Heat vs Celtics Game 6 Support Bets for Eastern Conference Finals

Boston Celtics on the verge of the NBA Finals. Standing in their way is a Miami Heat that appears to be ready for its season to the end. See how we cool off and support Jaylen Brown’s hot hand with our Game 6 player brace picks.

Jason Tatum’s near three-pointer and Al Horford’s proficiency propelled the Boston Celtics to the brink of the NBA Finals on Wednesday, of course helped by Jalen Brown’s hot shot. But most of all, the Miami Heat’s offensive continued to fade.

Give credit where it’s due: The Celtics had the best defense in the NBA in 2022, and it featured in these Eastern Conference Finals. Relying on that at home could be key to making a profit tonight, as we bring you our NBA player picks for Game 6…

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Heat vs Celtics 6 game props

You are watching, right? Miami averaged 98.2 points in this series, and has been highlighted by 81.0 in its last two games. He removed Game 1 from the math—when neither Marcus Smart nor Al Horford were available for Boston—and the long streak average fell to 93.25. Finding ways to avoid this abuse right now is reasonable, obvious, and required, the last of these qualities just because this should be our last chance.

Jimmy Butler has been at the heart of the problem lately. After scoring 41 points in his Game 1 victory, he’s only managed 27 points in his last three games, going 10 of 40 from the field and 1 of 7 from deep.

If Butler was hurt, he would never admit it. It’s not even included in Miami’s comprehensive injury report. Butler will play No Disturb as long as he can, and will eliminate Hit in the process.

However, his over/under score is still over 22 points. How anyone would expect Butler to score more than a quarter of what Miami’s total production would be is something we won’t spend time on. We will benefit from it.

picking Jimmy Butler under 22.5 points (-110)

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This isn’t a shot at Pam Adebayo so much as a shot at Miami’s crime. If anyone in The Heat deserves credit for this series, it’s Adebayo. The agile quarterback averaged 14.8 points and 7.8 rebounds per game as the Heat struggled.

Then why fade with him? Because the intent is to fizzle out all aspects of Miami’s crime, but this one was so horrific, the books offer few tools for players to exploit. As of the early hours of Friday, point props are widely available for Adebayo, Butler, and PJ Tucker only. No Tyler Herro (really questionable), no Kyle Lowry (questionable but also 1 out of 12 in the last two games), no Max Strus (also questionable, but also 0 out of 16 in the last two games).

The Fading Tucker of 7.5 is a risk because the total is so low and the payout is, at best, -124. Adebayo’s 16.5-point fade is a risk because if anyone can get past the score tonight, it’s him.

But its support 2.5 helps? In positive money? It will depend on the other Miami players already taking shots.

Eliminate 32 of Adebayo’s 52 in this series, and the rest of the Heat team shoot 37.95%. In the last four games — again, excluding Game One and its lack of Smart and Horford — the percentage has dropped to 35.67%. In the latter two, 29.88 per cent.

Miami doesn’t even make 3 out of 10 non-Adebayo shots. Therefore, to bypass this pillar, one would expect that Adebayo would need to elicit 11 shooting chances.

Furthermore, he has exceeded 2.5 assists only once in the last seven matches for the Heat. Even with Game 3’s six assists, Adebayo averages only 2.4 assists per game in the series. In other words, he averages 1.5 passes per game in the other four.

However, betting he doesn’t get third help can have positive odds.

picking Pam Adebayo pass under 2.5 (+112)

Boston wants to end this streak tonight. Returning to South Beach for Game Seven will be a tense moment that the Celtics need to avoid to improve their chances in the next round against the Warriors. Boston knows this. Fans know this. Im Odoka knows this.

So, when the Celtics roll, Odoka will push the throttle. He will not be late in resting his stars. He’ll battle the Miami pebbles until Eric Spoelstra waves a white flag that matches Tyler Herro’s side size.

The biggest danger to Jalen Brown that it never rains three times again is not a stroke. Odoka would have to pull it off early out of the way. The deduction game reduces this risk.

Brown had at least four shots from outside the arc in three of the five series games, shooting 43.6% from depth. However, doing it again could get a +140 probability.

Brown may cool off, but he’s hit 39.6% of triples this season while shooting 6.6 per game. Across a sample size of 16 games, these are not player numbers one would assume is about to cool off.

And on the night that Odoka should play Brown through the proverbial bar, he’ll get some extra chances for the circumstance.

picking Jaylene Brown – over 3.5 triples (+140)

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