaning of the Internet is an interconnected computer network that has the ability to read and decode the Internet Protocol (IP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). The definition of IP itself will be explained separately in terms of on the Internet.

9 – Strauss, Ansari and Frost (2003)

Strauss, Ansari, and Frost (2003) concluded that the Internet is a group of computers connected to a network. A computer network can be accessed and used by anyone with access permission.

10. Oxford Dictionary

Understanding the Internet is a global computer network that provides many information and communication facilities, consisting of networks connected to each other using standard communication protocols.

3. How does the internet work

Well, now that KLovers knows the meaning of the Internet, here is how the Internet works. Yes, for those of us who use the internet all the time, they definitely want to know how the internet works. It must be understood that the Internet is provided by the Internet Service Protocol or the Internet Service Provider.

The ISP itself is a service provider company whose function is to provide Internet connection and other related services. They are tasked with providing services, ranging from domain registration, hosting, Internet connections, and so on.

The ISP will give the address to your computer or laptop. Then the ISP initializes the address so that the address can connect to the ISP’s server. Usually how this Internet works is done on a router with which the user can make various other configurations according to his needs.

Some of the configurations that can be done are signal restrictions, speed limits, block lists, and others. With the development of technology today, the Internet can be delivered not only via cable, but also via radio waves or what is known as WiFi.

This is how the internet works and KLovers can know and understand. Not only knowing how the Internet works, KLovers can also learn the meaning of the Internet either in general or according to experts.

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