#HarumkanMedsos! Here are seven ways to create positive energy online

With the increasing number of social media apps today, it seems only natural that we often spend time browsing social media. Whether it is for business purposes, making friends, finding out the latest information, or just filling your spare time on the media, social media gives us a lot of fun in its own way.

But of course, beyond the positives, there is of course also a negative side to using social media. One is how social media has become a fertile ground for action beauty bullyingg. Many of us often unknowingly make hateful comments Rule On the people around us and what we see on social media. Or worse.. you yourself become a victim beauty bullying on social media. #bosom

It’s time for your own #HARUMKANMEDSOS

feeling b-Bully Because it is not in line with the social norms that exist in society, it is not enjoyable. It is not uncommon for many people to be shocked by the negative comments they receive on the Internet. Judging from this, Indonesian musicians Isiana Sarasvati And the luxe plants He has one movement named #HarumkanMedsos.

a movement This same program aims to invite Indonesian women to be wiser in using social media and to express positively without being influenced by social media. Hate comments which is there.

Interestingly, apart from creating a free space for expression on social media, one Ticks #HarumkanMedsos What you use will be counted and donated to NGOs. take action!

And it’s clearly never too late for all the good things. Including starting to spread positive energy online and#HarumkanMedsos You are.

next Cosmo Giving 7 ways to create positive energy on social media:

1. Just be yourself

OK.. Have you ever received bad comments on appearance and style Make-up, hair, or pattern Which dress is considered inappropriate in society? If yes, then listen to the suggestions Cosmo: be yourself, children!

As long as what you’re doing isn’t bad and hurts others, you don’t have to be afraid of looking different. Be yourself because everyone is born with their charm and uniqueness. Be confident in what you have and show the world your side Wizard that you have. And do you know, if trust can be taken from others you know. So, stay confident!

2. Ignore, Reports or Bloc Annoying negative comments

You have the right to ignore or even report comments (or even people!) that only have a negative impact on your life. Don’t let these negative comments make you already doubt yourself, but rather change your unique side to follow their words.

Every social media feature is already equipped with an anonymous reporting feature and Bloc. So when you feel that their comments and actions have entered the field cyber bullying, Take action immediately and stop tolerating these negative actions! It’s time to stop all the negative things that will make you sad and over thinking.

3. Leave a positive comment

You can also start to move #HarumkanMedsos From yourself. method? Try to give more positive comments to friends and people around you and Followers-for you. Or simply give interaction positive in the form of smiley heart emoji on the posts they upload.

Although it sounds simple, knowing your little steps can make people feel happy and have a huge impact on them.

4. Keep it to yourself

Have you ever heard the saying silence is gone? There are times when we as humans can misbehave and inadvertently hurt others through comments made. Even if we don’t mean anything bad, it’s easy to misinterpret an action when it comes to social media.

From now on, if there are bad comments towards others, try to keep them and keep them to yourself, dear! We never know what a person’s efforts are and it is possible that the comments we make can actually hurt others. Negative comments that we may not intentionally make can also affect the mental health of others.

If you feel like someone you know is doing something bad, try talking to them in real life instead of telling them.Judge And gave him bad comments.

5. Follow People who have a good influence

The next step to creating positive energy on social media is to follow people who are a good influence. When you have free time, try to sort Followers Listg to select which accounts are still eligible to be followed.

I feel excited unfollow very strict? You can also choose options Hide On accounts that no longer conform to your principles on social media.

6. Stop comparing yourself to others

One of the reasons people post hate and bad comments so easily on social media is envy. It is important to understand that what sometimes happens on social media is not always as beautiful as what others post, girls!

Everyone has a side conflictAll of them, just that they don’t always share it on social media. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to others and your life will not hold you down. These thoughts will only make you unhappy. Look around, and you will find people who care about you.

If you still find it annoying, it never hurts to “disappear” for a moment from social media by doing so. digital detox. Delete some of your social media apps for a few days and do more fun activities in the real world. Come back when you feel calm.

7. Keep posting positive content

When you feel it’s hard to get percussion instrument Positive on social media, so be the one who spreads percussion instrument there. You don’t always have to go through difficult things How is that! You can do this by uploading positive quotes, Memes funny (Grand!), or positive news on your social media.

You can also upload something you like reconsidering From the korean drama you are currently watching or your current favorite song. This would definitely be more fun to watch than just posting a complaint or anger. Just like negative energy, positive energy can also be transmitted to whoever sees it.

Then don’t forget to add hashtag #HarumkanMedsos In each of these posts, so that your positive energy continues to spread more widely. Good luck and God bless you!

(Giovani Untari/Images: Doc. Lookstudio by Freepik, Halayalex by Freepik, sergeycauselove by Freepik/Layout: Rhani Shakurani).

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