How Arch Manning’s commitment to Texas affects QB Quinn Ewers’ future with Longhorn

If Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers is as advertised as a high school dropout, it likely will start when the Longhorns hit the field this fall. The question is whether this will be his only chance to get started. Ewers, no. 1 overall in the 2021 class, will have a company in Austin in 2023 in the form of Arch Manning, No. 1 general prospect in the current recruitment cycle. manning Committed to Texas On Thursday, and if his commitment continues, it is a clear sign that second-year coach Steve Sarkissian No position will be awarded to any player on a silver plate.

What does that mean for Ayers?

The 6-foot-3, 206-pounder was flown from South Lake, Texas, to Longhorns, Ohio after just one season in Columbus. He only took twice with the Buckeyes, never threw a pass, and the probability of him securing a place from the Heisman Trophy CJ Stroud this year was on par with the winter storm that ran through Austin in July.

The easy answer is that Ewers will move again. This isn’t too strange considering he did it once. However, he will not be able to obtain immediate eligibility without a waiver unless he graduates because he has already transferred once as an undergraduate. Ewers doesn’t seem interested in that yet. In fact, Manning was “at the hip” with Ewers during Manning’s official visit earlier this month, according to 247Sports.

This is not terribly surprising. High school quarterbacks usually drop top class with confidence after all the attention they get before college. Ewers will likely enjoy competition from Manning once Ellie and Peyton Manning’s nephew arrives on campus.

That could change if he leaned in the Texas heat.

The Texas program has had bad luck, succeeding in recruiting missing people and underperforming for more than a decade. If Ewers adds to this frustrating streak, the fan base and decision makers within the show could quickly turn against him.

One thing is for sure, though. Sarkissian has made his show a destination for top-notch talent – especially at centre-back. Both Ewers and Manning have a 1.0000 rating on 247 Sports Composite, the highest score possible in the index that combines ratings from multiple recruitment sites. There will be a home for the Ewers, whether it is in Austin or elsewhere.

But Sarkissian does not have to worry about that for another year. Tournament coaches build a culture of competition that permeates the locker rooms and lays the foundation for tournament programmes. This is the main reason behind Nick Saban’s success in Alabama and Kirby Smart winning the national title last year in Georgia.

However, Ewers won’t have to wait for Manning to arrive on campus to feel that pressure. The Ewers should overtake Hudson Card for the number one spot on the depth chart in 2022. If that happens, don’t expect Ewers to drop just because Manning is on his way. A true contender would welcome this opportunity with open arms, and there is no indication that Ewers lacks that kind of confidence.

The most sought-after potential player in the game will be playing at Isidore Newman High School in New Orleans in 2022, but he may also play in Ewers’ rear-view mirror. Everything Ewers does – his accuracy, arm strength, posture and more – will be examined as if he were playing under a giant microscope. This will tell the story of his future. If he can handle it, the 2023 quarterback battle in Austin will be as fierce as any we’ve seen in the sport’s modern era.

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