Herschel Walker’s response to Yuvald’s shooting was incoherent. This is how it was presented in the Senate

Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker organizes a rally the day before the primaries – Image source: Getty Images

“What I love to do is see him and everything and things.”

This is how Herschel Walker responded Tuesday night when asked about gun control in the wake of the shooting that killed 21 people, including 19 children, at an elementary school in Ovaldi, Texas, hours earlier.

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The empty paradox here is unfortunately typical of the man whom Georgia’s Republican voters deemed worthy of their representation in Congress.

Walker is best known for his Heisman Award-winning role at the University of Georgia, followed by a relatively lackluster career in the NFL. He hasn’t done much since then that would suggest he would be a capable public servant. However, he pledged allegiance to Trump and flirted with the conspiracy theory that the 2020 elections were rigged, earning him the endorsement of the former president and, thus, the frontrunner to get the nomination.

Walker doesn’t have much in his background to predict a job in Congress, but he does have a history of red flags indicating he is unfit for office, which is probably why Republicans have warned that he has little chance of impeaching the current senator. Raphael Warnock in the general election this fall. Here is a short list of warning signs that Walker could be a disaster if he ends up in Congress.

It’s compulsive wild

The few qualifications that Walker might have for public office are mostly fabrications. The Associated Press reported last summer that although Walker has repeatedly claimed that his company employs hundreds of people, makes between $70 and $80 million annually, and owns a chicken processing division. None of this is true. The company listed just eight employees when it applied for the Covid loan in 2020. Walker admitted in a court case that the company makes less than $2 million a year. He also does not own chicken processing plants; He only gives them his name. The Daily Beast reported last month that Walker also lied about owning the largest upholstery company in the country.

Walker lied about his academic achievements, too. CNN reported in April that although Walker repeatedly claimed that he was a top student in his high school and graduated from the University of Georgia in the top one percent of his class, there is no evidence that this claim is true. CNN cites stories from that time about Walker saying he maintained a B average at UGA, and that he had a 3.0 GPA before his grades began to struggle. He never graduated, having dropped out of school early to enter the NFL draft.

However, Walker’s most ridiculous lie may be that Trump never claimed the 2020 election was stolen. “I’ve never heard President Trump say that,” he said.

Does not believe in evolution

It shouldn’t come as a shock that Walker didn’t finish at the top of the class considering some of the beliefs he talks about. He seemed confused about the development, for example, during the church’s March appearance. “Once upon a time, science said man came from apes, right?” “If that’s true, then why is there still misfortune? Think about it,” he said.

He pushed the impostor Covid treatments

Trump once suggested that Covid could be cured by getting “light inside the body”. Walker made similarly outlandish claims.

“You know now, I have something [you can bring] In a building, it will clean you of covid, as you walk through this, this dry fog? “As you walk through the door, you will kill any Covid on your body,” he told Glenn Beck in the summer of 2020. “As you walk through the door, you will be killing any Covid on your body,” he added, claiming the product is “EPA, Food and Drug Administration approved.”

Walker said they “didn’t want” the public to know about Miracle Spray.

He has a long history of abusive and threatening behaviour

Walker has spoken openly about his struggles with mental health, writing in his 2008 book that he faced violent impulses. Walker has described on numerous occasions playing Russian roulette, as well as threatening to physically harm those close to him.

The Associated Press has revealed court documents showing that Walker’s ex-wife, Cindy Grossman – who filed for divorce in 2001, citing “extremely serious and physically abusive behavior” – in 2005 filed for protective suit against her ex-husband. She claimed that Walker was unable to accept that she was dating someone else and began calling her family members. Her sister said Walker threatened to kill Grossman and her new boyfriend, “stat[ing] Unequivocally he was going to shoot my sister Cindy and her boyfriend in the head.”

The threats continued, with Walker telling Grossman’s sister he wanted to “blow their damn heads off.” He also allegedly encountered Grossman at a mall, where he “slowly passed in his car, pointing his finger at [her] and follow it [her] with his finger while he was driving,” according to Grossman.

The protective order was granted, and the judge temporarily banned Walker from possessing firearms. When his book came out in 2008, Grossman explained Walker’s abuse in an interview with ABC News, claiming that he aimed her head with a gun in 2001 and said, “I’m going to blow your fucking mind.”

He was too afraid to appear in the Republican primary debates

Walker has saved the Republican primary debates, choosing instead to stick with events where he can control the narrative while allowing Trump’s support to bolster his poll numbers. “Herschel Walker is ignoring Georgia voters and ignoring us,” Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black said during one of them in May. “If that’s what he’s doing now, that’s what he’s going to do in the future.”

Georgia, US Senate candidate Latham Sadler points to an empty stand belonging to candidate Hershel Walker as he participates in the Republican primary debate Tuesday, May 3, 2022, in Atlanta.  - Credit: Brynn Anderson/AP Images

Georgia, US Senate candidate Latham Sadler points to an empty stand belonging to candidate Hershel Walker as he participates in the Republican primary debate Tuesday, May 3, 2022, in Atlanta. – Credit: Brynn Anderson/AP Images

Brian Anderson / AP Photo

He will not recognize President Biden’s victory in the 2020 elections

A prerequisite for Trump’s endorsement is to believe in the conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was stolen. Walker hasn’t been as critical of electoral fraud as some of Trump’s other favorite candidates, but he certainly doesn’t acknowledge Trump’s loss to Biden. He said “I don’t know” New York times When asked if Biden has won. “I think there have been problems. And I think everyone else thinks there have been problems, which is why right now everyone is so upset.”

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